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Things People Do...

I met a friend today and she showed me a 29 page greeting card that she had made for her husband on his 29th birthday... Every page different, with a different message, made differently, new colors, new message... Awesome stuff !!! God bless them both :)

A total of 10 days of effort!!! And every second worth it!!!

I told her if someone would do something like that for me, I would not even know how to react!!! Do i smile or say thank you! Or what do I do? And she just laughed!!!

I am still thinking about what the hell would I do if someone does this for me... I guess I would just go silent and would be dumbstruck!!!

Maybe I just don't know!!!


And here is something more that someone must have done to make someone happy!!!!

Customise a HONDA CRV to PINK Color!!! I don’t think this is a HONDA Original color !!! NO WAY

Pink, by Aerosmith is one of my favourite songs EVER!!!

Pink it´s my new obsession
Pink it´s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause
Pink is the love you discover
Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink ´cause you are so very
Pink it´s the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion
Pink it was love at first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what we do tonight
You could be my flamingo
´Coz pink is the new kinda lingo
Pink like a deco umbrella
It´s kink - but you don´t ever tell her

But here someone has taken it literally I guess!!!


Enjoy the pictures...


  1. The card sounds awesome. The car looks horrendous!

  2. Whoaaaaa soooo wish someone gives me a pink car...
    I have almost everything in pink :D
    And many a times my status msg is Pink...
    ufff got carried away...yeah enjoying the trip so far...and the card...SOME effort..nah a LOT of it actually...sahi hai!!!
    I would most certainly go silent for a LONGGGGG while before gathering senses to react if someone does something like that for me...

  3. Maybe you will just not stop smiling !

  4. Umm..done that for somebody, though not a 29 page thing but close.. :)And have you heard Yellow by Coldplay?? That happens to be my all time favorite.. :D

  5. # Anony...

    # Reeta..
    really !!!

    you want a pink SUV? ugh !!!

    hope someone does that for you someday :) both the car and the card !!

    # Anony...
    may be...

    # Sam...
    :) good good... cheers to that !!!

    I don't really remember, but I can download and listen to it today... let me :)

  6. Wow so morantic...(That means romantic:-))

    even one of my frd ..... on V day gifted his gf a card with 365 pages and she was supposed to read it every day just one page, but size was not very big.... just as a small note book type:-))

    but was a cute gesture:-)

  7. the car lookss........... but well it si smeones lov ...so no comments :D

    but the card idea is awesome... awesome!

    hope u r doing good :)

  8. # Chakoli...
    heheh... achcha kiya you mentioned it, otherwise I would not have guessed :P

    365 pages? he made it himself? nuts i tell you people are :) but nuts for good :)

    how about the SUV? no comments?

    # Veens...
    welcome back to chai ki dukaan... you were missed here :)

    The car... ugh.... i am sure someone loves it else why would they spend like 14 lacks on it :)

    The card idea was great... it was a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong set of pages pasted one after the other... a few meters long i am sure :)

    I am good, how about you?

  9. Yukkk @ Car

    The Car(d) seems a good idea...Not my cuppa tea...But I will like to receive one..Its all about little things. Was asking my Mom about the sweetest things my Dad did for her...and she has a loooooooong loooooooong list with very small daily instances...I am sure my Dad would not remember a single one. :)

    @ Song.........I lov it man...I downloaded it again and playing it right now.

  10. My other Aerosmith fav is "jannie's got the gun" Awesome Lyrics/Music...

  11. I think thats pretty romantic.. LOL... Well she thinks about him a lot then..
    And the pink car is cool..

    I had an venezuelan friend Indira who actually painted her bike pink and called it Lollipop..


    I dont have an online link to her pink bike.. It is somewhere in the archives.. will post it once I get it.

    It looked really cute.. :)

    Personally when it comes to cars.. I always go for silver.. :)

  12. # Nitin...
    yukk it is...

    Hope you get one soon :)

    The song is great without doubt... one video that I love to love as well..

    Janie's Got a gun has one of the finest starts in angrezi songs...

    # Pallavi...
    Yes she sure does !!!

    Pink Car? Its supposed to an SUV ! but then to each its own :)

    Bikes are still fine I guess, but a Pink SUV was too much to handle for me personally...

  13. Pink Honda CRV....ha ha ha hahaaa...the world is really full of amazing people...!!

  14. the card idea is awesome.. so touching... but the CRV... taking things a bit too far... man, it pains my eye to look at it, let it be a monument of love or whatever... who can someone murder a car like that? :(

  15. # Fighter Jet...
    it sure is :)

    # Anoop...
    you bet bro.. the card was lovely too... one loooooooooooooong sheet of paper it was rolled up ...

    There is someone who did this to a CRV... i must say that paint job was really good though :)

  16. 29 pages in 10 days! That's amazing!
    I need to make something for hubby's b'day next month, but darn, he's getting old, will have to make toooo many pages ;) I had done an embroidered card once, its framed and put up in his room now.

    And that poor, poor CR-V. I bet its embarrassed to be out on the road looking like that!

  17. # Kashmira...
    oh thats some task I tell you, thinking about what goes in those 20 pages is a project in itself...


    hope you can make something really nice :) all the best hai aapko...

    CRV... oh... you bet !!!

  18. SUV...what is that??

    yup nuts... but these nuts are remembered :-)))

    ya he wrote it himself.....

  19. # Chakoli...

    Arre SUV bulo to Sports Utility Vehicle... the Honda CRV, Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Safari, Ford Endeavor, Pajero etc come in this catagory...

    oh boy 365 pages he wrote himself... oh phew !!!

  20. ohhhh Thanks for telling me:-))

    i dont like cars that much... for me...even maruti 800 or ambassdor is fine...

    i m more inclined to bikes:-))

  21. No worries...

    glad you know more now :)

    Amby is one of my favorite vehicles though Hindustan Motors has really fkked up the looks now :)

    very nice info about bikes... hope you are regular with xbhp then :) it is a delhi based biker group !

  22. CRV comes in that pink color.

    If someone made me that big card, main boloonga, abbbey, itna faaltu time kahan se mila...

  23. # Ankur...

    wow Honda has done some thinking there....

    i guess to each its own, I can never ask someone who does that kind of a card for me, about the time !!!