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The Weekend in 20 Steps...

Another super weekend came to an end yesterday... probably the last in the series of weekends!!!

Next weekend is going to be very different with what I know as of now... Not sure if I am super excited about it right now but I am getting used to the thought :)

Let’s talk about the last two days right now though :)

1. Friday evening shopped for some curtain cloth with parents...

2. Friday early evening drove to Priya and had a small DFC get together... and i managed a peg of my favourite Absolut Peppar.... i love that flavour and the taste of it...

3. Managed to get Aro and Subbu at the party too...

4. It had rained nice and cool by the time we left, and then I drove to Gurgaon with them to meet Shaji and his super son Shawn!!!

5. We were on our way to Shaji’s place when Mon called and told me that I had to come to Dublin (the disc of Maurya Sheraton)

6. I stopped Shaji and told him that I had to go... Dropped Aro and Subbu in Dwarka and drove quickly to Dublin...

7. So between meeting the DFC gang once and then meeting them again, I had already driven like 60 odd kms...

8. Dublin is the worst disc I have ever been to... The DJ was dead, and the sound pathetic... I was missing my two outings to the Orange Room with friends and how we came out all exhausted after dancing for hours together... Dublin did not even make me feel like dancing... Highly unrecommeded folks!!!!

9. The good thing was meeting a few friends again.... that made up for most of the loss of good music though...

10. Quick drive back to Dwarka... actually pretty fast (took li'il over 10 minutes between Dhaula Kuan and Dwarka sector-9) saw a little bit of Varekai, and then called it a day...

11. Woke up darn late... and tried to watch a few movies but did not really watch anything...

12. Finally moved out around 4ish and went to ASK, where I gave them the cheque of Rs. 10000. (I will give the rest of the money as soon as I have it) Discussed with Dr. Khan about various issues that we as bloggers can target talking about... something might come up on Chai ki Dukaan too in near future...

13. Time to move to Shaji's place now... We reached and realised that he was not home and his phone was not reachable either... so we decided to move back to Dwarka... but stopped in between when Shaji called and said that he was coming back!!! While waiting, I managed some hot chocolate fudge at Nirula’s.... I think I like the last weekend's create your sundae better...

14. Shaji wanted to see Varekai too... So me and Aro drove back to Dwarka from Gurgaon and came back with the CD... Varekai went on till midnight, and by that time one of my friends also finished her work at office!!!

15. Picked her up, and drove back home after dropping her home... The ice cream walas at India Gate had already packed, but it was nice to see at least 200 people around the place at 0100 hours in the night when we drove past...

16. Sunday started very late.... A friend called me and said that he hates me because whenever he goes to his girlfriend's desk, she has a window of the Chai Ki Dukaan in front of her :)

17. Went out shopping with Bindiya... got myself two stunning Kurta’s!!! And a nicey frame for the wall... pretty neat stuff!!! I had posted a picture of Bindiya on flickr sometime back and decided to get it printed and framed and give it to her!!! It was awesome to see the shocked look on her face when she opened the packet!!!! Its nice to do certain things which you are least expected to do :)

18. By the time I came back, Aro and Subbu were home already... Had called Subbu to meet pa... Later, picked up Tushar, Went to the market, got a whole bunch of VCDs of which I kept a few....Arobindo, the bugger bought the entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes too :'( what an ASS he is !!! I don't like him for it...

19. Dropped Tushar back, went to the Tshop... and had a few teas... Subbu was not too happy
with the milk in the Darjeeling Tea, and Aro was not happy that I ordered ice tea for him... So I had the Fresh Lime Masala and some Peach Ice Tea...

20. The Day ended with the movie "Strangers"... Surprisingly I had not heard about this movie ever before and it turned out to be one of the best I have seen with incredible performances by Kay Kay Menon and Jimmy Shergil... I am not going to spoil the movie for you by telling what it’s about, but it’s a MUST watch if you have not seen it yet!!!

