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Go but never leave...

I needed a break, had been working for a while...

Got up

and tried to open the door... but it took me some effort before the door opened...

on my way back.. the door opened relatively much easier!

I thought why, and realised something...

  • The flames are more stable near the wick...

  • The flags flutter least near the rope...

  • The door opens with the most effort if pushed from near the hinges...

Strange thought but I need to write it here...

Stability is more when you are closer to your roots... when you are closer to your base...

The farther you wander away the more unstable you get...

Now another point of view can be about the reach when you move away... Remember that geometry problem from school?
What is the area in which the Cow can eat grass when she is tied to a pole with a rope which is 10 metres long?

Increase the rope length and the cow has more to eat, more space to explore... but when it comes to taking a rest, the cow (At least that is something that I have seen in my village) would always come back near her pole and sit... and if they are out in the open, they will come back home in the evening... That's where the word Godhuli comes from too.

The essence of this post (and this is a note to myself) is to be aware of your roots, and stay connected while you explore the rest of the world... because your roots are where you get the most stability and the most peace !


  1. Aww...is someone homesick?

    Very deep thoughts put togther beautifully.
    "... your roots are where you get the most stability and the most peace." I agree with you completely.

    Come back soon, Omzi :)

  2. @ Swati...
    nope not homesick at all... the post came from the opening of the door only !!! :)

    and then one thought led to another and resulted in this post... all in a matter of some 10 minutes.

    Coming back... yea... lets see how that goes !

  3. :) tum na god ho!

    Very nice post yet again!

  4. Hmm.. that is some profound thinking.. Seems like aapki subah bhi kaafi thought provoking thi.
    I like the analogies you have drawn and it all ties so well together.

    My Dad says, " One should not only know where to go, but also why to go, how far to go, when to come back and why to come back. If you have answers to all these. then you can never go wrong.

  5. I like this.
    And as I type... I feel I am floating... no idea where I am going and too far from the roots.

  6. ...and dancing really, really close together, we quickly spin round ourselves to our hearts' content, without ever losing touch.

    Lovely reading, thanks for sharing!

  7. kitta sochte ho aur wo bhi ek door ko dhakka maarne per???

  8. Amazing how the door set off that whole chain of thoughts!!

  9. @ Kshtiz...
    le raha hai bhai tu !


    @ Iya
    yea... subah to dull thi picked up over hours :)

    and daddy said just the right thing !!!

    @ Richa
    koi na... you will be back :)

    Like I said.. go but don't leave !

    @ Magalena
    glad you liked it

    @ Geet
    kya karoon gift hai :)

    @ Aditi
    yea, amazing... just like a bulb lighting up in the mind and me writing all of this !

  10. arre wo 'hain hain hain hain'' waala wo sharman jhoshi nahin bolta tha?

  11. You are right !!!!

    Excuse me mein thaa ya uske pehle wali mein...

    maan gaye ustad :)

    haina haina haina haina :)

  12. Arre, kya kahun main. Such profound thoughts...you are a thinker, I must say.

    Marvellous post...And amazing pictures that gel so well with the thoughts! :)

  13. nice post as alwayz:) n the way u linked the things from door to geometry and cow was simply amazing..
    but when geet said "kitta sochte ho aur wo bhi ek door ko dhakka maarne per???"... hahahaha...i realised 'sach mein yaar!!'

  14. I really liked the comparisons and the pics that go with them..indeed a nice post!!
    Iam sure ull stay Please refer to Actions and Solutions for updates. to your roots alwys, come whatever!!

  15. good thinking....

    in my mind going one step further in the profundity of your thoughts...

    if we can find the rootedness within our own being...work towards getting in touch with our innermost core, (the pole the cow is tied to being our soul and we being the cow :) ...then where ever we may be..physically, emotionally, mentally, we will be rooted/centered/grounded

    i like the imagery you have used, in text and photos...especially the photograph of the diyas/flames.

