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कलमाड़ी की (कु)आरती

जय बाबा कलमाड़ी
बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी
अद्भुत अनोखे ढंग से
तुमने commonwealth की मारी ||

बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

सारे सम्बन्धी करोडपति
चाहे देश हो जाये भिखारी |
सबका ख्याल तुम्हे है
दोस्ती हो या रिश्तेदारी ||

बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

इतना पैसा खाया
और आधी भी डकार न मारी|
तुमको जेल में डाले
अब किसकी ये ज़िम्मेदारी?

बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

ऐसा हाल किया के
शर्म से डूब मरे नर नारी|
यमुना में भी बाड़ आ गई
धोने को तुम्हारी बीमारी|

बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!

CWG तो होंगे
भारत की है तय्यारी|
तुम जाने कहाँ जाओगे
कहाँ डूबेगी नैय्या तुम्हारी?????

बोलो जय बाबा कलमाड़ी!!!


Happy Birth(month)

Chai ki Dukaan entered its 7th year this september!!!

One of the quietest years for CKD has been its 6th, and rightly so! It has been an year of realizations, milestones, achievements, new journeys, and revisits! A few windows closed, and a lot of them opened!!!

Window Panels @ Tajul Masajid, Bhopal

And from how I see it, the 7th year is going to be extremely exciting, and happening, and set a strong base for years to come!

Here is some tea for everyone who has been a part of the journey in some form or the other!!!

The ChaiWala...

Chai ki Dukaan

Tea and Chips


Partial Solar Eclipse

Happy Birthday Chai ki Dukaan!

and with this, I finish the 100th post for 2010! Interesting!


(चायबाज़) Chaibaaz - Salva Magaz

Salva is one of my favorite photographers on Flickr... The moment I saw a Tea photograph on his stream, I knew I had to request him to let me post it on ChaiBaaz!


Is my mind yellow?

Please do visit some more of his tea related photographs here.

p.s. All of these images including the above are copyright images and cannot be used in any form without Salva's written permission!



मुझे ये भी पता है.. वो भी पता है...
पर कुछ चीज़ें थी ज़रूरी...जो दिल भूल सा गया है


Moments from Ranikhet!

From a solid base to a fast country

I think advertisements are a good way to interpret how the country is moving and what its moving towards!

While there is a huge number of people who still have to ride a cycle to work or take the city bus/train (DTC/BEST/Mumbai Local) there is a substantial direction that our two wheelers provide to the country! Actually let me correct myself right here! there is a indication of where the country is going, represented in advertisements!

Let's look at Bajaj!!!!

Bajaj was "बुलंद भारत की बुलंद तस्वीर".. a representation of strong India! the ads also show families, people, emotions, bonds between people etc etc!

Cut to today!

Bajaj Ads now represent Speed, power, individuality, etc etc!

Note the change in lyrics and the genre of this soundtrack below ! Its "नए भारत की नयी रफ़्तार " now.. representing the speed of this new India!

Needless to say, the advertisements are much more classier than before too!

Do I like what is represented in these ads now? We can debate that! but the fact which needs to be accepted is that times have changed, would continue to do so! though we will end up where were started from!


Back from the hills!

Stay for two nights at Ranikhet - Rs. 5700
Food Bills for the trip - Rs. 2400
Fuel for about 800 kms - Rs. 4500

  • Dodging falling rocks and rushing through the rock-rain within a matter of seconds
  • Gathering courage to cross a fresh active landslide, and driving over rocks and trees
  • Driving over huge rocks with just about an inch of possible error margin
  • Watching river Kosi in its full flow, and driving through rushing waters for about 100 meters


Came back from a wonderfully rejuvenating break from Ranikhet and around! and brought back a whole lot to talk and think about for a long time!


"Sun"Day started with Rain

Had a perfect start of the day today!!!


Woke up at 6:45 while it was raining heavily...
Went out to get drenched in the rain, and enjoyed walking around in the water logged streets...


planted 14 Jamun saplings which I had in a small pot on my balcony... All of them from the seeds I had planted a few months back!

I hope all of them grow and grow well :)

Had some amazing breakfast and lovely lunch as well!

Off to sleep early tonight, to wake up early morning tomorrow.. gotta catch a train to one of my favorite cities for a one day work trip!


Indraprastha Apollo in NOIDA?

I thought Apollo Hospitals did not have a presence in NOIDA, or maybe just a clinic. However Pooja said that she had seen the hospital!

To check, I went to Indraprastha Apollo's website to check for the hospital's address... The only thing about NOIDA that I could find out was the address of a pharmacy in sector-26.

Some screenshots from the website:


More locations...


Some more...

If you google the hospital, you would find that the hospital does exist in Sector-26, NOIDA and even has 20+ reviews.

I then called the Sarita Vihar hospital to check for the address, and asked the person on the phone about why NOIDA is not mentioned on the website.. and all he could say was..."Sir, wo update nahin hua hoga"!

I am surprised that this big an institution does not bother to keep its website updated. And like Tushar said, it does not really matter to them! Even if a few odd people who visit the website and do not find the right information chose to go somewhere else! I think this is very disappointing!

And from an IT consultant perspective, I consider this a blunder... The IT department of this organization is not upto date with what the business is doing! The number one symptom that most IT departments suffer from.

Anyway... for people who do not know, Indraprastha Apollo is in NOIDA as well! I am not sure about the quality of services, but let's leave that for a first hand experience though I hope doctors run out of business in future!

On a lighter note... How about trying to "Forget" a password instead of trying to remember one?

At work, I can click on forget password and what happens next is anybody's guess!


InnGaAnAe; Jugaad and the Idiot

While I was driving back yesterday evening, this sign caught my attention... The engines on the airplane sticker look kind of funny to me!!!

And I couldn't help but notice the hindi version of the acronym for Indira Gandhi International Airport!!! From now on please refer to the Delhi Airport Terminal Aas Inn-Ga-An-Ae

I feel nice about some of the changes that have happened in Delhi over the last decade... However the hustle bustle and amount of vehicles on the road, and all of this rat race makes us see right through that, and only end up cribbing and complaining!


While yesterday night, I was wondering at the improvements in the city, and feeling good about it... I got into a thought conflict while driving to work in the morning today... What you see in the photograph below, is a pedal rickshaw used to transport light heavy items for short distances... A lot of owners put a 100cc old scooter engine to cover longer distances, and save physical labor in such rickshaws... Good! innovation! and the great Indian JUGAAD! But today I saw a family of 4 using this and along with them was a small baby as well... This guy was driving at a good 40kmph completely oblivious of the fact that a small bump might throw all of them to the ground, and it could just be fatal, specially because of the speed of traffic at this hour.

Oh, and just for the records! These are not supposed to ply on the Ring Road!


And now lets get personal! The driver of this car! no no! the arsehole driving this car hits my car from behind... and in bumper to bumper traffic! no no.. it was not a gentle push, or a little peck! It was a bang! And then makes gestures like his father owns the bloody road!!!

And when I ask him to stop, he just rushes through like the illegitimate brother of Nayaran Kartikeyan...


The rear bumper had a slight impact but I was able to fix it after I reached work! I hope no plastic parts have broken!

Have a good Wednesday!