And Monday started as usual :) it’s already 4 and I don't know how the entire day passed by... I have been busy I guess :)


just a thought...

Life becomes much easier when you let go of certain things...

its the letting go part which is difficult !!!

Thankfully life on this side of the screen seems to be moving in the right direction... Thank you Uncle God... you know how to get the things into place !!!


On Grass Courts...

The sexy girl in shorts fell pretty short of a 2nd round win against the 154 seed 20 year old Russian Alla Kudryavtseva.

I did not watch the entire match but the second set and there was no doubt that Maria was not really playing half as good as Alla... While trying to save the match on her own serve, the girl does a double fault... nahiiiiiiiiiin !!!

Personally I think she was looking too beautiful with those earings to crash out of my favorite tennis tournament like this... Let me not talk about how hott she is and feel worse about not being able to see her in the rest of the tournament !

However, noone even comes close to Gabriela Sabatini in my heart :) Call it a teenage crush or whatever :)

And I don't think anyone can ever play as good as Steffi Graf... serious !!!! *bows to the best*

Images : Wimbledon Official Site and Internet


Things People Do...

I met a friend today and she showed me a 29 page greeting card that she had made for her husband on his 29th birthday... Every page different, with a different message, made differently, new colors, new message... Awesome stuff !!! God bless them both :)

A total of 10 days of effort!!! And every second worth it!!!

I told her if someone would do something like that for me, I would not even know how to react!!! Do i smile or say thank you! Or what do I do? And she just laughed!!!

I am still thinking about what the hell would I do if someone does this for me... I guess I would just go silent and would be dumbstruck!!!

Maybe I just don't know!!!


And here is something more that someone must have done to make someone happy!!!!

Customise a HONDA CRV to PINK Color!!! I don’t think this is a HONDA Original color !!! NO WAY

Pink, by Aerosmith is one of my favourite songs EVER!!!

Pink it´s my new obsession
Pink it´s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause
Pink is the love you discover
Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink ´cause you are so very
Pink it´s the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion
Pink it was love at first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight
You could be my flamingo
´Coz pink is the new kinda lingo
Pink like a deco umbrella
It´s kink - but you don´t ever tell her

But here someone has taken it literally I guess!!!


Enjoy the pictures...


Contrasty Weekends and More !!!

I feel very satisfied for being able to do what I started off for... And mind you, it could not have been possible without a few, actually more than a few, people around who played very very important roles during the entire initiative...

I have a commitment of Rs. 12500 from the two posts that show the paintings and have received Rs. 8000 already and the rest is in transition or process and should be with me soon!!! My next step would be to go to ASK and give all this money to them for Sankalp.... Thank you again everyone who has contributed in some way or the other... I am in the process of arranging the paintings and sending them off to their respective owners...

I should, however, mention a few names here specifically...

I had only thought of going to Sankalp and giving away the Stationary etc to the kids there... discussed the thought with Arobindo and our conversation resulted in the day turning into a Painting Competition for the kids where they could use the stuff we take for them... Thanks Bro for your support...

It would have stayed a painting competition, if I had not seen a framed painting made by a small kid at my friend's place... I was at Nidhi's place one day and that’s when I saw the painting... I think AP had bought it for her from an NGO, and that moment a bulb was switched on in my mind... I had more to do than just organise the painting competition... Nidhi, if it was not you, we would not have a single rupee in our kitty today!!! Cannot thank you enough really!!!

Bindiya was told about this thought, and she loved it... We figured out a few things over a few calls and organised the entire event... Kalpana ji from Sankalp was always more than keen in helping us out with whatever we required. I love it the way Bindiya (also read ASK) lets me take complete ownership of what I want to do and also give me the freedom to do it my way!!! Thanks Bindiya for everything!!!

Tushar and my cousin Ashish was both excited when I asked them to join me that day!!!

Not many people knew about the initiative except Me, Aro, Bindiya, Nidhi, Tushar, Ashish (my cousin) the team at Moradabad and Sharanya, whose excitement and loads of ideas she shared acted as a Catalyst to the entire thought process...

