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for the lack of a better word, lets be friends!

I find it hard to digest that some people have "good friends" too many too soon... you know someone for a month and (s)he is a good friend, and then there is one more and one more... I mean how many good friends can one have?

I think this word is being used a lot and without much meaning to it these days... too bad!

I can count my good friends on my fingers, and my friends, well, maybe twice on my fingers... anyone else, and no offence please, is someone that I know or someone who knows me through Chai ki Dukaan, or my flickr page, or through someone I know through chai ki dukaan or my flickr page, or through someone who I know through someone... but com'on!!! friends? its takes something to be called a friend or to be a friend! is it not? or I am just plain stupid?

For me 1 incident, or a couple of them between two people do not make or break friends... its takes time! and something more than the verbal or written or visual to be a friend of someone... a connection that makes you open up and share, and it HAS to be two way!

and I see on blogs and comments and other places, sentences like I love you all, thank you friends, and all that... I find it crazy!

On second thoughts, what is a different word for friend? Are there more words like it which can be used? Is it offensive to admit that you do not treat someone as a friend, but just as someone you know? I personally feel its ok, I would know my place and space and if I don't I should...

Maybe I am just going crazy! well! never mind!


  1. :) Thoughtful post!
    I have felt similar things quite a few times.

  2. :)

    The word is 'acquaintance'.

    I was writing something on very similar lines this 'friendship day'...drafted it but could not complete it. I feel like completing the post and publishing it. Will do.

  3. :)

    u are still the same Prashant, and guess what, I really like the way you are :)

  4. Hahahaha, true :)

    I am amused because I know what triggered this post. :P

    Clam down and please stop judging people, Prashant. At least the ones who value you, my dear fellow blogger/photographer?? NO...my dear friend :P

    Chill! I am just pulling your leg :P

    And you know who I am :)
    I am still your friend :))

  5. I agree with Swati.. May be "Nice acquaintance" in some better of cases..

  6. But make frands with me now? :D

  7. kya aap mujhse "fraanship" karoge ;)?

    well written though I dont get too critical when someone calls me his/her friend...perceptions differ..
    and yes we hv a lot more acquaintances than friends :)

    or how abt tagging them "potential friends" ??

  8. i hv actually come across so many people who see me as their friends and expect the same from me... and these folks are the one who helped me 'getting corn flakes from walmart','giving a ride to office/hospital' etc... i cant call them my acquaintances kyonki wo bura maan jaate hain.. thats y i guess people have good/v good/close/best friends.

  9. ours is a rapidly changing world...and one has to constantly find new definitions here.

    cyber 'friendships' and their fall out are something that mental health care workers are constantly trying to keep up with.

    the useful guidelines i see in your post so as to establish the boundaries of a contact- interaction are the words

    two way

    these are applicable in the virtual world and in the real world too...

    a very pertinent post in these times...thanks for sharing your views...in this insightful and well expressed post ;0

  10. Thank God someone had the gutts to write it this way. I did not. But I feel this burden every single day of web existence .

    Superb post .. 5 stars

  11. i remember reading an article which said freinds are for a reason or a season of a life time... so according to this post the former two are not freinds for you anymore... just a thot... though i m not against or in favor of this post

  12. Phewww..
    My opinions are differnt!!

  13. phew!

    am tired after reading this post !!

    Acc. to someone who lasts till the end is a Friend, rest co-passengers

    chill :)