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Of mixed emotions...

Its strange how one act of nature can invoke so many feelings together in me...

I am talking about a snowfall !

On my way out of home today I just happened to check the scene outside, and I was like damn... need to change the shoes... so the formals go in the bag, and the dependable woodlands are out !

I walk out, and there is a cover of white all around... I feel a certain peace and calm when I see the snow on the footpaths, the trees, bushes...

The snow is still falling and there is no wind... so it falls slowly and the snowflakes enjoy their ride down to the ground moving around at their own pace and taking their own path... Find a snowflake that you like and then follow it to the ground... Its amazing...

And then some wind... some snowflakes hit my face and I just take my tongue out to let some of the flakes fall on it... I love that feeling of the cold snowflakes landing on my tongue... :)

I walk by a small park towards the office and there is so much snow... and I feel like leaving my bag and just go make a snowman the entire day

All of this snow makes me want my friends around me too so that we can play war in the snow :)

and something that I always miss in a snowfall... to have a sweetheart and walk with her hand in hand looking at the snowfall !

All of this in some 5 minutes walk to the office :)


  1. I heard in the news that you guys got snowed!

    All that you've written, ditto! Except that I have to drive and that puts me off balance...the walk back to the parking lot in the evenings is very peaceful though! :)

    Enjoy the snow on your walk back in the evening!

  2. You described the snowfall so beautifully that I could almost feel the snowflakes on my arms...eeee(thand hai...)I quickly rolled back inside my blanket and cuddled myself.

    Snowman and snow war...what fun!
    I wish, it snowed here in Delhi :(

  3. I love snow. The grey skies, the soft white fluffy ground, the peaceful calm and silence when it feels as though the life has come to a standstill.

    Snowman and snow war..NO
    Why ? because I don't like to see hard work of nature being destroyed and disturbed. I love seeing the blanketed snow the first day ..totally undisturbed.. may just a few footprints of nearby squirrel or a neighborly cat.

    Second or third day may be a huge snow man with a carrot for his nose and then snow ball fights.


  4. The white blanket has covered NYC as well today morning... It has just not stopped since last night. Not a big fan of snow , since I always fall and slip and hurt myself when it snows- yet I have lived in the most snowy regions of US - Colorado and NY :P

    Mornings should be like this , all this flux of emotions charges you for the day. One tends to reminisce the company of friends and loved ones on days like this..but well.. C'est la vie ..

  5. I just love walking in fresh snow and making snow angels ...
    The irony is that I am in Vail, CO today (a ski resort) and it's so warm (15 degres Celsius) and there is not much snow on the mountains...
    It's sssoooo disappointing.

    I usually complain the days it snows and I have to go to work ... but today I am complaining because being in Vail and not having enough snow is a bit sad :(

  6. @ Jas...
    yea... we got snowed :)

    Driving can be such a pain in the snow... I know about that.. I see the cars skidding all around at times.. .and it can be such an effort to clean it all up before you move from your spot !!!

    I liked the look of the snow on the trees... very very beautiful !!

    @ Swati
    I could feel it when I was writing it :) and then I went to the window and saw it falling for almost 5 minutes before I came back to my seat...

    Snowman... snowwar are super duper things !

    I hope it does not snow in Delhi.. no one will be able to climb up the flyovers !!!

    @ Vinnie
    yea... there is so much to like about snow...

    achcha you can have your half of the park where you wait for the 2nd or the 3rd day :) I will play the first day only...

    waise bhi there is too much snowfall at times... you play and within a few hours its like it was to start with :)

    @ Iya...
    is Iya your real name? Tell me your real name please...

    and why do you fall and slip? where are the walking shoes?

    yea, the mornings should be like this :) nice and bright !

    so is life :)

    @ Marie...
    whats different between snow man and snow angels?

    no snow? oops... no skiing?

    sorry to hear that...

  7. Hhehee the reply to the story behind my real name can be found on my blog..

    About falling in snow- Uh well I fall a lot. I have a habit of looking ahead and not down .(One of the things your parents teach you I guess when you are young- i just took it too literally)

    So I have my snow boots, but I still slip and fall. :)

  8. the last time i saw snow was in 1992 when i was just a kid:( n since then its been a long wait...
    the way you write the description was so real that i could visualize the snow falling as in movies n the scene recreated was of John Cusack starrer "Serendipity":))

  9. wishes galore: Hey, Serendipity...is one of favorite films. Aamazing story, great performance, beautiful music...and very beautifully shot. :)

  10. olebabale, Prashant, this is sweet! i completely am in agreement about the feeling of calm and tranquility on snow covered white-washed roads. No wonder son many sanyasi(n)s fimd shelter in the himalayas :)! also, lucky will be the hand of a 'sweetheart' in the hands of such a sensitive man :)!



  11. :) wow wow wow, some one is romantic :)

    i always want to see a snowfall... and your post made me feel like i am there, enjoying the walk... I want to play with snow, now! :(

  12. i think snow for a while is nice but later its depressing !!!
    i like green, blue brown better

  13. I have two words for you: "Get married"!

  14. i Swear..i find snow noce for a while..and then i find it depressing too..
    but good u r there whenits snowing, specially wen u like it so much!!

  15. @ Iya...
    oh.. that needs some dedicated searching... hmm.. :)

    I am going to call the Candid Camera people when it snows in NYC next :)

    @ Wishes Galore
    that movie is a lovely movie...

    and like they say, nothing is by chance :)

    @ Dithi
    :) thanks

    @ Anoop..
    you had a doubt about that? :)

    snowfall is beautiful bro.. I hope you get to experience it sometime soon !

    @ Anony
    I have been enjoying it for months now !!!

    @ Subbu
    crap !!! I am offended !!! Enjoying snow has nothing to do with getting married :)

    @ Vaishali
    depressing? I am not sure.. I really like it... during and after the snowfall.. its beautiful...

    there are some bad dirty messy side to it when its melting but then its a whole package :)

  16. Thats a beautiful picture.

    Guess what we got...rain...and then snow...and the result was that this city looked like a sea of slush this morning!!!

  17. Offended na ho... tatparya samjhe...

    You will have someone's hand to hold, no?

    At least you will get efficient and build the snowman in a few hours and then resume with household chores, no?

    When you fall sick from all that playing in the snow, someone will take care of you, no?

  18. awww no sweetheart to walk with in the snow? Well, I sure hope you find some one real soon:)

    Liked your set of blogs, I am a first time visitor, and got here from Chandan's.

    - Sharon

  19. @ Jas

    yea... i know that slush !!! it has happened here too...

    @ Subbu
    nai bhai, I don't really buy that idea...

    @ Reeta

    @ TheKeybunch
    :) i am sure i will :)

    thanks Sharon.. hope to see you around !

  20. snow angels are made so:

    lay down on your back on the snow...move your arms up and down from head to side a few times...and open both your legs wide...and bring together, a couple of times....get up carefully and when you look at the impression your body made in the snow....it looks like an angel....wings---from the movement of your arms...and a skirt from those of your leggs.....

    :) ... i had made them this winter in the snow...to bad you were not around to see them :))

    try it some time:))