And once we were back from the Painting Competition, almost everyone I know in this big blog world helped the way they thought was appropriate... some came forward to take one of the painting, some encouraged me with very kind words, and some mentioned it on their pages to ensure more people knew about the initiative !!! And I also need to mention that my Hughes Gang rocks!!! For many reasons and one of them is the quick response that I got from Aseem, Subbu, Aro, and Naveen to buy the paintings.... Overall a great experience this was and needless to say, a very successful one to thanks to a lot of people!!!

Now something about what I have been doing for a while, other than trying to sell paintings :)

Some flower in my balcony... no idea about the name

The last weekends have been so different from each other yet very fulfilling...

The last Sunday was spent in silence... I did not speak much the entire day was almost locked (with an open door though) in my room... Watched movies (Juno and the Bucket List), read a book or may be more than one, went through the Calvin and Hobbes Tushar had given me for my birthday (A very welcome change from the travel books he gifts me all the time :)

My bed on the floor, the laptop the ear phones and dark !!! nice Sunday it was...

My lunch one of these days... brown bread with Sauce and Jam and Marmalade...

I like the way smoke moves out of Incense Sticks... I have lately realised I can look at it for a long time...

It rained last week... Did you get out to enjoy it? I took a bath in the rain twice last week :)

This weekend I was on a talking mode :) was trying to make up for the silence that started last Sunday I guess :) the weekend started a few hours early with a long drive to meet Ruchi, handed over the painting to her, drove to haldiram, got stuck in a two way truck and trailer traffic on a single lane service road (for about 5 minutes after we were already 25 minutes into the jam, I had a feeling that we might stay stuck there for a few more hours, but thankfully the jam cleared and we were out of it in like 35 odd minutes)...

Friday night at Arobindo’S place, with one more lad from the Hughes gang... laughter and bakar bakar bakar bakar and more bakar... Poor Raj was the target of most of the jokes while I and Arobindo laughed our asses!!!

Saturday started early and ended pretty late (Only on Sunday by 0200 hrs) and it included watching The Gods must be crazy part 1 and 2, having a late breakfast, not feeling like getting up from the beds till like 1400 hrs, taking the metro to Mandi House and not getting the tickets for a play I wanted to watch (GhasiRam Kotwal)... taking a wrong bus to CP from Mandi House, walking towards CP and singing songs fairly loudly on the road with Subbu, searching for Nirula's and finding it eventually after having a nice pan at Odeon, having the Make your own triple sundae at Nirula's with a scoop each of Black Currant, Mango Mania and Tutti Fruity, having the mango milk at Cavenders, going back to Dwarka in the Metro, singing songs, learning some English from Subbu, meeting a few more friends from Hughes at Aro's place and bakar bakar bakar bakar bakar till post midnight !!!! Phew!!! Long day eh!

Sunday was again a lazy day with the highlight being the English play Indian in the Bronz... and interesting subject but not really presented in the best of the ways... I revived a lot of good memories from the past of the various technical things that I had learnt about one act plays and how we used to implement most of them... I wish I can contribute to a theatre group soon... Maybe once I have shifted base to Delhi, I would... Not sure if Bindiya also had the same opinion about the play, but she made a nice single word remark that the play was interesting!!! Let’s buy that opinion for now :) Had to wait a good 20 minutes before we got a seat in the Bengali Sweet house before having our dinner of Chole Bhature, the Pao Bhaji and the lovely Kulfi Faluda!!! A quick drive back home and a few more discussions on how I can contribute more to ASK and various other initiatives in the organisation!!! We did discuss about some websites that talk about one can contribute to the society as well... I am going to write about them too in future once I have gone through the sites in detail!!!

Too long a post eh!!!

Never mind :) If you have managed to read it fully, congratulations, or if just jumped to the last line, well :) I think you missed a lot :)

Have fun, God Bless!!!

