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I need help!

There is a party this sunday! actually an official gathering and I have to prepare a list of hindi movies for Dumb Charades!!!

The trick is that I need a movie name and one clue from that movie...


Golmal - act out the interview scene and then tell about the movie
Sholey - act out an actor from the movie and then the movie
Darr - act out like Shahrukh and then the movie

and so on...

help me out... I need atleast 50 movie names


  1. hmm
    so, here comes the first one from me -

    1. movie - khoon bhari maang: (clue)act as if ungli cut gayi aur phir uss ungli se apni maang bharo... lol

    will post more later.

  2. when you say act....is it with dialogue? ...sound hai?? ke only acting...

    dumb charade to usually is only acting...so am not sure here?

  3. @ Swati
    you got it wrong... the clues are not to make the name of the movie obvious but to give a challenge to act out an actor or a song or a scene from the movie

    @ J
    Dumb Charades are always without dialogues! did I mention dialogues?

    oh... what I mentioned was to add a clue for the movie... in the form of an actor or a scene or a song or something

  4. ~namak haram ---shoe scene...amitabh bachhan...

    ~movie name?---thumbs up dance scene (pappu can't dance sala)

    ~salaam namste.....dance ---salaam namaste....its very distinct

    ~don - khai ke pan scene....tie gamcha on head, eat pan, pull waist coat..and dance like AB

    ~omkara - distinct dance style of bipasha basu...in beedi jalayle..

  5. Oh ok,ok. This is different from how we play but sounds fun.

    Ok..so tell me agar the famous 'ek do teen chaar panch' step by Madhuri from 'Tezaab' kara jaye to sahi hoga?

    btw, individuals enact karengay ya phir team mil ke enact kar sakti hai?

  6. black - rani mukherjee

    gajhani -amir khan

  7. @ Joy
    not sure if
    NamakHaram/Jaane Tu ya Jaane na/Salaam Namaste or Omkara would match the criteria...

    Amitabh's work is easily recognizable :) and that would mix movies :P

    The thumbs up and Salaam Namaste dances are common steps!!! plus I am not sure if people would remember them!!!

    Bipasha's dance would confuse people with other chamiya songs, but I think its makes a lot of sense... maybe i would give Rana ji Mhare dance and the movie name would be Gulal :)

    No props are used in Dumb Charades... so no gamcha, pan etc etc is allowed... but it still makes sense...

    from you list I pick

    Namak Haraam
    Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na

    @ Swati
    I doubt people can do the 1 2 3 step... i don't remember that either and most people would not be that enthu about doing dance steps in front of a large crowd of unknowns! so it mostly has to be something that tells the song and the leads to the movie...

    Only individuals!

    @ JY

    I like Black and Gajini... but both are super duper easy items for Dumb Charads!!! very easy... I can get people to figure them out in like seconds!!!

    Keep them coming :) I am making the list!!! this is fun!

  8. kaho naa pyaar hain/ hritik famous dance step of ek pal ka jeena

    jab we met/ kareena's koi bhi dialogue:))

    aur sochne do..

  9. How abt "Didi tera dewar deewana" from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun??
    or some of Mithun's Disco Dance steps or Govinda's UP waala dance..I cant think of any specific songs or the movie at the moment..but may be something that is more popluar..Like Iam a disco Dancer..

  10. ou have been tagged!!

  11. i can suggest some movie names....cant tell how to act like that..... :)

    36 chorangi lane, ardh satya, maqbool......there are many.....we used to play during our training session when i joined a tech support.


  12. ji - actor log acting krenge...paan khane ki....and of tying the gamcha....paan prop kahan se lana hai aap ne milwaukee me....unless it is that dehydrated...crumbling paan :)

    ~hrithik roshan - jadu film

    ~raj kapoor - charlie chaplin act of shree 420

    ~jonny walker- giving head massage- sar jo tere chakraye - pyasa

    ~teri bindiya re - amitabh bachhan putting his finger on his lip - abhimaan

    ~choli ke peeche kya hai....khalnayak

    ~pakeezah....note in the toes...dancing ...train....

    ~dum maro dum - chilam and dancing....hare rama hare krishan ?

    ~masti ki pathshalla song..the hand on hip shake of amir khan....rang de basanti....

    i can only imagine how fun this will be....am enjoying it so much :))

  13. ...good one vaishali :)
    She mentioned HAHK's didi tera...you can try the 'gulael scene'. :)

    Movie: Laawaris
    typical dance step by Big B in 'mere angne main tumhara kya' (hint hint..step yaad nahi hai to youtube se help le saktey ho :-))

    Movie: Hum
    Jumma Chumma step with a beer mug :)

    hope you can use these :)

    aur sonch ke batati hoon

  14. Ya Swati..I was talking about the gulael scene only!!

    I was reminded of mere haathon mein 9 - 9 chudhiyaan from chaandani..

    songs from mera naam joker - Raj Kapoor had his own stereotype style!!

    or may be u can enact Tip Tip barsa paani from Mohra or any other rain songs..they are easy bets!!