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In the mind and out of it!

I want to create a wish list... of things I do not know exist or not, and I don't know will ever...

One of them is a

mind printer!!!

This is going to be a device that would help me a lot...How? Read on!

1. I handle multiple projects together right now and a mind printer would help me print whatever I am thinking at the time when I am thinking... if it works from a distance, then I can print things while I am in the shuttle or walking or driving or doing whatever! So none of my brilliant solutions and ideas and strategies would go unregistered...I can then reflect on them and come up with some better ways to work and solutionize stuff!

2. It would print reminders for me... I remember a birthday 7 days before it, and forget the day it finally comes... I need that reminder

3. It would help me do my quarterly analysis better... I can visualize graphs and charts and bullet points in my mind and lose them in the process of every day dhanda-paani... a mind printer would keep them safe

4. I would be able to compose music and paint and sketch better... I can paint in my mind, but get limited by my knowledge of brush and paints... a colored mind printer would eliminate the need of a brush and paint! I might just become a better cook too :) I would be able to write better... I think about play scripts a lot... this way I would have a place to keep them! and the songs and poems that I think about and forget! and maybe I can be a choreographer too!!! because I am thinking about how would I dance to some songs when I listen to them!

5. It would ease out my brain a bit... (brainbit : Subbu's blog; see connected thoughts... I really need a printer :P) because now I would be spending less time in thinking what was I thinking when I was thinking about something that I thought I was thinking about!

And I would be able to blog more often :P just transfer prints from the mind printer to word or a notepad and put them to chai ki dukaan!I just hope someone else does not get a control of this mind printer because then they would know whets happening in my mind by printing it! But I can confuse them by thinking more !! :P


And I have taken a big leap in my camera equipment today! The lens, I have been eyeing for a while, was delivered today! It took away almost all of my leftover savings, but I am glad I got it... Enjoy the first few straight from the camera (except the watermark) pictures from it below...

Color, Sharpness, Bokeh, Contrast... everything looks tasty with this new lens.Its not expected to improve my photography, but would improve my photographs for sure... in case you are interested, this is the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L USM lens.


  1. awesome..awesome...clarity sharpness....color...truly....it is well worth it!! congrats :

    and when you find the mind printer..or creat it...pleeeeease let me know.... :)

    enjoy your new lense...looking forward to some super stuff...

  2. the tiny ganesh ji is looking so beautiful...and the yeloo car on ash!! nice !! :)...so you do paint with light and the brush is your lens :)

    birthdays to yaad rakhna is a good idea.... :)i enter them into my cell...and get a yearly reminder.. :)...ut i know you can't do that either, phone he change ho jata hai....there are birthday reminder websites...try :P

  3. The Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens? WOWWW! Mubarak ho!!! :))

    I'm still reading and learning so can't say much but the results look awesome!

    Mind printer, kya sahi idea hai? Kahin miley to batana :D

    There was a time when I used to be a birthday diary for my family and friends. abb toh phone reminders, birthdayalarm.com and FB pe depend karna padta hai par most cases main padh ke bhool jaati hoon :-\

    And YOU deserve the lense :-) Happy for you. God bless and happy clicking!!!

  4. Kickass!! I love the picture quality!

  5. damn u stole my idea.. I should have copyrighted it before :P

    Mind printer... mind scanner- are all I need. They will really make life easier for my tiny brain.

    Lens.. hmm... suna hai about it. Results.. I dont know. I am quite illiterate. I can tell if a pic looks good based on composition and symmetry, but not by lens ... but the red in that four car thingy is very poster quality.. if thats what you have spent $1200 for :P

    Waise, I have a fund, for my MBA, that I am opening, donate kar sakte hain aap usmein. I will keep the fat wallet people in mind ;)

  6. seems u are looking for a modernized version of penceive (used by Dumbledore to store his memories)

  7. Lol, the mind printer sounds like a brilliant idea and I too wish I could use it, if nothing then for the painting bit!! :)
    and the pictures are fabulous, you've comosed them so well that it feels like each has a story to reveal of its own.. :D

  8. @ Joy...
    yea so far it looks really good... need to test it outside!

