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The 8th Day !

I have been thinking for a while about this and I finally talked to Uncle God to see what does he have to say about it... here is how our conversation went...

Me: Uncle, I need another day ...

Uncle: For?

Me : To have fun... Weekdays seem to be too busy at work, and weekends as well fly away... when do I have fun...

Uncle: And?

Me: So you add another day in the week... make it an 8 day week... and the 8th day would be the "Funday"... I will only enjoy on that day... no sad feelings, no dull faces... only fun !

Uncle: You are crazy fella ! And me too, for keeping up with you... but I am sorry, I cannot just add another day to the week... Even I am hit by recession... even I am short of days these days ! I rather give another day for people to eat, and another day for people to live.. don't even get me started on that note.. but here is what you can do...
  • When you wake up in the morning, thank someone that you have another day to enjoy !
  • When you brush your teeth, dance
  • When you are cooking in the kitchen, dance
  • When are walking to the office, or driving or cycling to the office, listen to your favorite music... and do that when you are coming back from work too
  • When you meet people in the elevator, always say a hello
  • When you are taking food in the cafe, greet the person on the other side of the counter
  • Before you go off to sleep, call someone you've not called in a while and talk for 5 minutes
  • Don't ever sleep with a unresolved argument
  • Sing when you take a bath
  • Go out for a walk after you have your dinner... spend this time with yourself.. leave your phone home, leave your iPod home as well
  • Cook for someone you like
  • Write a letter to your parents
  • Play, run, jump, hop whenever you get an opportunity
  • Once a day smell something nice
  • Compliment when you like something
  • Ask for opinions from the sales people when you shop
  • Find a complete misfit cloth, wear it and show it your friends
  • Make faces in the mirror

Do these and come back to me... I will tell you a few more things to do... If you still feel you need another day called a "funday" we will think about it !


  1. This cracked me up completely.. Nice thing is that I do most of these , except for dancing when I get a chance .. But rest are all that add so much shine and glitter on my face every day.

    Your post has inspired me to write about my "coffee wali" experience at JFK.. it summarizes this very spirit.

    Enjoy :)

  2. :)...now ask for the ninth day ;)

  3. Good post.
    I do following of the things suggested by Uncle God:
    #2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10[instead of a walk, i sit on my terrace and watch stars],11, 12,13,14[I love the fragrance of the deo that I wear and the food I cook :)],15,18.

    How much do I crave for an extended weekend...for 8 days in a week. aah!

    I work on Saturdays. Only 1st n 3rd Sat is off for us :(. Imagine my plight!
    Does that make you feel better? :)

  4. @ Iya ...

    you are the girl !!!

    excellento !

    write about it.. i'd like to know

    @ Ceedy
    hehehe... I wonder if I need it :)

    @ Swati
    very very good !!!


    I am wondering why would your working on Saturdays make me feel better? I am not feeling bad about my days at all :)

  5. ah good then my phone is gonna be ringing soon :)

    do you only ask for the sales person' opinion or do you listen and abide by it too? :)

    dancing is one of the most fun thing to do....

    fun....everyday is a fun day....its a state of mind...we have to work hard intially to create it and then overtime it comes easier..and soon its a pretty permenant aspect of our life...i think i am little over half way there.. :))

  6. @ Joy ..
    hehehe.. I cannot say when your phone will ring though !

    About the sales' persons opinion... I would listen and respect it, but the final call of buying something would be mine ! like this Saturday I got myself a pair of shades... and I asked the girl at the counter to help me choose between one of the two I liked... she gave me her opinion and this time around I liked them too.. so I bought them...

    We were looking for a watch for Gaurav's wife sometime back, and we did ask for an opinion, but did not go with it...

    good for you ! we all gotta be there :)

  7. You mean u werent doing all this till you had conversation with Your uncle ?

  8. @ Anony...
    no I do not mean that

  9. wat a coincidence! I just finished a workshop on "Seven habits of highly effective ppl" and here is ur post , whr GOD uncle tells thngs on similar lines!!

    i will surely have to add some of these to enjoi the funday :P

  10. @ Tunna...
    I like it when I see you here buddy !

