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Men's Do's and Don'ts

This is about what to do and what not to do, when you are out shopping with your guy/gal!!!

Women, don't mind it please! My intention is not to offend :) but to just put a few things that I have noticed, together !

Men, learn ! and if not in a mood, enjoy pictures of some gorgeous women!

1. Don't expect to be consulted. Most women know what they want, and are not looking for consultation on how and what they "should" wear or when they should wear it

2. Don't be in a hurry. Your other option is, be in a hurry and screw up whatever time you managed to save because you now made the girl go away from something she loves to do

3. Don't look at other women trying to find clothes for themselves. Are you an idiot? You are here with someone, you have to look at what she is trying to buy irrespective of how many times she looks at the same rack

4. Don't hold her accountable for something she said 10 minutes ago while she is shopping. Opinions and views change, and when she is shopping, they change pretty quick ! You cannot hold her for some statement she made about some random dress or shirt or skirt 10 minutes ago. It might be "the" dress or shirt or skirt she wants to buy now, oh wait ! or maybe not! Anyway, you cannot hold her accountable for that sentence she said

5. Don't act as if you are the fashion guru. Keep your 2 cents for the time you are to pay the bill, and not for the time when she is shopping

6. Don't go away from the dressing room, when you were expected to stand there and wait up. What were you thinking when you walked away to see that shirt? Idiot! Who is she trying to look good for? YOU !! go back stand there and let the other women stare at you while you are standing in front of the dressing room, which happens to be next to the lingerie section for some reason that no one can tell

7. Don't change your answers when asked a question. If she asks you how is the dress, think before you speak. If it was picked up after some search and looked at for a second before she asked you the question, say it’s a nice dress. But if she asked the question immediately after she saw it, tell you have to see her in the dress before you can tell. In either situation, what you said does not matter. She will decide what she likes !

and when asked again about the same question, maintain your stand!

8. Don't suggest a store "instead" of the one you are in. Oh you already did? Idiot ! now you have to spend time here and an equal time there ! what were you thinking?

9. Don't trying to think too hard about what she is trying to do, or understand what she is up to. It’s impossible for men to understand the pace and number of thoughts that a woman's mind processes in those few minutes when she looks at a dress, or when she tries one, or when she is turning around in circles figuring out how she will look....

she thinks almost everything from how would she look with the dress, with the dress with those silver earrings, with the dress with those silver earrings and the diamond pendent, with the dress with that diamond pendent and without this shiny lace on the dress, with the dress and those black sandals, oh wait, she needs new sandals, ok back! with the dress and those black ! neah! those silver sandals! with the dress and those... wait! with those black sandals and the other dress that she saw on the rack! wait! let me get that too! no wait ! there was that white dress as well... white dress and diamond pendent !!!

the bottom line is, don't even try figuring out !!!

10. Don't forget to compliment her. THAT is the icing on the cake! So far you have been telling her that the dress/shirt/skirt etc etc was nice. Now is the time to tell her that she looks great in what she has bought. You stood by when she was going through some of the most critical times of her life (read deciding on what to buy) and now you should let her know that she has taken the right decisions

Some to-dos now during your shopping experience

1. Wear comfortable walking shoes. It can get painful if you are standing for long hours without walking around much

2. Carry a couple of cards and some extra cash. You don't want to leave the stuff someone spent hours in selecting, behind.

3. When helping her out with clothes, pick up a size smaller than what you think she fits in. Mostly what you think is wrong, and she will fit into one size small only!

4. Park somewhere closer to the exit. That way you will walk less when you are done shopping, or when the store closes

5. Enjoy the shopping experience. You are bound to be shopping for yourself the next weekend, once she is happy with what she has bought !

oh, I almost forgot... point number 11 of the not-to-dos

Don't get onto to cell phone conversations in the store... you are making a big mistake if you are talking on the phone when she is almost about to come out of the dressing room wearing that new shirt!


