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Distances don't always cause distances in relationships...

Some relationships get only stronger with distances !!!


  1. Since this is "Not so random", am I allowed to presume what I am thinking?

  2. Profound indeed Murari! :D

  3. saat samundar paar aake kisse fondness badh rahi hai omji?

    i guess you know how much you like someone when you get a chance to miss them :)

  4. # Subbu....
    bhai soch to tu sahi direction mein raha hai !!! par it needs a discussion before you conclude :)

    # Mon...
    I know you do buddy girl !!!! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment... you were missed !

    # Anony...
    hai nai hai na :)

    galti se hua re :) jaan boojh kar nahin kiya :)

    # Kashmira....
    I am a very lucky man Kashmira... my best friends came closer to me when I have been away from them...

    My best bonds only grew stronger when I was at a distance from my pals....

    I am a lucky man :)

  5. hmmm ..friendships do...

  6. # Geet...
    I was hoping that you comment here!

    Yes, friendships do "too" !

  7. Girlfriend ko i guess :>
    Hope it grows stronger and stronger and you stay blessed and get closer soon

  8. nahin..other one which we talked abt doesnt.atleast for me.changed the way i used to look at it before.

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  10. Depends....one has to consider the dimension of time as well...cuz distance +time(length of time) changes the dynamics of relationship....positively/negatively...depends..

  11. dnt knw,in wat context it was..
    but totally totally agree!!!!

  12. so true..
    I hv heard a saying -"distance is to love is what wind is to fire. it annuls the weak, and strengthens the strong"

  13. "distance is to love, what wind is to fire. it annuls the weak, and strengthens the strong....."

    Annuls the weak and strenthens the strong - very well said thr.. :)

  14. very true:)))

    so which relation fr u is turning ??:PPPP

  15. Totally!! Distance maketh the heart grow fonder!! :)

  16. # Deepu...
    with respect to this post, no one in particular... was a thought wrote it :)

    # Anony...

    thanks !!!

    # Geet...
    We will talk about it offline... one incident might not be the whole truth :)

    God bless !!!

    # Fighter Jet...
    I agree to what you said...

    # Vaishali...
    no context... just a thought..

    # Anoop...
    right... Usually the fire has to be taken care off in strong winds, which needs effort... more often than not we miss out on that effort that is needed to take care of the fire which is burning..

    # Anony...

    # Chakoli...
    none :) and all of them !

    # Sam...
    glad you feel that way !!! God bless !!!

  17. I guess if everyone is one the same page..distance dosent matter at all..:)


  18. so true...
    i have experienced this :)

  19. sometimes its true... sometimes its false... but one thing I can tell you... distances do test the strength of a relationship !

    May you always remain lucky for this one :)

    P.S: howz the city of thousand lakes treating you ? Minnesota right !

  20. # Neeku...

    I agree...

    and thanks for the wishes... so far so good :)

    not just thousand... 10000 lakes :) yes Minnesota... its good here !!!

  21. absolutely... :) hope you get closer to the person you are missing :)

    good luck...dude

  22. I shud intrepret this as ONE and just one of them :PPP

  23. # Chakoli...

    hmm... what can I say... all I know is the truth :) you don't seem to be agreeing to it :)

  24. Hmmm dont agree.. if its a long distance relationship but well if its short term long distance.. its cool I guess..

    Long distance never worked for me.. :(

  25. Cannot make a personal comment here... but I think it takes a hell lot of more effort to be in one and manage one...