Oh and guess what, I have this small water pot in my balcony, which I fill with water every few days... sometime last week I there was this Pigeon who visited visited the waterhole of sorts... There was not much water there, but I guess enough to keep him there for a good 15-20 minutes and there was something in there that he was eating too... I guess he had brought it himself !!! Check the pictures below :) It was nice !!! very !!!

ok... final ta tu !!!


More from Sankalp :) Thanks Friends...

Here we go... The second lot of Paintings from the painting competition in Sankalp. Needless to say I am delighted to know that many of my friends pushed me into posting this set as everyone wanted to contribute something or the other...

So here we go :) Take your pick. Leave a comment here and drop me an email at prashantbhardwaj[at]gmail.com with your address... Like the last set, I am expecting you to pay atleast Rs. 500 in case you decide to buy one of the following ::)

Apologies but I could not note down the Artist's name and her/his class for this one. My Mamaji decided to take this one for himself :) Someone said it just right, Charity begins at home :)

Made by : Hina; Class VII (Not available; Reema Srivastava has offered to take this one)

Made by : Aayesha ; Class IV

Made by : Farha; Class IV

Made by : Tarannum; Class VI

Made by : Shaqib ; Class V (Not available; Ankur Prakash has offered to take this one)

Made By : Rabia; Class : VI (Not available; Mayuri has offered to take this one)

Made by : Noori; Class III (Not available; An Online friend who does not wish to be named has offered to take this one)

Made by : Sajid; Class III (Not available; Ankur Prakash has offered to take this one)

Made by : Laiba Noor; Class III

Made by : Faisal Hussain; Class III (Not available; Sarika has offered to take this one)

And this is the palm print of the kids from Sankalp :) Ruchi Sharma has offered to take this one :)

ah !

Madhubala is so freaking gorgeous !!!

muah !!!

Nothing beats her looks and her laughter in "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi" !!!

Haal kaisa hai janaab ka?

o o o

aa aa aa



I AM Wondering...

About a lot of things... Glad I had thought of a few and managed them pretty well... there is a whole new set waiting to be completed... Going through a series of mixed emotions these days where everyday is a plethora of thoughts and feelings and I sleep looking forward to a new day !!!


Thank You Folks !!!

My heartfelt thanks to

  • Arobindo Sinha
  • Aseem Kumar
  • Monika Rawat
  • Naveen Katlaria
  • Pankaj Trivedi
  • Reeta Skeeter
  • Geet
  • Mayuri Chaturvedi
  • Gaurav Agrawal
  • Subhadip Purakayastha
  • Kavita Bhargava
for coming forward to take the paintings that I shared in the last post... I was hoping but not really expecting to reach the milestone this quick !!!


I know of atleast 5 people who are keen on extending a helping hand to the initiative, and I am going to post another set of 10 paintings very soon from that painting competition and I am really happy to see that we would be able to collect more money than we initially thought of !!!


Time for a Sankalp...

So here I am... back to Sankalp and posting the much awaited paintings that won at the Painting Competition in Sankalp, Moradabad...

There were multiple things that I wanted to achieve from this entire set of activities:
  1. Go out and do some fun activities for the kids in Sankalp
  2. Not just donate something, but have some use of it
  3. Bring back the paintings and do some fund raising for Sankalp

1 done
2 done
Click HERE for details of the day...
3 is what this post is about!!!

The aim is to collect at least Rs. 6000 which is the amount that is required for non-formal education of one kid in Sankalp. Non-formal education includes the education expenses, recreational opportunities, nutritional expenses and healthcare.

Here is the plan... You can select one of the 12 paintings below (click on the photo to see large) and write to me at prashantbhardwaj@gmail.com in case you are interested in the painting. The minimum that you should be willing to give is Rs. 500 and I shall leave it to you in case you'd like to give more. I am going to collect the entire money and hand over to ASK.

In case you' like to follow a different route of helping to the cause, please visit the ASK India website directly @ ASKIndia.org and browse around to find an opportunity.

