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Snippets from the School

Me and Abhishek used to sit on the same bench in class! and there was this one time in English class, when we were sitting on the last bench, for some reason we tried to tilt backwards (the benches did not have a backrest in that class) and the desk just flipped over throwing our bags, our books, and our notebooks on us... and then the bench ofcourse...

what a scene it was!!!

Rashmi Shandilya was the teacher in that period! and we used to be her favorite students :) One of us was also known as her secretary !!!


  1. hahahh.... :))

    secretary :P

    school time memories ..... :)

  2. @ Joy
    some of them stay :) and they are lovely!!!

    @ Abhi
    :) tu tha secy ke main?

  3. hehehe..gosh!!
    just trying to imagine it..must hv been real funny!!

  4. bhai sorry to disappoint you, but main tha. Out of the two of us, I think I am better at BUTTERING. :D
    (thats a compliment)

  5. mouth watering ...joy :PTue Oct 06, 08:16:00 AM IST

    ah...buttering :)!!...am guessing these are words of a choux chef?? and not a secretaty :))...love the process of creating light fluffy layers of pastry...extremely tought though !! ..especially in the indian home' kitchen :P !!