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चाय की दुकान पर मीठे की बहार

I might be a sucker for a few things but some I do well... and one of those is

1. Making Custard and Jelly... Primitive for the chefs and cooks all around, but more like a Bharat Ratna for someone like me :) so dinner, and lunch tomorrow would have some custard and Jelly for Dessert... Care to Share?

2. and the second one is my favorite Cold pasta salad... I have pasta sauce for it today and I have the same veggies again :) but no fotos :) Looked around for pineapple, but did not find it anywhere :( I am sure I did not look enough !!! Lazy ass !!

Oh and the pasta is different today as well... Not using Penne but Spirali...

Off to the kitchen now :) a whole lot of work to do !!


  1. :)
    do well
    i want but...:)
    do let us know how it all came out

  2. wow. how abt sharing the recipe for cold pasta salad?

  3. try putting some wine in that jello...instead of water, or ginger ale (the jello will sparkle!)
    I have a jello recipe book, can u believe that!?

    pasta sauce kaunsa laaya?

  4. LOL
    This ees a funny post...can't stop laughing...
    title acha hai...
    matlab ready made pasta sauce daal ra hai...too much hai :P good for you in anycase ;)
    guten appetit!

  5. wow...

    custrad and jelly... are fav... u shud have posted photos as well...:-))

  6. # Anony....
    will do...

    The Pasta was great as usual... Dessert did not eat... Today I will..

    # Sunshine...

    Oh simple...

    Open the packets...
    Eat :)

    # Kashmira...
    Wine, not allowed in my house :) Ginger Ale ! next time pakka pakka...

    Oh boy :)

    Pasta Sauce kaunsa matlab? There is one which has all the tomato, chilly, etc etc ...

    # Reeta...
    ya right :)

    Ready Made hi dalunga ! what else do you expect bhai !!!

    Thanks :)

    # Chakoli...

    Had not made anything... will post today :)

  7. Even I made fusilli pasta (very similar to spirali) for breakfast on Sunday :-)

    There are several pasta sauces around. The pasta sauce you used sounds like Raagu.

  8. # Subbu...
    bhai the bottle says Italian Pasta Sauce... nothing else... Its by Karen Anand... and has Tomato, water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Corn Flour, Veg Oil, Spices, Basil, etc...
    Does not give me any names though !!!

  9. Some red sauce..!! fine
    it came out super right thats what matters :)

    Now chai ki dukhan can serve pasta as well !!

  10. ok, then thats the marinara sauce.
    aur alfredo (white) hota hai, and pesto (green) hota hai.

  11. Phew... too much information :) hehehe...

  12. LOL....

    thats was just "mungeri lal ke haseen sapne"...;-))

  13. # Chakoli...
    Mungeri Lal took some pictures too :) this morning... will post them soonest :)

  14. You Bet !! there can not be simpler recipe than this :P

    Waiting for the photos.

  15. # Sunshine...

    i like this display name... pretty happy happy it is..

    and I will just embarrass myself ( not that I have not done this nicely before) by sharing what I did :) but I will give it a pass this time :)

    Photos in the next post for sure :)

  16. What's in a name, anyway? It tasted good, right? That's what matters!

  17. Bhai, it looked good.. and tasted freaking awesome !!!

    Secret Tip : Maggi Sauces :P

  18. hhehehehheheh..
    of sapne...or some real things;-))

  19. Sapno ki bhi foto leta hoon, par sapna ke computer mein hi rakhta hoon :)

  20. thanks :) it repesents the 'ME' :P

    Your post without picture sounds incomplete. BTW I am in total awe of the pics u take !! they are amazing ones !!

  21. am game for a helping of custard adn jelly now... and whn I think abt it, pasta salad too :-D

  22. # Sunshine...
    nice :)

    The posts here would be without pictures more often than not actually :)

    Except the travel related ones for sure !!!

    # Anoop...
    come home... there is a lot but I still can manage to finish it all myself :P

    Pasta Salad over bro :)

  23. aha ...Got it now !! This place is non photographic side of you I guess :)

  24. It is strange how my first comment on your blog is on cold pasta salad. Or is it :)? And did I hear you say ' No pineapple' ? Did I ? Pardon me saying this, but: 'What a loser!' :)

  25. # Lavanya...
    yea.. what a looser !!!

    I wish Pineapple was there... I missed it :(