Made by Sayma Sharif (Class VI). This one won because of the positive message in the painting, and the girl trying her hands on Water Colors for the first time. We had give three topics - Child Rights, - Child Labour and - Rains... Sayma wonderfully clubbed two of them to come up with this ! (Painting not available anymore; Arobindo has offered to take this one)

Made by Sana Afreen (Class VII). Lovely use of color... Very soothing to the eyes. The category she chose was Barish (Rains); (Painting not available anymore; Monika has offered to take this one)

Made by Irfan (Class (VII). A Very nice representation of Child Rights...(Painting not available anymore; Binnu :) has offered to take this one)

Made by Ishtiyak (Class VI). Lovely use of Color... Treat to the eyes... (Painting not available anymore; Aseem has offered to take this one)

Made by Saira (Class VII). Brilliant representation of Child Rights. Very nice use of color.(Painting not available anymore; Binnu :) has offered to take this one)

Made by Nazma (Class VI). Nazma was one of the winners because of a different thought she put into this. She made a canvas and then painted inside the Canvas... Nice thinking...(Painting not available anymore; Pankaj Trivedi has offered to take this one)

Made by Umar Farid (Class VI). Umar painted a question that stares at the face of many of us who are involved with the initiative... We have an answer, and we are working towards getting the answer being put in reality... (Painting not available anymore; Reeta Skeeter has offered to take this one)

Made by Shabeena Khan (Class VIII). Shabeena used the colors very nicely and the glitter too... It was a cloudy and rainy day in Moradabad and it took a while before this work dried... This is an absolute visual delight... (Painting not available anymore; Geet has offered to take this one)

Made by Shiri (Class V). Shiri's message in this work is simple, straightforward, and very clear. Lovely portrayal of the thoughts...(Painting not available anymore; Mayuri has offered to take this one)

Made by Rani Sartaj (Class VI). Very nice use of colors. Visually very soothing...(Painting not available anymore; Gaurav Agrawal has offered to take this one)

Made by Sadim (Class III). Sadim did not paint for any of the themes, but he made the Indian Flag and wrote the National Anthem for us... We could not have ignored this one...(Painting not available anymore; Subbu has offered to take this one)

Made by Salman (Class VI). Brilliant use of color, and a visually appealing representation of Rains...(Painting not available anymore; Kavita has offered to take this one)

Like I said before too, please contact me at prashantbhardwaj@gmail.com and let me know in case you interested in one of the above paintings/sketches. The minimum I am expecting from you is Rs. 500.

God Bless !!!


From the Horse's Mouth

Scene 1:
A few hours away from the Iran Border (into Pakistan)... He has been enjoying the Rs.4 per litre of petrol and riding his Yamaha at his own free will and pace... Somehow he cannot see any petrol pumps anymore... he somehow manages to buy some petrol from a roadside vendor at a premium of course... Next morning when he was leaving the MusafirKhana, where he rested for the night, he is told that he would be killed!!! No, this was not a warning or anything but something that would have been a usual activity for the sharp shooters who would shoot for no reason... He called his parents, friends and everyone who he wanted to hear, hoping that they see him when he reaches back home, though he did not tell what was expected...

Well... he managed to pass through with some luck and was not shot dead...

Scene 2: Pakistan Border
He gets a warm welcome, is given water to drink and some real nice food to eat and rests for a while before he moves on... There is some shooting (with cameras and not guns!!!) going on at the border and he is asked to act in it :) he is asked to carry a few bags across the border, but he refuses politely... After much negotiation, he is left like that :) but still he does spend some 3 hours shooting with the local team before he somehow manages to leave the place after many requests to the director of the serial!!!

