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A guy, some girls and two break ups

Its just the right title... Love Aaj Kal... It could also have been Movie Aaj Kal...

Because this kind of a movie has been made aaj(today) and it has been made Kal (yesterday) and will be made Kal (Tomorrow)

The love that you see in movies Aaj (today), and you must have seen it kal (yesterday) and you will see it kal (tomorrow) too

So in a nutshell, this is a movie you have seen before, with different characters, different situations, different actors, different locations, different trains, different stations, different camera angles, but trust me you have seen it all before... So there is something similar, yet different about this movie....

Some of the reasons why you would like to see Love Aaj Kal

1. Rishi Kapoor stays a fine actor... very natural, very elegant, very easy
2. Saif Ali Khan's suits... I personally think he dresses very well
3. Deepika's Gorgeous Legs...Just can't get enough of them ever!
4. The music... Pritam has done a brilliant job... Neeraj Sridhar, Mohit Chauhan, Sunidhi Chauhaan, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, KK, all of them are worth listening to... I have been listening to the music of Love Aaj Kal all this week, and I am still not over Twist and Chor Bazaari... Chor Basaari specially...
5. It reminds of some parts of a Delhi... Don't know of many movies which have been shot in Purana Quila...
6. Giselle Monteiro has looked so convincing as a sardarni... infact adorable
7. Saif's Mustang !!! nothing major, I love a mustang so its important!
8. The movies reiterates a couple of facts... Men are mostly slow and stupid when it comes to relationships, Women are simple plain scared when it comes to relationships...and most couples get entangled into the "what if" and "what if not" modes...
9. Some good lights and photography at places...
10. Chor Bazaari is an amazing song! I love the music... Did I say that already? I think I did!

and reasons why you might not want to watch
1. 2 hours and 40 minutes.. umm...
2. Saif has produced the movie, and that means that he speaks atleast 50% of the time, maybe more during the movie... uff! someone has to ask him to shut up...
3. Under-utilization of Rahul Khanna..,he is such a fine artist... and Veer Das I wonder why this guy was in the movie.. he is a fine comic guy! and very smooth at times... what a waste...
4. Useless dance routines! such amazing music wasted... I have been imaging much better stuff in my mind in the last few days... now you know why I need a mind printer!

It was nice to be able to see a Hindi movie in a cinema in Milwaukee... liked it :)

and today I made the best DAL EVER... someone needs to give me a "you can finally cook" certificate!


  1. Agree with u about the movie. Also that Saif looked old and awkward in quite a few scenes. Especially the songs.

    Yes, Deepika looked hot.

    Yes, Rahul Khanna is super bloody hot and I wish there was more of him.

    Small thing: I think it's Vir Das. Vir Sanghvi is a reputed journalist. :)

    Dal! Khilao to certificate milega.

  2. Corrected! i knew there was something incorrect there when I was writing it, but chose to ignore :P

    Dal! aajao kha jao!

  3. mmmm...agree about the movie...well-written post this...

    lol@ sanghvi!

    certificate koi ni dega sirf ye blog padh ke :P

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  5. For me the first thing that killed the movie was Deepika, the only she knows is how to look hot.....no dialogue delivery, just a bunch of expressions.....it was looking like she was putting so much effort in to it....

    in fact the another prob was the movie was trying too hard to make it look effortless....

    saif looked old for the role, though he acted very well....spl as surd......

    the past scenes were just perfect and movie has has some of the best moments in recent times.....

    maybe i had big expectations after 'socha na tha' and "jab we met"

    if only it had a better actress rather than a heroine in the movie :(

  6. @ Reeta
    yea... sanghvi aur das mein gadbad ho gai :)

    kha lena kabhi :)

    @ Deepu
    :) I am not sure if I liked her dresses which she was wearing in Delhi either... something wrong with them...

    you are right, they tried too hard to make it effortless :) I remember two scenes specially, the one time when they broke up in London in the cafe, when Saif talks about being practical, and the other at the marriage, when Saif talks about being ok!! uff!!! bolna hi band nahin kar raha thaa!

    yea, i did like the way he acted at places...

    It was a mix of socha na thaa and jab we met :) isn't it?

  7. A cliché bollywood love story with 'a very pleasant screenplay' in my opinion.

  8. Arre! Student log ko aisi monetarily impractical cheezein nahi bolte. Especially about good food jo naseeb nahi hota. :-/

    Socha na Tha and Jab We Met were wayyy better.
    But DK, you liked him as a Surd? I hated him in that role. Punjabi ki kya taang todi usne!

