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Pandit Om Vyas Om

Beta bata Madras ka naam chennai kyon pada?
Uncle, Madras ke log lungi pehente hain... aur lungi mein "chain"-"nai" hoti :D

Another amazing poet who writes in Hindi... Subbu this should make you happy :) there is some Hindi around !!!

Thank you Vaishali for posting the link in her comment...

Om Vyas Om is not there in this world anymore, I am very sad to know this! :(


  1. super early morning dose of laughter...great start to the day...charitra chitran ..wow...i would never have heard these words in a regular day....if only in schools they taught language through humour....

    i for one would be more accomplished in hind...

    thanks ..and to vaishali too...

  2. Joy...
    :) are you serious? travel to MP or some parts of UP and you would hear these being used like we talk!!!

    glad the day started well !!!

  3. Joy hum dilli wale bigre hue hain..:P

  4. iya- ji hum to thode bahut bigade hai par the language is totally bigada hua, moi is higlishfied cross bred punjabi ......your is prety darn good the hind....so you guys are another league...

    i wonder if it is milwaukee...or mil-wakey...wahn shayad log sote hi nahin hai ;0

  5. Hey wow..its up there already..

    Sad to know..he is no more..but he was actually good!!

  6. @ shivi...

    @ joy
    arre... mil-walk-ee is a place where the peoples walks mil-ke!!!

    @ Vaishali
    yea !!! he is one of best!

  7. om ji esa hi hota he
    jo raychand hote he vo yamraj se b khatrnak hote he......

  8. Enter your comment...I search this poet and know he is not now. So feel very sad.