Scene 3: Somewhere in Multan
He is being escorted by a SP from the local Police Department to ensure his safety while he travels through... The bad desert storm forces them to take shelter in a petrol pump and conversations start... During the chit chat, the police officer asks him why he does Murti Pooja... Though short of words for an answer, he still maintains a cool and shares his honest opinion about his respect for all religions... What comes next is least expected... the police officer says that the next morning he would take him to a hospital and do that needful so that he can convert to Islam... from there they would go to the Mosque and do the rest to ensure his conversion... Though he was stunned, but he still kept his cool throughout...

He told the police officer that there are ministers, media etc waiting for him at the border and if he does not reach there in the morning, there can be international conflicts etc... Some dedicated talks and the police officer lets him go, and escorts him to the border "intact"... Phew!!!

Scene 4:
Wagah Border... he is waiting an entry to India... but the Indian officials say that he cannot enter the country from Wagah as only people > 65 years of age can enter the country on their own from there own.. Rest either take the train or the bus... Much repeated requests hit deaf ears and he is stuck, and the only road takes him back to the same Police Officer who was keen on err... I have talked about it before!!!

He is not even given food or water for 6 hours, though a few phone calls to a few friends in the capital and then a few calls to some ministers etc help him get through the Wagah Border into his own country!!!

Phew!!! Again!!!

These are just some of the millions of stories that Pankaj Trivedi could have shared with me :) I find myself lucky to have met him in the evening today... He is one of the very few people on flickr, who have earned my respect because of their sheer simplicity and modesty... God bless you Pankaj Bhai!!! Hope to hear many more stories from you sometime soon :)

Pankaj just completed a Record by riding between Kanya Kumari to Leh in 5 days and 5 hours... he also drove some 200 kms with half a handle on the Karizma as it broke after a slip-up with a truck near TangLang La... He also has driven from UK to India on a bike, which I would write about in some more posts later on Chai Ki Dukaan... As of now, I am feeling very happy to have met him!!!

Lucky!!! Yes I am!!! He knows ME!!!! :)


Peace for me !!!

Pt. Jasraj's voice

Ustad Zakir Hussain's Tabla

Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiya's Flute

Taufiq's Percussions

Manna Dey's "Aayo Kahan Se Ghanshyam", "Laga Chunari mein Daag"

and more...

random thought...

There are times when I feel that there is a very careful planning going on to take away things that I deserve !!! It obviously is God Uncle who is doing it !!! he is the culprit !!!

At the same time, on second thoughts, the good news is that he is thinking about me !!!

I am sure it must be for good !!!

I am holding on to hope Uncle !!! But let me tell you, its getting weaker !!!

p.s. its just a thought that I had to write !!! I don't need any comments on this one.. apologies if you had something to say about it !


We painted the Weekend in Moradabad :)

Saturday Morning: 0300 hrs... my alarm goes off!!! And then the alarm on the other phone goes off too... I had just slept at like midnight... but getting up was important... I did... Woke up Ashu (my cousin) called up Tushar to wake him up and checked with Aro to make sure he was on his way to my place...

Why get up this early on a Saturday morning?
Valid question :)

We four were going to Sankalp, Moradabad... The same place I had visited in Feb'07... and wrote about it HERE!

Me and Aro had been discussing this trip for a while now, and last week when I realised that my travel plans were still very unclear I decided to go to Sankalp and do what was long due... So a few phone calls over the week, some bit of planning and we were all set... Roped in Ashu and Tushar as well... so we were four of us who were traveling to Sankalp and organise the painting competition...

The weather was good, the roads were good too wit a few exceptions... It did rain almost throughout the drive and at times it was too heavy to drive as well, however with one pit stop just about 10 kms after Gajraula (Reliance A1 Food Plaza) we reached Sankalp around 0800 hrs...

Found these beauties together on the grass @ A1 Plaza...

A Bunch of Happiness :)

I discussed the plan with Kalpana and Santosh who take care of the centre and we were all set to start the painting competition around 1030 hrs... The main centre has 100+ students and it was difficult to involve everyone in the competition, so we decided that we would let the teachers select some students from all the classes and have about 40 students participate...

