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चाय का फार्मूला

दूध चीनी रोक के !
चाय पत्ती ठोक के !!

(This translates to, less sugar and milk, and stronger tea)

Thats the key to a good regular tea !!!

Funny how people react to these lines when I speak them every time someone is preparing tea for me... :)

This is a wonderful ice breaker too !!!

next time you are sitting on a tea stall and feeling out of place... just speak this to the chai wala and jump start your conversation !!!

Listening to Manna Dey on Raaga today !!! lovely


  1. hey! I don't really know who you are but I really love the photographs you click and somehow I'm in love with your blog.. the 'om' sign attracted me towards your page.. as I'm obsessed with it myself. (Om) and photography too ..so must say, you're really good at it! :)
    - pallavi.

  2. oh chai shots..Lovely.
    I hve one too..will send it..infact i shot it with you in mind..Will mail..i hope you will keep it for your collection

  3. LOL!!!
    Bang on faarmoola ;-)
    conversation satrter hai ya ni wo ni pata...kabhi try karenege...

    Eye emm pheeling shooo happ-e beecoz phor da phirst taaeem 2-daye eye shhhall naught bee kursing jhu phor showeeng meee CHAI wen eye hav nO akses 2 eet...
    Thank God its morning :)

    Main chali chaiwale uncle ki shop pe :P

  4. I got a nostalgic feeling :)

    Dess ke dhaabe yaad aa gaye...

    @ Reeta's hinglish was awesome :))

  5. Roke ke bole toh??

    without milk u mean??

  6. i started drinking chai after coming to US... was not allowed to drink chai or coffee at home... and it became a habbit... but now lately i am all addicted to it ... however only with parle G biscuits...

    so .... anyways after your great ice breaking line... and wonderful picture... i think next time when i visit apna desh.... will have kadak chai .... with doodh pani rok ke... aur chai patti dhok ke ;0)

  7. mere ko coffee maangti :( milegi?

  8. Thanks! Now I have a better term / phrase to describe "strong north indian milk tea".

  9. he..he..good one...i for one, love black tea with less sugar.....and generally get wierd looks from the waiters of small time outlets when i order it there.....i am dying to see their expression when i use this line while ordering a black tea next time...! :)

  10. I love the tea from the little tea stalls.. while riding and traveling.. those are life savers..
    Tea time is my favorite time.. :) Coming from the hills, tea was a ritual with friends and family..

  11. nice lines for the start...and loved d last pic...

  12. # Pallavi...

    glad you like it this much !!!

    God bless !!

    # ~Me....
    # Reeta...
    zaroor karna...

    kya angreji hai... !!!
    # Tanu...

    ekdum woi mujhe bhi yaad aaye the :)

    angreji to mashaah allah hai !!
    # Chakoli...
    roke ke bole to with caution, thodi thodi...

    no not without milk... with milk..
    # Neeku....
    Parle G is awesome... and tiger too !!!

    chai ka taste to aata hi in do ke saath hai ji..

    excellent :)
    # kashmira...
    umm... ye post to chai ki liye thi :)
    # Subbu...
    arrre tune ye pehle nahin suna mujhse !!!

    too bad..
    # Jagriti...

    na na... this is not about black tea... this is tea with less sugar and less milk...
    # Pallavi...

    "chai ke liye rukein" was one of the most common lines...
    # FighterJet...
    # d Sinner...

  13. ok, me going back to sleep then :| can't wake up without coffee 8)

  14. hehehe...

    arre aise kaise !!!

    bhari dopahar mein koi sota hai :D

  15. chai ki dukan par chai ke charche....sahi hai :)

  16. kahin na kahin to raat hogi hee ;)

  17. Saw something in London and thought of you:

    It was a chai ki dukaan in London, very colourful, cant comment on quality as I didnt try it.

  18. # deepu...

    # Kashmira...

    wah globalization ke fayde :)

    # Abhi...
    bhai good to see you here...

    main aaunga to chalenge :)