    I have tried to read that book multiple times, but I can never move past the point where the author talks about Character and Behavior... I really like that part... Hopefully someday I will read that book !

    And what Uncle God told me, I do most of these... Dancing in the shower, kitchen... saying a hello, compliments, walking, etc etc... but thought this was a good place to note them down for future reference as well :)

  11. Thanks a motivating and a refreshing post,early in the morning!!
    Must say I do half of these things..
    thnx for the other tips too..will try to include them in my routine too!!

  12. So God cant give fun day as its recession time. But he can keep it in mind. :)

  13. Omzi, what I meant was, that people who work 5 days still get 2 days to relax, finish pending jobs and have fun.But people like me get just a 'Sunday' which is for sure not sufficient. So, that ways you are luckier and can for sure take out time for fun compared to me.
    Was just trying to make you feel better but glad you are not feel bad :)

  14. I loved this post!!! i started reading it, and i was like, yes, we need an 8th day for sure!
    Then i read the next bit, and i though, wow that is so true!

    Brilliant. :-)

  15. ye le... such simple things put in a simpler and stylish way... love the way you wrote this. so true...

    Even I was not able to go past characters and behaviors section in 7 habits of effective people. In fact I also have a audio book of it. Never managed to listen it... aapko CD bhej deta hoon sun lena

  16. Well... can I be serious for a change and comment?

    Naah, forget it... I know, I don't need the 8th day.... I have enough time for myself... guess, I am lucky. But then, it's "Luck, by choice".

  17. @ Vaishali
    more like notes to myself to remember these things :)

    @ Paavani
    :) yea he said he was too tight on his resources too

    @ Swati
    now thats exactly what my point was... why need 2 days to have fun when you can have it throughout the week?

    so having 1 day off or two might not make a whole lot of difference you see..

    I remember when I was working with Hughes, there were days that I would go to the office on my off days too, just because I liked being there so much !

    @ MeMyself...

    so you having fun all the time now?

    @ Aseem
    thanks bro..

    Audio book... send it over !

    @ Subbu
    I think you are seriously mostly :P

    Tera Luck by Choice is good !!!

  18. #s 4,5 and 6, always.
    The rest need some work! :D

    And as per making faces in the mirror...most of the time...and this one time I was practising my "Gollum" skills...I was so good that I freaked out myself and ran into my room to hide in the blanket! :D

  19. Tell me something.

    When do people start having such conversations with GOD? When they get older..(and I don't mean 60) I mean 25. Coz does anyone remember having such thoughts when we were teenagers? Or are we bored with life? Do we feel stagnated in the same stage and feel that we are not growing as a person? Or do we feel a sort of disconnectedness to the people around us that we feel so alone?

    We do need an elixir of life to go on. But I have been noticing that more and more people feel this way and we have to force ourselves to feel positive and full of life and excited just to make it through the day even though everything is picture perfect and beautiful.

    And when we do all the things that GOD may want us to do do we feel full of life and energized or are we forcing ourselves to feel that way?

    Are we faking our own happiness to ourselves?


  20. :) :) Smiling all the way !
    Nice Nice!

  21. @ Jas...

    I have to see those faces... when are you taking a picture and showing it off?

    @ Vinnie
    I think people can start having such conversations with God when they have reached a point where they can look back and think about how things are...

    When you are a teenager, you have too much to look forward to anyway... who cares about what has happened!

    I personally am not bored at all, neither am I stagnated... and whatever disconnection that I have is purely by choice !

    I am not sure if one can force himself to feel good... it comes from within.. if you are not happy you are not... its as simple as that.. who can you lie to within yourself?

    I doubt if one can fake happiness to themselves... what do you think?

    I cannot... I am usually very upfront with myself about how I feel :) and I feel great these days... for a very long time now actually ! :)

    @ Kshitiz... good good... :)

  22. Arre nahin, don't wanna scare you! :D

  23. this was nice again, :)
    Point 8 indeed IS a very significant suggestion made by uncle to continue showing off our teeth all the time :)

  24. @ Jas...
    pliss pliss


    @ Tanu
    thanks... :)