We started on time around 1045 hrs and the kids finished their work around 1215 hours...

Our goodies for the Painting Competition :)

The kids could use the water colors, or the Crayons or Sketch Pens...

During the Painting Competition...

During the Painting Competition... (She went on to win a prize, for the strong message presented in a simple and very effective way)

During the Painting Competition...

One of the other winners in progress...

All done :) ready for a picture :)

We did manage a riot of colors :) and spread happiness :)

Some of the winners :) It was tough to decide what was better than the other... so we did not differentiate between the winning entries.. We could not have anyway :)

Post this we played "Stuart Little" (Hindi Version) for all the kids... (We had arranged for a LCD Projector, a laptop, the speakers and the DVD last night)... It was an amazing feeling to hear the kids laugh together and react to various scenes in the movie... One of the best experiences that I personally had EVER... So much so that I don't have enough words to write about the entire event!!! Now there was something for the kids after the movie too... We had prepared some questions from the movie, and the kids who answer those questions right were to get prizes...

The movie in Progress !!!

Once we finished the movie, we distributed the prizes for the Painting Competition and followed by the overwhelming question answer round!!!

The post movie huddle :) Had a great time here :)

We had asked everyone to first raise a hand and then we would pick who answers the question :) but as you might have already guessed for 100% of the questions everyone first answered the question and then raised their hands :) by the end of it we had exhausted all our questions and had to make a few set with our own knowledge of the movie :) it was fun...

Everyone would answer and then raise their hand :) It was tough to decide the winners :)

One question we asked was the name of Stuart Little's father... Well no one knew the answer, but one boy very confidently stood up and said "Daddy" :) I even asked the duration of the movie :) when we did not know what to ask :) and kids answered that too without raising any hands :) too bad it did not have a prize :)
I participated too :)

And then moved back to what I was slightly better at :) Capturing the moments :)

Managed to capture a game of Kho Kho too on the terrace :)

Windows XP :) Professional :)

Did I forget to mention that Gupta ji (The caretaker at the centre) also arranged for some Aalu, Pyaaz, and Palak Pakodas for us and the Chatney with Raw Mango and fresh Mint was just too good to resist... Don't know if I was eating the Pakodas with the Chatney or the Chatney with the Pakodas :)

What yummy Pakodas were they !!! Heaven !!!

Only one :) Love the way water rests on Rose Leaves :)

Once we were done at the Centre we moved around in the Community to get a first hand feel of the workshops...

The melting/moulding workshop... and smoke all around!

Molten Brass on fire...

Still from the same workshop...

An Art on its way towards extinction... The artist spends about 4-5 hours on every piece and gets around Rs. 50 per piece...

From the electroplating workshop...

Did not even realise how the time flew by and it was already 1645 hours when we started back for Delhi!!! All in All a wonderful day, an experience which words cannot express, and a feeling of satisfaction...

We have brought back the winning entries from the painting competition and the plan is to sell them with support from Online friends, and people we can reach via other mediums too... In one of my next posts I am going to post the paintings and if you are interested in buying one of them please do write to me @ prashantbhardwaj@gmail.com. I am currently in the process of finding out a place where I can get them framed for a decent price.

More about Sankalp:

Sankalp is an initiative of ASK (ASKINDIA.ORG) which aims at providing educating to the children who are involved in Child Labour in Moradabad... An initiative that is not 500+ children strong and going strong with its committed workforce... The teachers for the schools also come from the local community itself, and hence help the educated local women as well.

You can read more about Sankalp, ASK and my previous visit by clicking the following links:


Sankalp on ASK Website (The page also has a few photo essays that I did the last time I visited Sankalp)

My earlier visit to Sankalp (http://rightmore.blogspot.com/2007/02/ask-me-how.html)

Pictures from Sankalp and Moradabad (http://flickr.com/photos/prashantbhardwaj_ut/sets/72157594564953401/)

My last picture of the day :) All smiles... all happiness :) All Funn !!! Loved it !!!