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You are invited!

Some of my photographs are being displayed as a part of the photo exhibition jointly organized by Institute of Indian Interior Designers and Munish Khanna Academy.

If you are in Delhi, please do try to visit IHC between 17th and 21st of August and enjoy a real good collection of photographs by some brilliant photographers.


  1. Gooody good..Iam so proud of u!!
    All the best!!

  2. great yaa...congratulations!!! will you be there??

  3. kya jiska naam sabse lamba hai..woh sabse zyada brilliant photographer hai???

  4. @ Shivi
    thanks :)

    @ Vaishali
    :) thanks ! please do go and check out the exhibition... not just for my photographs, but a lot of other brilliant ones!

    @ Wishes Galore
    thanks ! I am not there but am counting on people who can go and let me know how the exhibition was :)

    @ Zoy
    hehehe... thank god we do not have many south Indian names in that list! nahin to mera naam to chota sa reh jaata :D

    @ Manmohan
    thanks !

    @ Kshitiz
    thanks bhai

    @ Anjuli
    :) thanks !

  5. Congratulations!! You take amazing pictures and I especially loved the "people you meet' and old Delhi photographs. Great work!

  6. Nice. Congrats :)
    I heard which photos you are exhibiting... excellent choice - I bought one of them... I can't say anything remotely bad about it. Others are equally brilliant.

  7. @ Aditi
    thanks !!! am glad you like my work !!

    @ Subbu
    bhai thanks !!!

    good hai !!! teri wall wali hi exhibit ho rahi hai !!!

  8. i can't go, i don't have a car

  9. Visited yesterday...was a fine show overall and also saw the print of one your pics i really like: make your script wali...

  10. Congrats PB!

    Went specially to see ur and Sunny's images ! :)

    loved them !