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Who should it be?

Pick one and tell me why...

1. Calvin as the President and Hobbes as the Prime Minister

2. Calvin as the Prime Minister and Hobbes as the President

I really think these two need to take the top two positions in India now !!!


  1. wow! what an idea sirji! :)))

    hmmm...Calvin has an active imagination. He is energetic, impulsive, curious, bratty, boisterous, irate and intelligent. He certainly doesn't hesitate to speak his mind.

    Hobbes is much more realistic and aware of the outcome than Calvin. He rarely interferes with Calvin's troublemaking. He appears to be smarter than Calvin since Hobbes likes reading more and usually beats Calvin in strategy games. Hobbes is almost always willing to finish Calvin's homework when Calvin gets lazy.

    Doesn't matter who, out of the two, takes up which position, they'll rock together as a team :))
    But since you've asked to pick one so I'll go with the 2nd one.

  2. I will go with second option too :0
    Swati's comment obliterate any needs for any explanation !

  3. I second Swati and FJ.

    Tyey'll be perfect as a team though, they complement each other well!

  4. No, Calvin should be made president and Hobbes the PM since the PM got more power and the Prez is just a rubber stamp.
    Calvin is too reckless to be PM.

  5. Each and every line of swati is in wikipedia. ditto words. wonder who copied whom


    calvin should be prez,and hobbes PM. calvin can give his out of space ideas to hobbes, but Hobbes get the real power (and with his cool mind) to decide...

  6. I propose Chacha Chhowdhury's name as independent candidate, with Sabu as his Home / Defense Minister.

    India in its present state can only be run by an Indian (whose brain is faster than a computer), and for tough decision implementations we need someone from Jupiter.

  7. I would only pick Hobbs as the PM.. Calvin is not meant to be a politician.. he is a normal dreamy civilian..

  8. @gubbbarewale : :D

    did you also go looking/googling for their characteristics and landed on wikipedia, just like me? lol!!!!

    Wikipedia did not copy my comment :D:D :D
    I definetely refered to wikipedia :)))

    @subhadip: I love your comment :)))

  9. Haahaha..great minds @ work..What initiated the thought PB??

  10. @ Swati..
    hmm... that is a comprehensive comment !!!

    I would have gone with the 1st one... put Hobbes in the PM's seat!

    @ FJ

    @ Jas
    you bet... they compliment each other like no one else!

    @ Anony
    I would go with your choice too...

    @ GubbareWali
    hmm... I wonder why would she do that!

    @ Subbu
    all in for your option bro :) it has lead me to create a poll on the top!

    @ Tanu

    @ Swati
    Why would you have to refer to Wiki to post a comment?

    @ Vaishali
    hehe... Was talking to Aro about how things are in the country and realised that we need a radical change in the leadership!

  11. arre...
    your post got me thinking...though I read characteristics of both C&H but I wanted to read their character sketch...just the way we read character sketches in school/college for literature and ....refered to books in library...so yahan pe wikipedia.
    Liked it so used it to support my comment.


    FYI, I like to read character sketches. Recently...on Janamashthami I was reading character sketches of'meera' and 'radha'- the two women who loved krishna.

    Phew! :)

  12. typo
    * though I read C&H but I wanted to read their character sketches

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  14. Calvin wins the post of the PM, with Hobbes being the president.
    Interesting to see so many takes on the same, especially..when the creative genius of hobbes simply exists, cuz it's the creative end product of Calvin's imagination.
    in the story line..Hobbes only talks when Calvin is around..
    How many guys can think of smarter responses to their own questions, and attribute the same to the entity of their imagination?
    even after all this, I vote for Calvin as Pm and Hobbes as Prez

  15. having some difficulty to log in... my 2 paisa worth of imagination is ... Calvin will take over the PM's role in coup and then dismantle democracy as we know and become the prez... after 4 years hobbs in another coup dismantles Calvin's rule and makes calvin a president and he himself becomes the PM