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We all screw up! Its what we do next that counts!
A dialogue from "Hustle" S1E2

बेटी बचाओ देश बचाओ

beti bachao

I am wondering about the thought which went into the small ad that is displayed at the back of this Maruti Omni!

Now the ad is about losing weight! with a money back guarantee! and there is a small "Public Message" which says "बेटी बचाओ देश बचाओ " meaning "Save the daughter, Save the Country!".
I am struggling to find a connection between the two! Something about this is not right, but I am not able to point out what is wrong!

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And another Omni, this time full of people like luggage in it!


Ye !

Ye !, originally uploaded by Prashant ॐ Bhardwaj.

Summer fun for kids at the Millennium Park, Chicago!

Photograph taken in Aug'08

In-err-net xplorer!

I don't like Internet Explorer!



Oh, and I spent sometime on changing how Chai ki Dukaan looks! Let me know if its slower than before!


25 days

Speaking of numbers!

I was out at the Flour Mill near my house yesterday to get flour! I had visited the guy a few minutes ago when Tushar had come over to get some stuff.

This fella tells me on my second visit that he was wondering why I was not buying the flour as we had bought flour from him about 30 days ago, and it takes about 25 days for my family to finish 10kgs of wheat flour.

He seemed very happy about the fact that he was right in his estimate!

This is a pretty busy shop that I am talking about, and if this guy remembers how much floor is consumed by every household which buys flour from him, we are in for an interesting statistical time-pass.



Numbers do play an important roles in our lives! We do like to related numbers with future, past and present! And there never is a shortage of numbers of you are interested!

I like numbers too! Love them rather! Driving for over 3 hours everyday gives me an opportunity to think about a lot of numbers..

~ How many cars overtook me!
~ How many vehicles did I pass?
~ How many flyovers in my way?
~ How many times I end up in the lane slower than the right and left side lanes on the toll bridge?
~ How many times I honked?
~ How many time I was the last person to cross the traffic light before it turned red?

And some more numbers on my desk!

1. How many keys do I press everyday?
2. How many meters does my mouse move everyday?

It kind of moves a couple of cms every 15 seconds... lets assume two centimeters every 15 seconds,making it about 8 centimeters every minute on an average which means about 480 cms every hour, and in the entire working day of 8 hours I move my mouse for about 3840 cms or 38.40 meters! Not bad for everyday workout :D


रावण के दस सर, कभी इधर कभी उधर (Raavan ke das sir, kabhi idhar kabhi udhar!)

Raavan has three songs with words which repeating words...

Kata Kata sung by Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi and Kunal Ganjawala... This song has a lot of words which are sung in repetition! Gaya Gaya, Mara Mara, Dulhe Miyaan Dulhe Miyaan and so on!

Ranjha Ranjha sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Ali and Anuradha Sriram... I love the feel of this song!


Beera Beera sung by Vijay Prakash, Mustafa Kutoane, and Keerthi Sagathia... It sounds really nice the way Beera Beera sequence sounds... and some of the lyrics also catch attention! Somehow it reminds me of the title track of Omkara, Dham Dham Dhadam Dhadaiyya re!

All these songs shout out loud of the typical AR Rahman flavor of music! Crisp highs, and deep lows! In my personal opinion, ordinary music systems do not do justice to his music!

Now why are the words being repeated?

My take... this is Raavan's soundtrack! and has to justify the fact that Raavan had 10 heads! all of them singing would mean the same word is to be repeated! As a matter of fact, Beera is repeated 10 times when the song starts :)

Alright I am just kidding about the repetition of Beera 10 times, but thanks if you tried to sing the song in your head and count the number of times it was repeated!

I have been a Raavan fan for a while now, and have some thoughts about how his presence in the modern day could be beneficial to us! (this is assuming he carries all his 10 heads together)

Now some people could argue that 10 heads were symbolic and share their accurate knowledge about Raavan or Raavana, but hey! We are not in a "know more about Raavan" lecture are we?


slow slower slowest!

Though the sky was overcast, there were no signs of rain! and I could not even figure out if it was going to rain or not from the AC'd car cabin! Its usually a race against traffic, from within the traffic every day with close to about 3.5 hours of driving to cover about 80 kms. As I had left before the peak hours, traffic was following me, and I found relatively less traffic than usual! By the time I reached Moti Bagh, it was drizzling, and by the time I reached India Gate, it was raining cats and dogs!

And as soon as I turned left from Nizamuddin, I was caught in one of the worst storms I have experienced. With winds around 80kmph, a few asbestos sheets and some plastic drums came flying out of nowhere hitting a few cars just about 50 meters ahead of me, leaving me all jittery and scared! Took me about 40 minutes to reach Akshardham!

While there were loads of bikes and vehicles which broke down on the roads, there were a few who were playing music and dancing in the rain!

Drove through water as high as a foot in my sector to reach home!

What an evening!