Random images from my flickr stream...



Make Easy Choices...

Get the best you can!

Give the best you can!

Live the best you can!

Speak the best you can!

Be the best you can!


  1. matlab think the best you can? photo se to laga 'make easy and less expensive choices' ;)

  2. really like the positive philosopher in you these days ;0

    like the photo with this text...both people in their own ways are trying to do and be their best...achha hai....

  3. @ Swati

    @ Geet
    depends on how you look at the photograph and what you understand of it... my point of view is

    the security guard is getting the best he can
    the local barber is giving the best he can
    with nicely combed hair, clean shirt, clean shave, the guard is living the best he can..

    what seems less expensive to us, might be a day's salary for them :)

    @ Vaishali

    @ Subbu
    maje le raha hai bhai...

    par because you asked, the best is when it could not have been better!

    @ Joy

    yea That is what I perceived of the photograph too!

  4. you have been tagged!!

  5. yea i know that...it has gone through my life... i can feel that. thats why told think the best u can in that,for them.