  16. yup - we should never forget our roots.. and it is always a special feeling to come back to your roots - a place where you are sure that you will feel at home... :)

  17. nice..roots are always strong and comfortable. If you stay close you dont grow (bonsai) everything in life needs to be balanced

  18. that was quite an introspective post omie. However i have a different thought when i think of the word roots. The same roots that give you strength are the ones that bind you forever.

    i had written something on those lines when i was away from home in pune. this post, however throws a very different perspective.

    i like the fact that you see 'roots' in the many ways that you have pictured here.

  19. In the same vein, as u portrayed and what Joy said...
    What seems so complex isn’t so..
    The dream raring to come to life isn’t fictitious
    One yearns to fly.. to explore…to know more…
    but what if the answers aren’t out there..
    what u seek..answers to your Questions...U'll soon realize..that they lie within..
    It's all within you...says the Musk deer :)

  20. awesome analogy...and well structured...picture too add to the flair..good one!

  21. Thought provoking post...I guess our roots are nothing but our beliefs and values which give us strength...the farther we move away, the more we sway
    and yes lovely pictures to complement your words.

  22. It did sound like a subconscious homesick's thought.

    Anyway, a couple of years ago, while I was still away from home in Bangalore, during a phase of profound thoughts, I wrote this: Who is a happy man

  23. Omzi, are you sure, you are not homesick? :P

  24. @ Jas...
    hehehe... meri galti nahin hai sachchi :) apne aap ho jaata hai sab !

    @ Wishes

    hehe.. yea I wonder at times too :)

    @ Vaishali

    and looks like you have pasted one of your support texts in the comment

    "Please refer to Actions and Solutions for updates"


    @ Joy
    you are right... and that feeling of belonging can make you feel right at home whereever you are :)

    Those diyas are from McLeodganj... one of my favorite places of all ! too crowded now, but I still love it

    @ Anoop
    yea... you are right bro

    @ Anony
    I agree... I think that is a point that I have tried to make as well.... with the geometry problem

    @ Bhoomi
    Depends on how you see them Bhoomi, what can be limiting can also be liberating... its a point of and perspective...

    Like someone has said, slice a coin into the thinnest possible plain, it will still have two sides :)

    thanks !

    @ Deepti
    yea... it sure is !!! however thats one way to think about it... you gotta know what is outside to know whats within... and value it too

    @ Bakfire

    @ Anony
    in agreement with beliefs and values part...

    @ Subbu...
    In a subconcious mind maybe, but not how I feel these days... I think I would have written exactly the same thing if I was in NOIDA too...

    And I think that post makes a lot of sense... I don't as good as I sleep in my home in NOIDA... no other place is as comfortable and would ever be !

    @ Swati..
    I am sure !

  25. i totally love mcleod ganj....the energy there is fantastic..yes very crowded ...but still it is an enchanting place...

    last time was there went with only a phone camera...some day soon...will go again...am very temted to enroll in a learning program at the monastry.....wish full thinking :))

    may be in these recessionary times that is a good idea :))...and a shaved head may look good too ;)

  26. Yeah so true....Rice dal is where the soul lies :) no matter what you eschew

  27. mere sar ke upar se nikla ye...ye sab baatein hoti hain omzie.... So long as u believe it, it is super..! I am glad u do.

  28. yeah,i did.. :P
    Dumb of me..i didnt even read it , before posting the comment ,but this is due to the software "FASTFOX"which i have installed in my machine,so i only need to type in the shorcuts saved and hit the "SPACEBAR" and it picks the rest of the sentences!!
    sorry about that!!

  29. nice post, i like the comparisons used, esp the cow going back to its safe harbor after wandering all over. Guess, all of us are like that...no matter where we go...we come back to our roots again.

  30. good one...guess u homesick...

  31. Beautiful thought Prashant:-))


  32. Awesome!! The post got me thinking..I still am!! :)

  33. @ Swati

    @ J
    yea, its a nice place to be in !

    good luck with the shaved head thing :)

    @ Ceedy

    @ Mon
    kisi ke liye baatein kisi ke liye us-se zyada... depend karta hai mindset par !!!


    @ Vaishali

    that looked like a support line :) carefully crafted... :)

    @ Rekha
    thanks !

    @ Anjuli
    not really

    @ Archana
    thanks :) good to see you here

    @ Sam
    :) what did you think?