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abba dabba jhabba !!!

I am out of here for a few days !

I might see some mountains (really want to), and some beaches, and enjoy some nightlife in a city downsouth !!!

Will see you guys on the other side of the weekend !!!

Will see you with some new pictures and some new stories to tell !!!

चाय की चुस्कियों के साथ मिलेंगे एक बार फिर !

हम लोग !!!

और हाँ, ये टाइटल वाले शब्द कौनसी पिक्चर के हैं, वो भी ज़रा बताओ!


  1. "Judaai" - love this movie....have seen it several times over...sridevi ...kader khan and paresh rawal were so funnnny. "?" :)))

    ufff...kya appropriate title dhoondha hai..totally admire the creativity of your mind!!..kaise kasie chalta hai :P

  2. Hehe..haan Judaai..even i could guess this one!!

    oh BTW have a great trip,so Prashant is back to his original self,off on trips every weekend..Iam so glad you are enjoying there..Have a wonderful wonderful trip..
    Will wait for the detailed post and the pics..Bon Voyage!!

  3. I think the movie is 'Judaai'.

    Didn't like the movie much except ""abba dabba jhabba" part.

    Have a good trip :)

  4. I think I am total "dabba" where movie knowledge is concerned!!!

    Have fun wherever you are and bring us back the pictures!

  5. haha
    mast title chuna hai bhai!!
    njoy ur trip
    get loads of photos fr us