    I will let you know for sure :P :)

    @ J
    you are right... but i was talking about the real paint :P the water color one :)

    yea technology dependence nahin chahiye na birthdays ke liye !! isliye mind printer :)

    @ Swati
    yea ! thanks... its a brilliant lens!


    @ Richa...
    its worth seeing it large! its tasty!

    @ Shivi
    hehe... I am sorry! never knew you had something like this in mind too :)

    Lens might not make a picture look great or good till the time you print it mostly... and caliberate your monitor correctly!

    Lets not talk about fat wallets... it takes months and at times years to save money for what I want... and only I know how!

    @ Aseem
    memories nahin rakhni bhai... memories to yaad rehti hain... ideas rakhne hain :)

    @ Sam
    I guess we all can use something like that :)
    there should be more pictures soon!

  9. Wow... ultimate lens. Perfect compliment for the 70-200 2.8f L you've already got. Congrats. I would love to click a few shots with it some day.

    Mind printer... well... if it reminds your brain to visit brainbit, I don't mind :)
    But yeah, some of the things that we think are better forgotten than remembered with / without the aid of a mind printer. I think the mind printer will create more clutter than reduce it.

    Seriously need these bakwaas idea discussion sessions soon :P

  10. @ Subbu
    haan bhai! that was the intention... not to overlap focal lengths and replace the Sigma 24-70f2.8 that I had earlier....The other option was the 24-105L, but I did want to give up on the larger aperture... realized that I click a lot at f/2.8... the pictures on this post are all f2.8 at 70mm and ISO 400...All yours when we meet!

    hehee... :)

    Bhai when a printer is connected to your computer, it does not print everything that you are working on. Or does it?

    You need to fire a print command :)

    hehe.. you bet the idea discussions are a MUST.... ek blog shuru kar dete hain of such ideas!

  11. I am sure I left a comment last night, but its quite possible that my mind-PC interface didn't work!:D

    The reclining Ganesh ji are looking so cute! And the picture of the bottle neck is super!

    Happy clicking with the new lens! :)

    Could we please have dibs on your Mind Printer as well? Aap hum sab ke different account khol dena us par! :D

  12. Haha..cool..waiting for such an invention..soonest!!
    how about a memory stick(unlimited storage capacity) kinda of a thing,which can be attached to the brain,it would record everything we think..

    Well pics are amazing as always..I liked that bottle neck waali picture the most..nice perspective in there..

  13. You bet.. I always wanted a thought recorder like a voice recorder..

    Like in HP, the quill just write as Reeta Skeeter talks :)

    am pretty sure we will have something like that in future :)

    I don't want a printer as I think lot of bakwaas at time and printing all that will be waste of paper .i have to be environmentally conscious you see :)

  14. @ Jas...
    you wrote to me on the email :)

    I like the bottle neck too :)

    and thank you ! yea I could start remote shared services on my mind printer I guess... :P

    @ Vaishali
    :) ehhee...

    arre sochna hi hai to wireless socho bhai! USB mein kya rakha hai? :P


    @ Tanu
    i hope you get it :) arre haan wo mast hai na tareeka HP wala!

    abe aadu hai tu... sab kuch print karne ko kaun keh raha hai.. bekaar ka kachra jama ho jayega... Ctrl P socho sirf when you want a print... otherwise sirf Ctrl S se kaam chalao :)

  15. i believe 1,2 & 3 could be done in some way with your HTC

  16. i was just thinking, to implement that idea in future... sab logon ki kalayiyon per do nerves body ke bahar latki types hongi jo directly printer ko connect kar sakte ho and print your ideas. like sockets you know !!!

    bande atleast bandiyon ke ideas to read kar payenge...

    congrats.. output sexy hain.. saw the flowers in your recent post, amazing..loving it.

  17. @ Burf
    bhai ek factor hai ! aalas :)

    @ Geet
    arre wireless socho bhai !!! :P

    yea, the output is real good from this lens!