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The sexy girl in shorts fell pretty short of a 2nd round win against the 154 seed 20 year old Russian Alla Kudryavtseva.

I did not watch the entire match but the second set and there was no doubt that Maria was not really playing half as good as Alla... While trying to save the match on her own serve, the girl does a double fault... nahiiiiiiiiiin !!!

Personally I think she was looking too beautiful with those earings to crash out of my favorite tennis tournament like this... Let me not talk about how hott she is and feel worse about not being able to see her in the rest of the tournament !

However, noone even comes close to Gabriela Sabatini in my heart :) Call it a teenage crush or whatever :)

And I don't think anyone can ever play as good as Steffi Graf... serious !!!! *bows to the best*

Images : Wimbledon Official Site and Internet


  1. Ahhhhh
    yesterday only I was thinking noone likes sharapova as I havent seen any post on her and wimbeldon is there...and there u came:-)))

    even martina hingis is quite good one... yup steffi is just the best:-))

  2. Ok, I think am supposed to write about my favorite of their male counterparts and for me Federer wins hands down.. :)

  3. Steffi is my fav too...one of my childhood fantasy was to be like Steffi..i love her tennis

  4. nothing can ever come close to stef, i used to love her more than i did tendulkar

  5. # Chakoli...

    here coincidence or coincidence :)

    nothing comes close to steffi :) Marina Hingis was a good player too :)

    # Sam....
    Please do :)

    I personlly feel that Pete Sampras and Andra Agassi were the best of the lot , but Federer is good too... without a doubt... hope it wins soon on clay too :)

    I miss Micheal Chang :)

    # ~Me...
    i guess most of us like her!!!

    I love her tennis too..

    # Burf...
    sahi bola tu bhai sahi bola...

  6. Man, got reminded of those years of following Wimbledon at the cost of HW, Assignment, School, College !!!

  7. So you like them for how they look or how they play or both?

  8. # Tanu...

    # Solitaire...
    Gabriela for how she looks...

    Steffi for the sheer play !!! no doubts about how beautiful she is though..

    These days, you cannot ignore how pretty these girls are, but they play bloody well too...

  9. Oh, you reminded me of the pre cable TV times of Ivan Lendl, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, and Gabriela Sabatini.

  10. Does no one like Martina hingis? :|

  11. # Subbu...

    Ivan Lendl used to curse so much on the court :D

    good 'ol days :D

    # Canary...
    I am sure a lot of people do... I am not one of the them though :)

  12. yaar aapne to mere fav sport per post likh daali...

    gabriela was stunning ...and steffi was/is my fav. monica seles was a good competition to her but her bad luck.

    goran ivansevic was one cute dude :P.

    nice post :D. khush kar ditta!!!