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Romance and Comedy together...

I had this bookmarked post by burf... went back to it yesterday and did some youtubing to get these two gems out!

Enjoy Dr. Kumar Vishwas's amazing poetry in these two videos from Moksha'04... I am in love with the poem he recites, and I just can't stop laughing at his kick-ass witty comments ! Enjoy!


  1. Perfect balance of romance and comedy!
    Genius guy! :)

  2. This is another guy after Raju Shrivastava.. whom I can listen time and again!


  3. omg--- this was so brilliant...had me laughing out loud....and the intense romantic poetry
    loved it...

  4. bhai, i called Dr. Kumar Vishwas in our office last Independence day. people had loads of fun and yes he has the perfect timing :)

    will post something about Timing on my blog very soon

  5. What a co-incidence..was watching another video from the same series,and here I see your post..check this out

  6. @ Jas
    you bet :)

    @ Kshitiz
    bhai sahi bol raha hai... par mein stand up comedian aur ek poet ko kabhi bhi compare nahin karunga !!!

    ab mereko Raju ke be kuch videos dekhne ka dil kar raha hai...

    @ Joy
    :) yea his poem is amazing !!!

    @ Aks
    sahi mein? bahut hi sahi !!!

    zaroor post karna !!

    @ Vaishali
    hey... thanks for the link... I have posted it too... :)

  7. Haan haan .. there is no comparison between the two . just that I can listen to them for hours.. :)