  1. hahaha....really funny !!!

    and a lot of it so true :P..we do zone out when shopping.....

    but you have the main thing right...don't try n figure...pay the bill...pay compliments and you will have one happy girl in your arms!!

    nice summer scenery captured too :P

    after a long time a post with such a flavor from CKD!!.fun..fun :))

  2. hahahaha...This was a long but very interesting and funny post.
    Really enjoyed reading it. I've often heard (and overheard men) complaining about this and how much they dread going for shopping with a woman. I'm sure it is difficult because every

    Well! I'm somewhat a shopoholic but I am a lone shopper. I ususally shop alone for myself - no male no female. I really don't know remember going for shopping for myself with a man except on one or two occasions. Surprisingly, most of my guy friends and colleagues ask me come along with them when they want to shop for themseleves. They think, I'm a smart shopper ;)(ahem!ahem)
    But shopping for men with them, is for sure quicker and somewhat fun. Atleast, they know what they want and don't sulk if the store runs out a particular trouser or shirt in their size.

    :) and I'm gonna share this post with a few men. It will do them some good :D

  3. And the pictures are really nice. :)

  4. and the incomplete sentence was supposed end after 'difficult'. So pls ignore the two words 'because every'. My sleepy eyes overlooked that :D

  5. :D great post... i agree bade dinon baad different post hai.

    and i must say,you picked really nice outfits(read style) that those babes are wearing for your camera. your girl will be happy with the taste you hv!! :)

  6. oye hoye ! kya baat hai.. i thoroughly enjoyed this post and the pictures. bahut hi sahi angles (angels- may be ? oops spelling is wrong :P )presented hain.. both via pictures and words ;)

    Kaafi experience hai aapko lagta hai.. sahi hai aage kaam aayega.

  7. ahaa, lol, so true!!:))

    u seem quite experienced in this deptt;)) but cant agree more...

    great observation!!

    n happening clicks,ahan...

  8. rofl, these are funny and i see you have interst in legs :)

  9. One suggestion to the girls.. go either alone or with another girl.

    Because if I was a guy even after reading this post I would mess up totally and forget all the do's and don'ts.

    You seem to be really an expert in this shopping experience prashant..:))must have gone on many shopping trips.

  10. Really good advice for men! :D
    By the way, where are the photographs of hot guys for us girls???

  11. standing outside the trial room holding a ladies purse :)

  12. Naah... can't remember rules like these. Now you know why I am single!

  13. Ha..ha..hilarious..! well lets admit it ~ shopping is our (womens') forte and it wont hurt the guys to learn a few things from us on it..right?? :)

    I really enjoyed reading the post.. :)

    waise isi bahane se acche photo khich liye hain...! ;)

  14. Hey,that was cute..enjoyed reading every bit of it..wonder how you know all this so well ???? ;-)
    Seems u hv been on loads of shopping trips,holding ladies bags ))))

    I know most men are like that,but there are a few patient ones as well..like my dad..no girl can even beat his patience when it comes to shopping..he can stand with you for hours,without complaining and can even suggest you stuff( mind you, I like his choice for that matter)..I prfer going with him!!
    The best part,he even pays the bill ;-)

    oh n yeah great photos

  15. he he LOL... good post..

    makes total sense :)

  16. Nice post! Enjoyed all pointers.. and would surely like to mention that A does exactly what your point #2 of the donts says... and yet I dont go shopping witout him... and obviously he's the one to wait outside the trial room ;)

    Lovely legs...err pics I mean ;)


  17. Lovely post Prashant..u cudnt have made it more intresting !! n i m amazed to see u r alomst 99% correct...:) This all cant be just from observation alone?? Some extensive experience behind it for sure :P

  18. Fantastic post and amazing observations... I am sure these nuggets come after lot of experience... I liked the shots accompanying each point...

  19. Lol, so how much of it is first hand experience??

  20. like the 'guru gyan' I enjoed the picts too ;)

  21. hehe.. :-) nice post.. i agree.. :P

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