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A tag for a tag!

Its been a while I have been tagged or I did one... here is one, that Wishes Galore tagged me for!

Justify FullLets talk about the rules first :
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real .... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

And now the tag:
1. What is your name: Prashant
2. A four Letter Word: Pure
3. A boy's Name: Prem Pratap Patiyale Wala
4. A girl's Name: Premvati
5. An occupation: Priest
6. A colour: Purple
7. Something you wear: Pajama
8. A food: PaniPuri
9. Something found in the bathroom: Paste
10. A place: Pangong Tso
11. A reason for being late: Phone call
12. Something you shout: Pencho
13. A movie title: Pran Jaye par Shaan na Jaye
14. Something you drink: Passion Fruit Iced Tea
15. A musical group: PINK Floyd
16. An animal: Puma
17. A street name: Pappu Singh Marg
18. A type of car: PALIO
19. Something scary: Poisonous Snakes :P
20. Ice cream flavour: Pink wali icecream

Enjoy a bit of yesteryears with this ad...

There is something about this simplicity that is getting lost slowly.... thank God for Youtube that it can be revisited at times :)


  1. Hehehe..interesting hai :)

    I didn't know there was a movie titled 'Pran Jaye par Shaan na Jaye'...mujhe 'Pran Jaye par wachan na Jaye' hi pata tha. I actually googled to check and your answer is correct :)

    P for PALIO...definitely :)

    No. 12 mera fav. answer hai :D
    10 minute tak hansti rahi main yeh padh ke...

    err..Pappu Singh Marg kahan hai?

    'Pink wali icecream' thodi cheating wala answer hai...kyonki icecream flavors se jaani jaati hain, colors se nahi :P

    Fun read! :)

  2. good good...
    u r the first one to respond this tag:))
    but tell me "where is this pappu singh marg??"'lol
    n so sweet this 'pink wali ice-cream'..

  3. I actually like this tag! And Swati has already tagged me... so, soon... :)

    "Pure" for a four letter word? "Paap" was what I thought you would write :P

  4. Lol@Subhadip's paap!

    And lol@ pink wali ice cream!

    Purple!!! :D

    Pangong Tso. Main bhi jayungi. :)

    Palio. :)

    And curious question: why :P against poisonous snakes?

    Main bhi karungi ye wali tag!

  5. jalebiiii....this was such an outstanding commercial...i used to so, love it....

    pajama ;00

    A reason for being late: Phone call - have heard this one before ;000000

    posionous snake ...ki zabaan baniye hai....agar poisionious na ho to you are not scared right ;000

  6. is this guy the same chap who made the munnabhai movies///

  7. @ Swati

    yea... its a very good movie... strong satire on today's world!

    Pappu singh marg Ludhiyana mein hai!

    in my world, I have known ice creams from their colors only... aapki side par galat ho sakta hai shayad!

    @ Wishes Galore
    there are more people doing it :)

    Pappu Singh Marg is in Ludhiyana!

    @ Subbu

    Bhai mera pure is someone Else's paap ! kya karen :P

    @ Richa

    arre snake hota to theek answer thaa na... poisonous add kiya isliye liye :P

    @ Joy
    I love this commercial!

    if the snake is not poisonous then they are eeeky... ugh! slimy!

    haanji this is the same guy who made MunnaBhai movies!

  8. Prashant ..maza aa gaya yeh tag wali game khel ke ...yeh lo ho gaye hum tag.

  9. Oye "V" se sab sochna to bahut hi mushkil hai!!

  10. Non-poisonous snakes bhi hote hain. Mere campus mein hain.