  9. @ Swati
    keh sakte hain! i would not disagree completely!

    @ Richa..
    aur ghar se door akele rehne walo ko bhi khilao to certificate denge wale dialogue nahin bolte !!! especially when one cooks amazing food and there is no one around to share the excitement or the food!

    I did not really compare this movie with those two, but it did have elements of a lot of Saif's movies and Imtiaz Ali's work

    I liked the entire presentation of the 1960s.. especially the bits around Delhi and Calcutta... some very nicely used wide angled images! I still remember one shot in the tram! done very nicely!

    Punjabi ka kya kiya, us par comment nahin karunga :D but I know what you are talking about!

  10. i have yet to see the movie...n i am looking forward to watching it..
    n yess!!' chor-bazaari' is such a nice song..its music rocks!!!!n hey i wonder no comments on Imtiaz!!he is the reason for many like me to watch the movie:))

  11. deepika was just hot and nothing.. acting main zero.. she was just delivering dialogs like reading a script (along with a smile)... many times in the theater people actually said 'nahinnnnnn' after her bakwass dialog delivery... 'sorry main tumhen waapis aaker bol doongi' a line of deeepika to akhsay was so funny!!! she is next ashwariya in making unless she takes some acting lessons.

    saif looked cool.. except the punjabi that was speaking,but i think that was the funniest part for me...

    movie was dragged in the last 40 mins.

  12. n yea some dialogs were directly picked from jab we met.. of geet's.. no wonder imtiaz wrote it.. all about being 'practical'. music is okay unless i am listening on Bose.

  13. @richa
    he was cute in the role, i am no expert in punjabi, so dont know but he looked quite convincing.....

    maybe also cuz the modern character he played was more or less like Salam namaste and hum tum types...so atleast this was different....

    it was mix of so many movies....but still i liked the idea behind it....stories are more or less same, its the treatment and that was really good except at few places (for eg the ones u mentioned)

    and yeah deepika's dress designer must be sleeping when she reached delhi....dont know what she is wearing in chor bazari song...btw wonderful lyrics of that song....celebrating not being together anymore...only imtiaz ali can do that :)

  14. nice review... and yes i agree guys are jerks and gals are scared..

  15. You know what? the movie is doing wonders here..all the shows are jam packed,may be because,itne dino baad finally koi new movie aayi hai..and jahan tak chor music ka sawal hai to Pritam is super dupper expert in that..he has even beat Anu Malik in that matter!!
    I would probably watch the movie for Rahul Khanna!

    And we need to taste the Dal before we certify you as a good chef!!

  16. Oh BTW..I forgot to metion..this movie is actually a copy of a Taiwaneese movie!!

  17. i heard it is a sick movie

  18. @ Wishes Galore
    its worth a watch... gets too much after a while though, but then gets interesting again!!!

    Chor Baazari is nice!!! very nice

    @ Geet
    hmm... ::)

    I disagree with the music comment of yours... any good speakers make it sound fantastic... its the beat of the music that you cannot miss in this score!

    @ Deepu
    the idea behind it? being practical or realising that you are losing out on a lot of things by being practical?

    oh you bet about that song... i noticed it big time too!

    @ Tootsy
    thank you for your jerk and scared stamp :D

    @ Vaishali
    it would... if you are slightly emotional, you are going to love it.. you will cry you will laugh, you will go awwww as well :D

    Rahul Khanna is a treat to watch!

    @ Burf
    hehehe... achcha... jakar dekh na khud!

  19. oh ho lagta hai dekhani padegi after all the mixed comments:)..will duly post my 2 bits after that :)

    but till then:

    " i hereby certify that prashant bhardwaj is a sublimely good chef, specailizing in: dal, gobi and simla mirich aloo , amongst the top 10% in america "


  20. and oh wow...theater mein!!!!

    that must have been a real treat!!

  21. @ Joy!

    haan please... dekho.. interesting hai except a few places!

    thank you so much for the certificate! :) i really wanted it! ye!

    haanji saleema holl mein dekhi ! maza aaya!

  22. Kya yaar aachi movie hai..itni bhi buri nahi..i think its a good screenplay...though at times i felt this 'particular shot' would hv been better...

    Yes i agree with rahul Khanna thing....

    Music is too good..

    At times it did feel like some kinda after effect of Jab we met.

    I too think deepika ki jagah koi aur hoti to aur majja atta...

    Baki Keep listening to Chor Bazarri..N'Joy