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Single hand drive

My car is a single hand drive and literally so!

Its rare that I use both my hands for steering.. One of them is usually on the gear stick!


Do Not Disturb me PLEASE!

"The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010" comes into play today! and looks like it that some processes are better defined that the last time it was enforced!

What it also does is that some important communication, e.g. from your online shopping vendors, the Delhi Traffic Police, etc would not be sent out to you. However, there is an option of partially blocking the unwanted communication (SMS and Telecalls).

Here is what you need to do to stop all unsolicited calls...

To stop all commercial calls/SMS, write START 0 and send it to 1909

To start some calls and SMS, these are the codes :

Health - 1
Education - 2
Tourism and Leisure - 3
Banking/Insurance/Financial Products - 4
Consumer Goods and automobiles - 5
Real Estate - 6
Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT - 7

To start any of these, write START followed by the category code and send it to 1909, e.g. if you want to get SMS/Calls related to Health Services, the SMS that you need to send to 1909 is START 1

If you want to deregister from the DND registry, send STOP 0 to 1909

In case you'd like to check the status of your requests you can click here.

I personally feel that its not completely thought through from a SMS perspective, and here is why :

  • Logically, if I want to stop the unwanted calls/SMS I should send a STOP message and a START message otherwise. The current process wants me to send a START if I want to STOP all unsolicited communication

  • Also the categories should have atleast 1 State related SMS category, e.g. the Delhi Traffic Police SMS. I do not understand what category it falls under right now!

It is a good start though. I am hoping that the number of SMS that I get reduces to a minimum (I get atleast 30 messages and 5 calls per day)

This information is written with reference from all major Telecom Services Providers and the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal of TRAI.


Raindrops bring so much from within the soul that its hard for words to capture... Here are a few photographs from a rainy day, taken in my balcony...


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Infographic - The Genealogy of US Airlines

Lovely infographic on History Shots showing how airlines in the US have been launched/merged/operated from 1920s to 2000s.

Absolutely must!!!

Please click here to learn and enjoy!

You could also buy this as a poster by clicking here.


सिस्टम की कहानी (System ki Kahani)

मेरा होश सँभालते ही, मासूमियत के समझदारी में बदलते ही
एक दुश्मन से मुलाकात हुई
क्या नाम दूं उसे ये समझ पाने की मुशक्कत में
रात से दिन और दिन से रात हुई

फिर एक दिन शाम को आवारागर्दी करते हुए
एक दोस्त से एक शिकायत सुनी
भाई बोला - यार गलती मेरी नहीं है| ये साले सिस्टम की है||

अगस्त में पढ़ाओ, फिर दश्हेरा, दिवाली, क्रिसमस की छुट्टी दो,
अप्रैल में परीक्षा लो, और पास नहीं हुए तो गाली दो|
अब मैंने थोड़े ही कहा है एक साल का इंतज़ार करो
पढ़ाओ, और पूछ लो
ना बता पाएं तो पीट लो
पर नहीं, सिस्टम ही ऐसा है के साल भर पढ़ कर ही फेल हो सकते हो पहले नहीं
ये साला सिस्टम ही ख़राब है

तब समझ में आया, के स्कूल एक सिस्टम है
सिस्टम का जो दिल करे जब दिल करे,
कर सकता है और करवा सकता है
पूरी बाल्टी पानी की खाली करके, फिर भरवा सकता है

ये समझ में भी आया के सिस्टम ज़्यादातर ख़राब ही होता है
न किसी की सुनता न समझता है
सिर्फ अपने कायदे और अपने कानून से ही चलता है

सोचने समझने में शाम से रात हो गई
सिस्टम और उसकी तानाशाही आई गई बात हो गई||