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You Hear I Tell !

You can tell a lot about the music the person is listening through headphones, even though you are not listening to it..

1. If the person is moving the head sideways, back and forth, (s)he is probably listening to some Indian Classical or something based on Rags...

2. If the head is moving up and down, slowly, then its probably some pop rock or a light peppy number

3. If the head moves up and down, faster, and the hands/fingers move as if the person is playing a guitar or drums, then its probably some rock rock... a bit harder than soft and softer than hard !

4. If the person's body is moving and the legs are tapping the floor, its probably a dance number...

5. If the person is doing something other than listening to music, it is probably just a random selection of music and a ligh volume

What else?

I am really missing the green room below the stage in my collage today! For some reason I am thinking of all the wonderful hours I have spent there !!!


  1. In some cases u don't even hav to look at the person to know what music he/she is listening to. The volume is so high that u can easily know what is playing.

    Also sometimes it so happens that the person is so engrossed in listening to his fav song that he forgets he is in public. he starts singing at the top pitch until some good samaritan comes to help- I mean the public.

  2. Good observations. You can certainly tell a lot about the music (at least the tempo) by the tapping, either by hand or legs.

    Also the facial expression tells a lot. Add eyes closed, pained facial expression with #3, and you get hard rock.

  3. yeah, true... and then there are always the expressions of face :)

  4. Wow..so very true..totally agree..you can actually make out what kinda music a person is listening to by his movements and expressions..I do it all the time travelling..people commuting along all plug in their IPods and do the same

  5. Yups very true..
    ex[perssions convyes a lot :D

  6. U missed one...what if a person is lost in himself as if diving in the ocean of thoughts.....that means he is listening to some sad songs & corelating it to his life..
    (that's what I feel)

  7. Rahi you are so right!!I tell you I do the same until people come and shake me because my eyes an dears are both closed and I am full on singing with the song..hehe:P its embarrassing!!and mostly I am playing with my hair when I am singing..We,are so human!!hehehe:D

  8. Paru your write ups are so interesting that I have to have to smile when I am reading them:D
    Thank you for bringing this smile even when you are so away and god Bless!

  9. # Rahi
    you are right...



    # Subbu
    you bet...


    # Anoop
    yea, the expressions do tell you a lot too...

    # Vaishali
    righto, the n number of white headphones is what triggered this post too :)

    # Chakoli

    # Omna
    i agree :)

    # Deepti
    thanks darling !

    God bless !

  10. This is a very interesting post.
    And good observation, dost :)