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The (blogging) side effect

One thing that I realize is really bad about blogging is its capability of floating negative energies...

You start a day with RSS feeds of a few blogs that you are regular on and you see complaints, cribs, sadness on them! no points for guessing what happens next!!!

I usually avoid reading anything that has the potential of making me feel low and I deliberately avoid writing things that would have that effect on anyone who visits my blog!

Last few days some of the blogs that I read have this overdose of negativity and sadness and confusion and what not!!! Not good! I don't think I'd like to visit such pages!

How about holding on to the happy nothings in life and writing about them... atleast when you come back to your archives after a while you are reminded of the happy memories and not about how sad you were! I had a few very sad posts on Chai ki Dukaan too, which I had written while going through a not so good phase in my life... I think I should remove them from here!


  1. I think blogging is just a means of cleaning the spaces of your mind and letting it speak,whatever is happening around and with oneself..It doesnt really have to be positive all the time.What you wrote was what you felt once,and probably thats what made you feel better at that point in time..so its ok!!
    Its just a phase that happens in everyones life..need not be categorised as good or bad!!

  2. Oh n BTW,this add is good..lik it..but this isnt aired anymore ((

  3. @ Vaishali
    you know I could give you examples and links to substantiate what I said in this post, but I don't think I should!

    I agree blog is a way to clean spaces within the mind, and make one feel better! no argument on that point, I am talking about a trend of negativity and not about a phase in life!

    But then I am no one to tell anyone what they should write and what they should not. I don't take that advice from anyone either!

    and the categorization is a personal opinion, which you can disagree to!

    and like I said, I chose to stop visiting such pages... people can still write whatever they'd like! its their page and no one can or should control the content there!

  4. Iam not talking about others blog,but your thought of removing your "Sad" posts from Chai Ki Dukkan..ultimately,its your decision and I dont intend to advice anyone on that

  5. Oh, I read it wrong... did not understand you were talking about my posts!

    sorry about that Vaishali!

  6. Ahhh..sorry..was not fault finding here ))

  7. i couldn't agree more!!

    the energetic exchange via the computer is as powerful as in person, if not more....i often get drained just going to the mall....by the mix of energies there that impact me...logging into the internet and social networking is akin to going to the mall....and having even deeper energy exchange with a few individuals.

    there is a whole bunch of people out there....some genuine...some pretending...some positive some negative...some with their own agendas......

    what i find so convenient about the internet is that we can chose who to access and who to drop from our radar....i utilize my "privacy options" to the max on fb and "delete" from rss feed..and stay signed out of chat...and life is simple, uncomplicated.........this way i have control over the information i receive... i find my emotions and feelings are my own....fresh and joyous most of the time....

    deleting your posts...hmmmmm..if you feel they don't serve you any more...sure...it's okay to let go of baggage....that pulls you down..

    it's up to you when you pick up the fevicol ka dabba...and from over what :PP

  8. :)Interesting post and discussion.

    My opinion:
    May be, bloggers who write for others need to be careful whether they are sending -ve ot +ve energy.
    Someone who blogs for himself/herself, writes to take it all out..like vaishali said..'cleaning the spaces of your mind and letting it speak'.
    In fact, blogging is like a theraphy. Often, when we are low, disoriented and hopeless..writing it all down suddenly makes you feel better. Esp. people who live alone, away from families...don't have their folks around...friends to share... or may be don't want to talk about it to them. Blogging helps them take it all out and feel lighter and better. At least, it works for me. In fact, a lot of fellow bloggers send +ve energy after reading a depressing post and it does help...err.. and I am not talking about sympathy...i am talking about some motivation which we all need to push ourselves through it.

    As far as negative posts in the blog archive are concerned. Later, when the low phase is over and I go back to read those posts, I realise that I am strong nad capable of fighting the odds...I managed to come out of it. It just makes me feel better and stronger :)

    That's my opinion. Thanks :))

  9. @ Joy
    I agree... there is an energy transfer that people do not realise is happening... but then its everyone's life and page and they decide what to do with it!!!

    You are right about the being able to control the information you receive part!!!!

    my old posts.. yea, why not! they are not needed !

    @ Swati
    I don't have a reason to disagree with what you said... people who live alone, away from family, and etc etc etc need not be sad or negative at all... I have been away from my family for almost an year now... I enjoy my life and am very happy with the way things are moving!

    So I can't really talk about anyone else, but writing all sad and negative things and finding a reason to be unhappy about something or the other, in my opinion is not only a very pessimistic way to live but also to blog!

    We all have our ways to feel stronger... if the low phase posts make you feel stronger, its good!!! but in my opinion its like looking inside a pit and feeling that you are on higher ground when you are on ground zero only! its all relative!

  10. err..there is correction here..I never meant tht ppl who live away from families are sad..I have been away from my family for over 10 yrs now...I am love my life, enjoy myself a lot so much that quite a few people say that they envy my life :))...yes..but like any normal human being i also through ups and down...what i meant was when u r going through a low phase and you are alone..away from folks and friends..have noone to talk, blogging helps :)
    Living alone does not make me sad..I am loner and I love my space. :))

    I don't agree with the 'pit' point. I would say, it is like standing on the mountain peak and looking back and realising you managed to trek up all the way - you slipped, you hurt yourself but you did not quit and finally made it..but then it is your opinion. :)

    Hmm.. a low phase, a failure adds up to one's 'experience' and looking back at them makes the person feel stronger. In fact sometimes you even laugh at yourself and say, "tch! I cried buckets over this. Gosh! I was so silly!" :))

  11. This isn't a happy post either ! Having opinions is good, having opinions on everything is not so good. Let people be and do what they want in their space.

  12. so true..we can not change any one just take responsibility for our actions, and thoughts..and do what is best for us.

    glad to hear that your past is insignificant in your life... :))

    blogging world is an interesting space indeed....an anonymous...passes judgment, expresses an opinion, on some one else' space...all the while not wanting others to do the same...

  13. if the real world has the power of floating +ive and -ive energies than blogworld is a mere virtual world!! and like in real world many people go through continuous hurdles which we can never ever feel,so is here.

    and you chose to read/not read posts is fair enough! respect your positivity.

    i wont delete my sad posts as it was a part of my life that i wrote down and like happiness i have my sorrows.

  14. Hmm..No comments. I think this discussion is rich with -ve energy.

    One can never question what other blogger writes and no blogger needs to justify what they wrote - that is the spirit of blogging

    hey- if I had to justify what I was writing on my blog - Id rather not write.

    Exchanges are good - but we forget that each of us have an opinion and blogging is not a debate - where one opinion has to win - so trying to prove a point wont help.

  15. @ Anony

    @ Joy
    yea !!!

    @ Geet

    @ Iya
    I am sorry you felt that way!

    I am not questioning what anyone writes, but questioning myself to write and read!

  16. You dont have to feel sad Om. This is the spirit right ! You wrote for yourself - and not how it impacts the readers. That is true blogging. We are not here in this world to solve someone else's purpose. We can help - but not make our life revolve around people.

    Also I don't agree with Anony - one should have an opinion, always , on every thing, just that - dont expect everyone to agree with you.

    If you don't know what you stand for - you will fall for everything !