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आ आ ई ई आ आ ई ई मास्टरजी की आ गई चिट्ठी

मास्टरजी : रामू बेटा तुम स्कूल देर से क्यों आये?

रामू : मास्टरजी, मेरी चवन्नी नहीं मिल रही थी... तो वोही ढूंड रहा था !

मास्टरजी : और बेटा श्याम, तुम देर से क्यों आये?

श्याम : मास्टरजी, मैं इसकी चवन्नी पर पैर रख कर जो खड़ा था !!!!

So did you smile or did you laugh?

Enjoy the video below :) I love it... hope you will too !

This video kind of tells me where Himess bhai got his singing ideas from...

and the part with "Gathri mein laga chor musafir ! dekh chand ki or"

and that the kid missed the centre of gravity :)

love this song totally !!!! love eeet !!! Here is the link in case you are not able to see the video above.

And my sincere apologies... I now remember that Mayuri had sent me this song and she knew I was going to love it.. Thanks dear !!! God bless !!


  1. Great blog. was looking for the lyrics of 'sasural genda phool' and landed on your blog. the pictures too are excellent. have always been keen on taking good pics jus could not find enough time for it. u have rekindled that passion. thanks.
    but wht really prompted to follow ur blog is that u r from western UP. feel proud to see that someone from my part of the world is doing so well.

  2. can't see the video

    bhai kaisa hai?

  3. Excellent! I really laughed :D

    I loved the "VIP, underwear, banyan.... Sabdhan", and the "centre of gravity" line!

  4. hahaha...so damn cute:)
    Bachpan ke din yaad aagaye.
    isn't this from the movie Kitaab? and the lyricst must be Gulzaar saab. Hain na?

  5. arre kya video tha. ye kis film ka song hai. bhai the kids were marvellous. yes that gathri wala bachha was so sweet. aur jo sharmila chita banta hai usne to had hi macha di

  6. :) like the song... thanks for sharing, bro...

  7. :P ....i always like these naughty type ke bachche ...

    vip underwear baniyan...lol...as kids,while playing used to do lux and liril ads too

  8. Hahaha...thanks for sharing..had never heard it...btw which movie ?

  9. Yes we laughed!
    Kya kamar hilayi hai jogan ne! :D
    Aur wo center of gravity miss ho gayi was hilarious...V.I.P underwear baniyan was too good! :D

    And all that brought back many memories!

    Whenever I visit my brother in Toronto and when we get together wih our friends we usually spend a lot of time singing all those commercials and jingles from animated films...OK nahane ka bada sabun-sachmuch bahut bada hai...aur wo Chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai...aur national integration par jo animated film thi...anekta mein ekta..sooraj ek chanda ek, taare anek...dekho dekho ek gilahri peeche peeche anek gilarahriyan!

    I have to forward this video to all my buddies!

  10. rofl...Copywriters..searchin for an insight?...check this out!! :P

  11. @ Pallavi...
    glad you liked Chai ki dukaan !!! hope to see you around !

    thanks for the kind words

    @ Tushar
    bhai link daal diya hai wahan se dekh le.. main ekdum mast

    @ Subbu
    mast hai na ekdum

    @ Swati

    this is from Kitaab.. you got that right girl !!!

    ab 50000 ke liye paanchwa sawaal :)

    kya aap tayaar hain?

    @ Rahi
    this is from a movie called Kitaab...


    @ Anoop
    me likes it too :)

    you are welcome

    @ Mayuri
    thanks for sharing it with me in the first place :)

    @ Ceedy
    Kitaab !


    @ Jas
    good... pet pakad kar ya aise hi halke halke? :P

    and its not toronto... its tronto :P

    hehehe... thats a nice set of jingles... should post them sometime here :)

    @ Deepti

  12. ~ ॐ ~:Bilkul tayyar hai!! Btw, iss se ek idea aaya hai...ek din competition kartey hain hum dono. Chat pe movie quiz..dekhtey hain kaun jeetata hain.
    Challenge kabool? :P

  13. nai ji nahin.... main to aisa harunga ke kya bataun... mera GK ka gyan bahut hi kam hai movies ke maamle mein...

  14. Darpok!darpok! :)
    hahaha(cruel laugh)
    jo darr gaya samjho marr gaya...;P

  15. ello... honestly ek to backout kar liya upar se aise bartaw !!!

  16. backout karne wale aur darpok logon ke saath hum aisa hi bartaw kartey hain...;P

  17. Pet pakad kar tab hasna pada jab jogan ne apni kamar hilayi! :D

    Yeah about that... TRONO! :D I always have an arguement about that with my buddies who live in TO, and I refuse to call it that...and tell they all are pieces of crap including their city! :D Thats always fun!

  18. @ swati...
    theek hai ji... sapna time aata hai !!! :)

    @ Jas
    :) hehhe...


    @ Joy...

    oops... galti se mistake ho gai ji... mera bhi centre of gravity miss ho gaya aur aapka comment bhi !!!

    muafi ki guzarish hai !

  19. I smiled at the joke and laughed at the video..cute!!

  20. no worries am used to people missing their center of gravity when i am around ;)

  21. Joke was so sweet and song and children damn cute! maja aa gaya

  22. Hey

    As always your posts are just sooo refreshing. Yes it did bring a ishmile :)

    Was a regular follower of your blogs few years back but then somehow couldn't just follow.

    But now am back again and it was felt just good going through chai ki dukaan once again.

    Ya one more thing...was also looking for through the view finder??

  23. Good to have you back Shweta!

    Viewfinder has not been updated for a while, as the focus has moved to doing quality and not quantity of photography work!

    you can check my online portfolio @ www.andpictures.net

  24. Nice selection of video and nice selection of blog name as well.. good work.. keep going