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White and Christmas !

I had read on Tushar's facebook page a few days back that he was hoping for a White Christmas ! In Noida, having a white Christmas is not really possible, so I thought why not collect some white here in Milwaukee and make the day white for him ! so here you go bro, this post is for you and the white Christmas that you were hoping for !!!

This is how my walk to the office was a couple of weeks back !

A few days later, snow started melting and the green grass leaves were visible again !!

But a few cars were still covered with snow, like the one above and below... BTW I missed Radha when I took the picture below :)

The County team here has to work really hard to keep the snow off places where people walk...

This my friend Gaurav's Patio... we get a lovely view of the snow all around from his place !

And lets get back home to some warmth now... and this is me making the Shimla Mirch :) And did I tell you that it tasted yummy yet once again :)

And then it snowed heavy again last week... I even got a snow day off !!! It snowed about 12 inches in the night, bringing the entire city to a halt. Even the Milwaukee Airport was closed that day !

The roads were full of snow, the cars stuck, and walking difficult, with driving almost impossible !

See it was almost about a foot of snow like I said !!!

A Newspaper box and a cycle stand !

The shopping carts at a local store !!!

And I decided to venture out in the evening too, and saw some really beautiful views around... The snow does make a lot of things look much more beautiful than they are otherwise...

The Milwaukee Arts Museum view from my office, and the lake Michigan in the background.

A park near the Lake Michigan !!! This is where loads of Summer Festivals happen over the spring and summer time in Milwaukee !

Some more views from my office !

Some interesting pattern that snow flakes made on the glass walls in office !

There is more coming, as the snow does not seem to stop here :) Hope everyone has a great happy Merry Sweet Christmas !!!

Me is going out in a while to walk around in that park... and the temperature right now is around 0 deg Centrigrade !


Floor the 13th

My seat is on the 13th floor of the office building, and one of the nicest things that happens to me often is the morning sunlight falling on my desk (on the sunny days, which are not so common right now)...

This is something that brings a smile to my face almost every time !

Oh, and did I mention that I can see the vaaaast lake Michigan from my office too... its actually just a 5 minute walk away... Its beautiful !!!


You Hear I Tell !

You can tell a lot about the music the person is listening through headphones, even though you are not listening to it..

1. If the person is moving the head sideways, back and forth, (s)he is probably listening to some Indian Classical or something based on Rags...

2. If the head is moving up and down, slowly, then its probably some pop rock or a light peppy number

3. If the head moves up and down, faster, and the hands/fingers move as if the person is playing a guitar or drums, then its probably some rock rock... a bit harder than soft and softer than hard !

4. If the person's body is moving and the legs are tapping the floor, its probably a dance number...

5. If the person is doing something other than listening to music, it is probably just a random selection of music and a ligh volume

What else?

I am really missing the green room below the stage in my collage today! For some reason I am thinking of all the wonderful hours I have spent there !!!


Husbands and Wives in HINDI

What is the hindi translation of Husbands and Wives?

It is "Dil Kabbaddi".

There are movies which are adapted, there are movies which are inspired and for the time first time ever, I saw a movie which is a translation, and with different faces and characters, but the same dialogues, the same time of doors being slammed and opened, the same timing of smiles and laughter, the same reference to places, phew !!!!

Rahul Bose , Konkona Sen and Irfan Khan are real fine actors without doubt, but I am sad to see them act in this movie because all they are doing is speaking the same dialogues which were spoken in Woody Allen's "Husbands and Wives" in Hindi and bits of english and trying to act the same movie out in different settings ! What were they thinking when they decided to do this? And Soha is such a misfit ! She has done a terrible delivery of the dialogues and expressions !!!

So if you were waiting to watch "Dil Kabaddi" I would say don't, rather watch the original !!! You will like it more for sure !

and while you are at it, do try to watch "Match Point"... what a smartly made movie... I liked it more coz it reminded me of London.. one of the places I love to love !


I am connected ! Are you?


Tell me tell me !!!

Are you connected too?

We all can make a virtual network of sorts :)

I changed my Wireless Network Name to BhagwanJi today... Now I can be reminded of my connection everytime I switch on my laptop :P


Congress gets power, I get an IP Softphone

Congress is getting back to power in Delhi... while some people would not like it, I am not surprised by this situation and am rather happy to see Sheila Dikshit continue ! This time around some 60% of the janta voted and I feel most would be glad to see the result !

In the last 4-5 years, I have seen a lot of things changing in Delhi and more for good than bad and I am hopeful that they were continue. The way Delhi has worked on its infrastructure is commendable and while that should continue, I am sure the other things which need attention would get their due in the next few years !

So way to go team !

And I got a IP softphone today...

now I am ready for a true home office and would be available on my office extension irrespective of where I am sitting in the world ! how cewl is that ! The world of Outlook Web Access, VPNs, Xtra-nets, and Soft Phones !



Went to a picnic last weekend with a friend and his wife...

Looking at the number of leaves all around, I can only image how pretty this place would have been in Fall !!! And I am sure its going to look very very beautiful when there is snow all around !!! I am waiting for a decent snow fall to go there again !

Enjoy the pictures !

Patterns on a stone slab !


The water has started freezing here...

And the leaves have dried up !

But the place still looks beautiful!

I like snow on my shoes !!! Subbu dekh le, ye joote yahan bhi kaam aa rahe hain.. Jai Woodland !


Prasha - Cook(er)

Third time in a row, cooking for myself did not disappoint me ! And I am nothing but extremely happy that the food has been great !

I am also surprised that I did not mess up the salt or anything else either !!! But this is a pleasant surprise !

And too bad there was no one to see the expressions on my face when I tasted food :) :/

I am getting there :) slowly but surely !!!

and celebrating with a nice banana split scoop is just the right thing !

p.s. thanks Joy for the title :D