Random images from my flickr stream...



Black Yellow Pink and Blue... oh and some green too!

This weekend was fun!!! Saw some really good movies..

Transformers (must be the 5th time I saw it)
Pineapple Express, and
Groundhog Day (loved it)

and spent a lot of time watching clips from old Hindi comedies and Amir's Coke Ads kyonki kurta to shareer ke upraard ki lajjanivaran ke liye hota hai na sir !!!

Also finally gave two B/W rolls for developing and scanning... they should be back in a week's time... really looking forward to the results!

Got two more rolls...

My Canon AE-1 Program Manual SLR!!! love this camera...

I love this picture... very happy feeling for some reason!

I wish I was carrying the Macro lens with me when I saw these flowers... but I was not... never mind... some other time!

And my new new watch!!! I love how simple and yet classy it looks! One of the few times when I see something and I take it without second thoughts... This just took a second visit!


  1. Sundar tasveerein aur shaandar watch, Omzi :)

  2. I liked ur watch..bahut sundar hai!!

  3. Flowers are no doubt beautiful, but the Camera and the watch look fabulous!

  4. B & W cannon shot is really nice.

    keep enjoying happy times with... 'Kaho kaho beta' :)


  5. @ Swati
    yea... i like this watch too

    @ Vaishali
    hai na!

    @ Jas
    flowers are always beautiful... I am glad they come out nice in the photographs too..

    Camera mast hai ekdum!!!

    @ Tanu

    hehehe... khaoge nahin to police ki maar kaise khaoge !!! ha haa haaa

    @ Reeta
    yo ! :)

  6. The photographs of the flowers are amazing too! :)
    And you're right about that happy photograph. The flowers look as happy as (and like)eager kids awaiting their favorite candy! :)

  7. You are one of the best photographers I have come across so far, in simple words, I AM A HUGE FAN OF YOURS!!!!!!!!

  8. @ Jas
    :) yea... happy happy

    @ Anjuli
    :) :) :)