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what a weekend !!!

Lets look at the brighter side...

1. I got a bonus day with Ma Papa
2. The sudden low that I was feeling yesterday was much less today... it was relatively easier seeing them off
3. I know for sure that most things that one asks for, would happen... I wanted to go for a long drive yesterday and it happened...
4. I finished one of the nicer books I know, in about 3 hours... for a 200 page thick book that is not a bad deal at all! (Read the paragraph below.... loved it)

5. I went to a new Indian Restaurant
6. My second opportunity to drive a new Ford Fusion. Don't confuse it with the Ford fusion in India. This one is a 2.5L 16V I4 175BHP engine... driving at speeds over 80mph is such a breeze!

and now time for the not so brighter side...

- The flight mom dad were to board to Delhi was overbooked and they had to stand at the gate for well over 2.5 hours before the staff gave them some vouchers for the night for a stay at the hotel and food. Though things worked out fine at the end, however this was an absolutely ridiculously handled episode.

- I was about to reach home, a distance of 80+ miles from the airport when mom called me and told me what happened, and I took a U turn to reach the airport again... They felt much better after I was there...

- I was stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway for over 90 minutes on my way back home today! uff !!! This long a jam on the freeway in the US, unbelievable... and what is more surprising is that this was because of two cars involved in an accident which was ridiculously irrelevent.

- It's very difficult to stop crying when you are in a empty house, and there is no one to even attempt to make you stop crying. (And no wise comments on this point please... I am feeling much better right now)

- Silence is not going to be easy to manage with for the next few days


  1. Coming back to an empty apartment...worst feeling ever, nothing can come close...Feel better.

    I hope the rest of the journey for them is comfortable and hassle free...(I have no clue as to why the airlines overbook!).

    That paragraph is amazing, make one want to read the rest of the book.

    Love the shot of the wheel!

  2. they left already?? that was a short trip.Don't people stay atleast for 4 months till the ticket is valid or something like that.

    Yeah empty house has its own sadness. We always need people around us to make us feel loved and wanted and also to be productive. I guess now you will writing on your blog more often:))

  3. I hope they had a good time!! :) And it sure sucks to come back to an empty place.. :(
    Btw, what's the book you've been reading, I desperately need a good read.. And like always, your pictures speak volumes!! :D

  4. @ Jas
    In the last 8 months, I got used to it... and had some friends over every now and then to help !!!

    tonight it feels empty... silent... strange !!

    Airlines overbook because of a number of reasons... I figured a few things though will write about them later...

    This book is fantastically written, and the second part ( well not really but the book about Mark's second visit to India, "The Queen of Elephants" is equally good)

    I am very fond of wheels... good looking rims, nicely treaded wheels, smart head and tail lights are bound to catch my attention in a car

    @ Vinita
    yea, they had a short trip... last as long as their summer vacations only... They can stay for a maximum of 6 months on every trip...

    I have a few things in mind I want to concentrate on... let's see how that moves

    @ Sam
    We had a rocking time... this evening it felt really bad... I usually am in control of my emotions and was till the time I did not reach home... and then just could not hold on...

    I started and finished that book in 3 hours today... its called "Travels on my elephant". Its abount Mark Shands who comes to India from London, buys an elephant, names her Tara and travel with her for about 800 miles from Konark, Orissa to Sonepur Hathi Mela. Its more like a very detailed travelogue... Strange how it told me more about India than I knew !!! loved it...

    thanks for the nice words about the pictures :) there are more coming !!!

  5. Hope rest of the journey is comfortable for aunty uncle. Delhi is very, very hot.

    Coming back to an empty house.Hmm...I know that feeling, my buddy. I howl like a kid when my folks go back :(. I remember, once my parents extended their stay because I started crying when it was time for them to leave and the tears just did not stop :(...(I'm such a baby sometimes)

    I'm glad to know you are already feeling better. :)

    Take care

  6. Hmmm..wonder if you had posted that..Iam sure Uncle aunty follow your blog,they would be equally sad,this would make it even worse..but short trip sure it was!! chalo ji u come home jaldi jaldi,so you can all meet up and have fun..

  7. umm.. May god uncle help you in getting settled once again :)

    Hope uncle aunty had a nice flight back home. photographs were so good as usual...

    the last time I tried to pick a book from what you ahve read was "Mr God, This is Anna".

    Now this is the second... i will definitely give it a read

  8. Hmm... Mark Shands... why do I have a feeling that there was some ulterior motive in putting the book quote and the book info pic in this post?

    What a ridiculous thing to say that the flight was overbooked!

  9. @ Geet
    thanks dear !!!

    @ Swati
    I hope so too... i am mostly ok with coming back to an empty house. I get used to it... will feel the change for a few days !

    @ Vaishali
    I think they follow it, however mostly photographs!

    thanks !

    @ Aseem
    thanks bro ! They are still in flight...

    Mr God this is Ana is a good book too... do try to read Mark Shands

    @ Subbu
    bhai this is one author that will remind me of you and Aro, and the classic misunderstanding case we had!

    There was no hidden motive behind mentioning the book, just that I had to return it for a while now and yesterday I decided to finish it end to end before I come back home... It was not really an attempt to avoid coming back though!

    I think his flight thing is a usual event, overbooking weekend flights so that they can move passengers to the otherwise empty weekday flights...

  10. o they are just going back home, you can get them again later..dont cry

  11. hawww.. ! sad !

    My parents got their visa yesterday and it is funny how I am negotiating the length of their trip with them. My dad wants to go back in 2 months and I am giving him a hard time on , "Sure you can leave whenever you want but my Mum is staying with me..."

    A very timely post.. since I need to prep for their departure even before they come..

    I want more NY pictures please :D !!

  12. hugs.. dear.. but the you turn for ONE more extra day was total WORTH it am sure ...

    Am glad you cried..mere ko toh ronee ke baad bahut achaa lagta hai :)

    if not the happiest BUT better for sure :)

    and take it easy...

  13. yeah..the last days before parting are always tough..and the day after even more..so true...

  14. wow@ one extra day :-) only the good side is worth hanging on to..

    am on a ridiculously silly connection so all pics hvnt loaded abhi tak :|

    last one is fab


  15. tu vapas toh aa - will buy u an elephant. u wont mind one with som lipstick on - wud ya? :D

    a cartfull of hugs for Murari,


  16. biggg hugggs!

    ghar aa gaye uncle-aunty?

    and lo, next weekend is almost here, so what r ur plans for this one? :)