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Happy Holi :)

Holi hai bhai holi hai
Rang Birangi Holi hai

Pictures from Holi'06 at Home :)

And what is a Holi without this song?


  1. Aaww..what sweet pictures.
    Reminds me of Holi(s) celebrated with my family back in Lucknow.
    Gosh! I miss them...:(

    Wishing you,your wonderful parents and all the chai ki dukaan 'fans' a very HAPPY, COLOURFUL AND BHANGFUL HOLI :)

  2. Really like this song and the movie.
    Kya chemistry thi Amitabh and Rekha ke beech...wow!

    You are right, no Holi is complete without this song :)

    ...pst..pst..And I always had this secret desire of getting really HIGH on BHANG and then dance on this SONG...hehehe

    Oops! it is not a secret any more. hehehe

  3. My fav, the picture of you with your Mom.:)

    Holi aaj thi kya? Ya kal hai?

    Main holi se bahut hi darrti thi...hun, JNU ki Holi bahut zabardast hoti thi...and to save myself I used to lock myself in my room all day long!:D

  4. Happy Holi to you too Om ! Lovely pictures and ofcourse the song is an all time favorite :)

  5. Happy Holi hai aapko and poore chai ki dukaan ke darshak ko :)

  6. Bhagwaan apki zindagi mein rang aur pichkaari ka pressure kaayam rakhe.. :)

    Happy Holi :)

  7. And yeah, Wish you a very Happy and colorful Holi! :)
    (scatter brain me...apologies!)

  8. Lovely pics. Happy Holi!! Where are you from? Your parents look like they belong to Uttaranchal :)
    When I see somebody from Uttaranchal, I feel super home sick

  9. happy holi to you

    what about pictures from holi '07 ?

  10. Happy Holi ...looks like serious dhamal has happened.

  11. @ Swati
    thanks a bunch !!!

    Holi in Lucknow must have been fun for sure !

    and this song! Is amazing ! The best Holi Song EVER...

    so did you get high on bhang?

    @ Jas...
    :) thanks...

    Holi is on wednesday so for us "firangies" its today :)

    JNU ki holi ke baare mein kuch likho kabhi :)

    @ Iya
    :) yea the song is awesome :)

    and happy holi to you too shivi :)

    @ Anony
    same to same to you

    @ Kshitiz
    thank you hai bhai, hope you are feeling better

    @ Anoop

    @ Vinod

    aapki mein bhi :)

    @ Jas
    aapko bhi holi mubaraq !

    @ Nikita
    hey... long time no see !

    We are from Western UP.. Bulandshahar to be specific :)

    @ Burf...
    bhai teri ek foto hai.. tujhe wo pasand nahin hai :)

  12. Na re...desire abhi tak desire hi hai, yeh alag baat hai ki Chai ki dukaan pe likhne ke baad woh secret nahi raha..hehehe..

  13. arrey Omzi, faiyde aur nuksaan ki kya baat hai?
    aur mera 'high on bhaang' wala desire kabhi na kabhi to pura hoyega :)

  14. :) sweet - where is the bhang?

  15. JNU ki holi, I shall try and write about it sometimes. :)

    Arre gujhiya kab banate hain...holi par hi na...bahut man ho raha hai gujhiya khaane ka...nom nom nom nom... :D

    It used to be fun when all my friends from UP and Bihar came back from home and brought back those home made gujhiyas....ab to firang mein wo jo cinnamon bun pada hai fridge mein ussi ko kha kar hi kaam chalana parega! :(

  16. @ Swati...
    amen !!!


    @ Ceedy
    bhai bhang to nahin hai yahan par... kya karein? :)

    @ Jas
    :) do that... i would be waiting !

    haanji holi par hi banate hain !!!! aur dahi bhalle bhi !!! aha !!!!


    cinnamon bun... hmm... koi na... some other time i guess !

  17. so played this time??
    i usually dont play Holi,for the fact that i hate those geele waale dirty colours..its good till the time u play with Gulaal..
    but hope u had a blast!!
    Happy belated Holi!!

  18. No blast here buddy... it was just another day for me!

  19. Happy Holi to you!

    Those are fun photos.. miss the Holi of India.

  20. @ Kanan...
    yea... its fun back home