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First of the amazing weekends - Minneapolis this time!

I had this amazing weekend, but before I write about it, I am going to put up things from the last amazing weekend I had... I am going to make a record of sorts of living up weekends as the fall is coming to town this year... so here we go about the last one...

This current weekend, it will be up here soon!!!

It was a new weekend !!!

and full of new experiences... from the 1409 apartment overlooking a beautiful Minnesota Sunset which I went to first in July'08 to the same apartment in August'09, its been quite a journey...

The first time I was quiet, in a new place, new city, with new people... and this time around as well
It seemed like a new place, with some new people, and new vibes in the environment...

From a close knit group of friends, to couple, and husbands and wives, and girlfriend and boyfriend, I guess this has been a nice ride for the entire gang... Lakhan and Sapna are seeing each other and spend a lot of time together over weekends... Deepak's wife Prakati is finally in town, and he has shifted out of 1409 and now is in his own apartment, Pritam has a lovely firang girlfriend Tracy and she has moved in to 1409 temporarily as well... all in all, this was like a set of threads which were overlapped with each other, drifting apart with distinct points which connect each other...

or lets put it this way, its something like big bang theory... forces internal and external make you move away, but still not loose the contact, an invisible force, like gravity keeps you around each other, moving around in your own orbits but with paths crossing time and again!!!

Its a nice journey :) What has not changed in this year is my status though :D we were watching a movie yesterday, Enemy at the Gates, and it was kind of funny to see Deepak and his wife on the sofa, Pritam and Tracy on my left, and Lakhan and Sapna on my right... I had to say this loud that the couples had taken all the corner seats, and were not really there in the theatre to watch the movie :P it was fun! It was a rather serious scene on the screen but we all laughed out at this!

Now that this transformation study and analysis is done, I can move to my regular way of narrating the sequence of events as it happened!

Greyhound is a bus service that is more expensive than the much cheaper Megabus, and provides a few attractions over it too... better leg room, a big waiting area/bus station, attendants to manage everything and so on and so forth, but Megabus is a low cost, no overheads model and it works very well for a lot of people... For some reason, the Greyhound here on the Milwaukee/Chicago/GreenBay/Minneapolis route has a high percentage of African-Americans (no offence to anyone, just an observation)... the attendants at the counters, the bus drivers, and MOST of the travellers! vs. Megabus where its completely the opposite!

Left Milwaukee Friday evening and reached Minneapolis around 1 in the night! I love seeing the Minneapolis downtown approaching for some reason! The lights at the downtown, my femiliarity with the place and having some friends there makes it feel like home!

Met Tracy and Pritam, went home... had some food and chatting the rest of the night away before sleeping around 4 in the morning... The original plan was to go for a shoot, but we went to Deepak's place instead! Beautiful apartment, and looked so much like home! This is where "women" are way way way ahead of men! keeping a house like home! Tracy has cleaned up 1409 beautifully, and Deepak's place also looks like a home! He has recently bought a Epson Movie Mate Projector and we watched "School of Rock"... i love the movie anyway, and watching it on a projected screen was a lovely experience! Lakhan and Sapna reached later in the day and we spent the rest of evening talking... Everyone now seems to have an iphone in the US and this gang is not far away... Pritam had one 2G (which I have now because he got the 3Gs), Sapna and Deepak also got a 3Gs! I tried confusing Sapna's iPhone's compass and succeeded in about 15 minutes... rotated it so many times that it forgot which direction north was in! funny fone!

We finally got ready to get out the apartment around 8ish, went back to downtown and then took cabs to one of our favorite bars in uptown called the Chino Latino... it has the best Cocktails that I know of, some of them being Vodktajito (this is served with a sugarcane slice), X-rated, Mango Martini, Kamasutra Mama, Mexican three-way, and some Brazilian crap (that Pritam likes). And yes, all of these are cocktails, before you let your imaginative horses run wild!!!

Back to the apartment and talking and more till 3 again before we went off to sleep...

Sunday was another lazy day... Tracy made some mouthwatering Pancakes and French Toast for brunch (well, if you wake up at 9 and stay in bed till 12, you get only brunch)... we then went to get some Veg Biryani from Kabobs, and then to return a few DVDs to Blockbuster, where I went crazy buying a few that I wanted to have, and then to Deepak's place and finally to Sapna's apartment... it was around 4 that we reached there, had food! Lakhan makes amazing food! and started watching Enemy at the Gates, only this time, it was the projector, and some bose speakers to provide the much needed clarity to the war movie!

It was a hard stop for me and Pritam at 1945 hours for me to catch the bus, which I did only to say bye bye to the city that welcomed me to USA, and makes it feel much better than it really is!

Too much of text eh !!! If you managed to read it this far, kudos !!!! Time for the photographs now....

The movie mate result !!!!

Tracy, Myself and Pritam went down to the play area and took some pictures !

Deepak and Prakati...

French toast, Pancakes and syrup... Tracy ROCKS!!!!

Just a li'il bit of reaching out :)

It cannot get better than ThumsUp!!! Ever!

Lakhan, Sapna and view from Sapna's apartment's patio!


And me! Aro says I am fat !!!Thanks Pritam for taking this one!


  1. This looks like so much fun!!!

    Lovely pictures.

  2. I know this is probably the last thing u wanna hear..but u r cute..seriously..I mean who thinks of confussing the phone..I kept laughing for 5 minutes,after reading it(m sure people aroung mst be wondering,why m smiling gazing in my machine)

    Its so much,getting along with ol' frnds..masti full toooooooooo..

    and yea..really innovative cocktails..hope they tasted equally good!!
    and about the pictures..they are amazing as always..
    I really liked your changed chic look..Bandana..3/4ths..alls gud!!
    Lurve it!!

  3. fat or thin doesnt matter. Are you healthy?

  4. Oyeeee.... ye kya look hai? Hahaa.... don't stay there till March. December mein hi laut aao. Sahi bol rahi hoon.

  5. nice post, amazing pics..!!
    hope you too soon get to take the corner seats:)) like your friends
    n you dont look fat.. enjoy:))

  6. lovely pics... lovely post and u look rocking :)

  7. the pictures are so lively... so nice to see happy faces :)

    and i liked those pancackes. they look yummm...

  8. bhai..sach bol raha tha main..you are not looking fat...you are FAT...saand...