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bits and pieces of Amreeka with Ma Pa !

These are some of the many many photographs that were taken last weekend... The set that you see below have been taken from the camera I bought for ma-pa last year, Panasonic TZ5... I absolutely love this camera for the results it produces more often than not !!!

I am still waiting to get sometime to transfer the photographs I took with the canon... maybe next week... till then enjoy the pictures below and some associated text...

The trip started early morning on Thursday from Flushing, a not so small Chinatown of Flushing, New York. A shuttle took us to Manhattan china town in New York where the actual tour bus picked us up...

The first photograph below was taken in front of the White House, however before that we had been to Philadelphia, and a few more places in DC... now to the pictures...

One of the many pretty girls we saw :)

Was trying to take the picture of one of the memorials when pa took this picture...

Ma Pa near the Lincoln Memorial

The George Washington monument...

Pa calling it a day at the Holiday Inn hotel..

Pictures at the Corning Museum of Glass...

It kept raining for more of the time during the tour, the good part being that the rains always decided to stop when we were outside the bus!

The America falls...

Maid of the Mist boat tour at the Niagara Falls...

The Bhardwaj family with Tronto, Kanedda and Niagara falls in the background...

Ma pa with Tronto, Kanedda and Niagara Falls in the background...

Pa at the Finger Lakes, Geneva New York...

Incredible India advert on a cab in Flushing, New York...

The Raging Bull on the Broadway Street, New York...

I should not have to write what do you see here in this picture ! or do I have to?

Some pictures at the Intrepid Museum... loved the submarine and the aircraft carrier. And felt bad that India does not have anything like this on display...

Times Square, magical set of blocks !!! Really !!!

The other family that was with us on a day tour of New York. This family was also visiting their son from Hong Kong.

Views from the "Top of the Rock"! loved being out in the open on the 70th floor deck... what an experience... Sears tower observatory, even though on the 99th floor, seems more useless after this...

And the United Nations office... Some day I will return to this place, and NOT as a tourist!!!!

Our vehicle for the day tour... the Mercedes Limo Bus...

There is a lot that you did not see or read in this post, but I thought that there is so much to show and talk about from this trip, that its good to take is slow and easy :)

Hope you enjoyed like we did ! there is more coming shortly !!!


  1. WOW! That's Delightful!!!
    I had so much fun going through the post. Aaisa laga main bhi ghoom ke aagayi aap sab ke saath :)

    Aautny is looking absolutely adorable in the denims and that black t-shirt really suits uncle :)

    Fav pics from the post
    *Ma Pa near the Lincoln Memorial
    *Pa calling it a day at the Holiday Inn hotel..
    *The Bhardwaj family with Tronto, Kanedda and Niagara falls in the background.
    *Family picture at the Intrepid Museum
    *Your picture(in which you are looking up) at the Intrepid Museum

    Waiting for more :)

  2. PS: typo :( (as usual)
    Autny is looking absolutely adorable in denims and that black t-shirt really suits uncle :)

  3. lovely pics. like the polaroid effect in sme pics. my wishes for you to get inside the UN office, and yes, not as a tourist :)

  4. Awesome pics... you should frame the picture of yours near the helicopter that you have treated.

    Really good pics... all of them. Uncle and Aunty looks fabulous :)

  5. :) i so love this post... lot of nive pics.. love the emotions i see on the face of mom and dad :)

    waiting for rest of the story...

  6. Arre ye photo-ein dekh ke mujhe apne east coast waale din yaad aa gaye...feeling very nostalgic, missing my friends and family on that end of the world...

    The photos are as incredible as always.

    Among my favorites are the photograph of Aunty and Uncle sitting on the bench, the photo Uncle took of you while you attempted to take another shot, Aunty looking so cute in her blue Maid of the Mist Poncho. I also like my Kaneda in the backdrop! :D
    The photo of uncle looking so contemplative on the shore of the Finger Lakes is splendid. And I also like the picture of you besides a fighter jet(?).

    By golly, that would have been such a whirlwind trip, I'm sure you all must be exhausted at the end of it, exhausted but exhilarated!!

  7. nice pics... great family... beautiful and smart family members :)

    6 days trip to NYC, only one holiday was not enough to see so much in NYC... After checking these pics I want to visit this place again

  8. all the pics are awesome!!!

  9. Lovely post..seems like uncle-aunty r having loads fun with their son..
    Liked all the pics..however wondering why arent you smiling in most of them,except "The Bhardwaj family with Tronto, Kanedda and Niagara falls in the background" ?? serious lag rahe ho as always!!

    Anywyas my personal favourties being
    Ma Pa near the Lincoln Memorial
    Pa calling it a day at the Holiday Inn hotel..
    Pa at the Finger Lakes, Geneva New York...
    You gazing @ the sky,the one near the helicopter..

    Amen to your wish of getting inside the UN office but not as a tourist..
    n yeah waiting for complete post of the trip...soonest!!

  10. nice..pics.. my parents are off to Niagara falls and around this weekend.

  11. kya co-incidence hai !! you know if you were @ the wall street bull exactly a month ago @ 5pm ( i think) you were where iya and i met :))).....aap ka timing thoda off ho gaya :P

    lovely pics as usual :))..the cross processed one near the fighter jet is pretty neat!!

    ..bally's does need to be on the agenda though ;)

    abhi to yeah hal hai idhar that everytime i attempt to write a comment the power goes off.. :))...so is refreshing to see all that water!!

  12. Lovely.....great work dude just love it.

  13. @ Swati
    thanks !!! there are more photographs to come soon... so save your energy !!!

    @ Tushar
    thanks bhai

    @ Bhoomi
    thank you very much... I am looking forward to that happening soon

    @ Subbu
    thanks bro...

    jo aagya :)

    @ Richa

    @ Anoop
    thanks bro !!!

    @ Jas
    aap midwest aa jao... east coast kya karoge jakar :P

    and yes, your kanedda was also seen from a distance :)

    It was a hectic trip !!! but loved it

    @ Aseem
    thanks bro..

    @Wishes Galore
    thanks !

    @ Vaishali
    yea, we all are having fun on this side of the world !!!

    I am not sure if I smile very often :P koshish karo to bhi nahin kar pata kai baar to

    and thanks for the wishes

    @ Tanu
    thanks !!!

    arre kya mast view hai Kanedda se... they will love it

    @ Joy
    yea... I was thinking about the same thing :)

    Bally is on the top of the agenda

    @ Princess
    thanks !!!

  14. Yup Yup... It is the same place Joy ;)

    Lekin kuch log humare aath Mojitos nahi peena chahte the ...isliye woh 1 month late gaye :)

    Nice pics.. i am looking forward to your pics.. Order ready hai :P

  15. @ Shivi :)

    Mojito to bahut pasand hai mujhe... par like joy said.. time ka thoda sa locha ho gaya !!!

    i am also looking forward to the other pictures... wait with me :)

  16. nice pics as always....loved the pic from sears looking below....the top of bldgs look like part of some chipset.......

  17. I know I am late but nevertheless..
    - The pictures look great, as always, even uncle seems to have a great hand.
    - I sometimes feel jealous of you/ and in awe too for the talent you possess.
    - The picture of uncle's at the holiday in, reminds me of my dad!! :)
    - That picture of you looking upto the choppers is a n awesome one..
    - I am sure you will return to the United Nations office, and "not just as a tourist", keeping my fingers crossed for you.. :)