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Gems from Hindi Cinema!

Whenever I think of movies, there are a few characters I just cannot miss thinking about... Some of my favorites from the world of Hindi Cinema...

Prem Pratap Patiyaale Wala from Wo Saat Din

Ram Prasad Dashrath Prasad Sharma from Golmal

Soorma Bhopali from Sholey

Miss Chamko from Chashmebaddor

Jai from Sholey

Angrezon ke Zamane ka Jailer from Sholey

Sukumar from Chupke Chupke

Babu Rao from Hera Pheri

Subhodh and Sameer from Dil Chahta Hai

Daljit or DJ from Rang De Basanti

Ashok from Angoor

Som Mangal Budh Guru from Satte Pe Satta

Ashok, Vinod, Tarneja, Ahuja from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

Crime master Gogo, and Amar Prem from Andaz Apna Apna

I am sure that is not all... if you remember any other scenes, please do share the links and I would put them up here!


A french festival and the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee

A couple of weekends ago, Milwaukee celebrated two events.... One called Bastille Days, which is a french festival and the second called The Great Circus Parade.. This post is about my visits to these events over a period of three days... Enjoy the photographs!

Bastille Days is a 4 day festival which was held at the Cathedral Square in Easttown Area of Downtown Milwaukee... This was essentially a festival focusing on three things, Good food, Good music, and take a guess, well! good Wine!

I am not a wine fan, but I did enjoy some brilliant performances, and some Egyptian and Greek food during the festival...

Over to visuals now...

This is the north stage...

Street artists at the Bastille Days...

Some images from the South Stage in the festival...

So this was all about Friday... The next morning I decided to walk over to the Lakefront where the Great Circus Parade was camping... Walked around the place looking at various wagons, watching people enjoying with family, this was a place to come to with kids... They really enjoying watching the horses, elephants, Jokers, Camels etc etc

This guy's mom had an inter-cast marriage with a Dalmatian...

India? Someone is still living in the British Raj when it comes to India...

After spending a few hours at the Circus Parade grounds I headed back home...

And decided to go to Bastille Days again in the evening ! Just the right time to enjoy some amazing live music....

What I really like about US is that people enjoy and dance irrespective of their age... Mostly people in their 40s and 50s were dancing around the south stage this time around... Teenagers and Youth apparently were not interested in this festival, as I did not see many !

Some rope acrobats as well in the festival....

I have developed a strong liking for country music here, and I was happy to hear it live too... The base guitarist was amazing!!!

And the next morning which was Sunday, I went to see the parade... People had reserved/blocked spaces on the street sides for days in advance, some kept their chairs, some had marked the spots with duct-tape, some had even pitched their tents and were staying there for a few days... The number of people I see in Milwaukee every weekend is probably equal to the number I see in 4-5 winter months together!

Ok, back to the Parade, enjoy!

Like I said, these were family events :) Even the horses were not behind... Baby horses were a part of the parade with Mommy Horses...

Hope you enjoyed the parade and the festival... Will have more from other events from Milwaukee... Stay tuned!!!

I have purposefully not written the details about the festival or the parade assuming that if you are interested, you would google and read about it!


Of good tires and driving...

A good camera body is your car

A good camera or its sensor is your engine under the hood

A good lens are the 4 wheels you drive on

Change any of these, and you do not improve as a driver

but change any of these, and your drive has a potential to improve

if you are a bad driver, does not matter you drive a Maruti 800 or a Mercedes SLK, you are going to fkk them up equally bad! SLK might just last a li'il longer though!

Enjoy some views from my test drive today!


In the mind and out of it!

I want to create a wish list... of things I do not know exist or not, and I don't know will ever...

One of them is a

mind printer!!!

This is going to be a device that would help me a lot...How? Read on!

1. I handle multiple projects together right now and a mind printer would help me print whatever I am thinking at the time when I am thinking... if it works from a distance, then I can print things while I am in the shuttle or walking or driving or doing whatever! So none of my brilliant solutions and ideas and strategies would go unregistered...I can then reflect on them and come up with some better ways to work and solutionize stuff!

2. It would print reminders for me... I remember a birthday 7 days before it, and forget the day it finally comes... I need that reminder

3. It would help me do my quarterly analysis better... I can visualize graphs and charts and bullet points in my mind and lose them in the process of every day dhanda-paani... a mind printer would keep them safe

4. I would be able to compose music and paint and sketch better... I can paint in my mind, but get limited by my knowledge of brush and paints... a colored mind printer would eliminate the need of a brush and paint! I might just become a better cook too :) I would be able to write better... I think about play scripts a lot... this way I would have a place to keep them! and the songs and poems that I think about and forget! and maybe I can be a choreographer too!!! because I am thinking about how would I dance to some songs when I listen to them!

5. It would ease out my brain a bit... (brainbit : Subbu's blog; see connected thoughts... I really need a printer :P) because now I would be spending less time in thinking what was I thinking when I was thinking about something that I thought I was thinking about!

And I would be able to blog more often :P just transfer prints from the mind printer to word or a notepad and put them to chai ki dukaan!I just hope someone else does not get a control of this mind printer because then they would know whets happening in my mind by printing it! But I can confuse them by thinking more !! :P


And I have taken a big leap in my camera equipment today! The lens, I have been eyeing for a while, was delivered today! It took away almost all of my leftover savings, but I am glad I got it... Enjoy the first few straight from the camera (except the watermark) pictures from it below...

Color, Sharpness, Bokeh, Contrast... everything looks tasty with this new lens.Its not expected to improve my photography, but would improve my photographs for sure... in case you are interested, this is the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L USM lens.