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Bad Mood Day Prescription

1. Talk nonsense or sense with friends but avoid a serious discussion
3. Discuss a future plan
6. go through old pictures
8. Figure out something that you don't understand
2. Give someone a surprise
4. Do something nice for yourself
9. Don't sit on the bed and watch TV
7. Flirt
5. Cook
10. Get over the bad mood :)

Some more additions that I personally liked (from the comments)...

12. Gardening (do something in the garden)
32. Drive ( This has always helped me too... Gosh, I miss my car and the music so much)

I am listening to
Tu hai Aasmaan mein ( Jhankaar Beats ) ... still in love with this song even after 5 years...

and I want to listen to Nirvana (Come as you are)

some more tips... take as many as you want per day even without a bad mood :)

11. Do something with your hands... gardening was one... cooking is another... maybe making clay objects too...
19. Sing loudly to your favorite music... My choice of songs would be Sa Re Ga Ma ( from Chupke Chupke), Baajoooooo (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi), Jaaneman Jaaneman Tere ye do nayan, Do Dewaane Shahar mein, Zindagi Aa raha hoon main, Hum Bekhudi mein Tumko Pukare Chale gaye... and lots more...
54. Dance

! out of here now !!!


  1. I like No. 7 :) it always helps :D

  2. To add to the list...

    Go out and take some pictures
    Just get out of the house
    Go people-watching
    Do some gardening

  3. yahoo, i got a perfect prescription free at chai ki dukan

    dr. om ki jai ho :)

  4. Sleep / get our and drive aimlessly/play with a kid/Click happy pictures :)

  5. # Tanu...

    # Kashmira...
    forced clicking does not really help i guess... like a lot of other thing the feel to pick up a camera should come from within...

    getting out of the house works for me too...

    and the gardening thing is great... water the plants, clean the garden and do something or the other..

    # Mayuri...

    # ~Me...

    sleeping over a bad mood is a bad idea in my opinion...

  6. nothing helps barring a vent at times... which may backfire most of the times...

  7. depends on what fkks up the mood :D

  8. :) i know sleeping is not a good idea..but when i try sleeping i spend atleast twenty mins thinking of all the nicest of things and then feel good and then sleep off :) hehe

    (lazy to sing in)

  9. :)))

    seems someone is doing a Doc's course out thr in ameerka;-))

    Flirt anytime:))

    why just bad mood??;-))

  10. normally my pick z dancin on fastest n heaviest number i ve( obvl free style hip hop XD) ...

    even science says 25 mins of xercise brings out hormones which cause glee...

  11. My prescription

    *Watch Friends on TV.
    *Do something with my hands. I *usually cook something new and tasty.
    *Take a nap.
    *Soak in the bathtub with a novel.
    *Dont talk to anyone. Sometime it helps.
    *Talk to someone who can listen and not judge.
    * Sing loudly to your favorite music.
    * Read Archies comics.
    *Go to a really nice restaurant and have a really sumptuous dinner.
    * generally make funny faces in the mirror.
    * read blogs.. :)
    * watch a funny DVD ( say Angoor, Padosan, etc)
    *have a hot cup of chai and some biskoot. or Samosa.. and watch life pass by... with nothing on your mind..

    And lots more.. I hope you are feeling better by now.. :) Hugsss ..

  12. No 3 is best..discuss future plan..bhai hawai kile banane ka apna hi maza a hota hai :)

  13. hey! have been away from blog and fellow bloggers for a bit... how are you? why writing Rx for bad moods? in one? ...

  14. # ~S...
    hmm... to each their own i guess..

    # Chakoli...
    not sure if this has anything to do with my being in Amreeka at all !! :)

    I never said Flirt only when there is a bad mood, i said that it helps the bad mood...

    # Nikhil...
    hmm... thats different and interesting...

    working out might be another good option..

    # Kim...
    Dadi ma ki umar ki hai... daant ander kar ab !!

    # Pallavi...
    hmm.. interesting list there...

    I like the cooking, singing, talking the best out of these..

    I was not really in too bad a mood for long, but just as a precaution made a list of things I might want to do whenever the situation arrives.. :P

    # Fighter Jet...

    # Chandan...
    hey hi...

    I am good... was in one for a very short while... :)

  15. Hope you never have to use any of these for yourself...

  16. # Vaishali...
    dear thats a very unrealistic hope :) Infact I think I like doing a lot of these things :) if a bad mood can make me do some of them sometime :) it would be great eh :)

  17. really liked d post though somehow dont agree to some of'em. One shud not dicuss their future plans when in a bad mood coz u wud just be too pessimistic at that time n even if u do think abt it, it wud be jst trash...

  18. When I said future plans, I did not mean the serious ones, but some nonsensical talking about this to be done and that to done...

    BIIIIIG ones !!!

    enjoy doing what you liked out of the list :) have a happy mood !