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Tring Tring!

Me, the telephone user, has seen so much happening in my life that I often get confused if the past was true or the future is a dream!!!

The fact, however, is that this is just a part of evolution! or shall I say revolution!!!

I used to be in school when we got our first telephone! There used to be only one kind of a telephone at that time... the one that you connect using wires, which stretched all the way to the poles at the corner of your street... and a cut or a nook here or there would mean a screeching disturbance in your connection, or a dead telephone! which would mean that you have to go all the way to the nearest telephone exchange to file a complaint and someone would come and fix it! The telephones of the techies used to be very charming then... they were one single instrument with both the dial and the mike along with the headset! they would just connect the wires to a phone and voila! it works!

Life was simple then!

- A blank call meant no one would ever know that it was me who called... I remember dialling random numbers when mom dad were out of home, and just keeping the phone down when someone picked it up.. had even dialled 100 once, without realising that the police-walas need to cut the line for it to be disconnected... the bugger policeman waiting for 15 minutes before he hung up, while my heartbeat was increasing according to a quadratic equation with every second! Thankfully he disconnected before ma-papa came home!

- I would never know if someone called while no one was at home! (mind it! I am not talking about the riches who had answering machines even then)

- The numbers were just 4 digits long! before a 4 was appended in the beginning, and then another 4, and then a 2, and then a 5 and what not increasing the number of digits in my phone number, an indicator of the increase in number of phone subscribers!

- I did not really know how to keep the dialer silent if I wanted to make a call while parents were around! it would make all that sound because of the spring! duh!!!

Then we got another telephone! and now I could hear on the second instrument if we wanted a three way call between the relatives! A huge drawback being, that if I was talking to a friend, and someone else picked up, they would hear everything! Teenagers hate that, irrespective of what they are talking about!

Anyway, we graduated to having two telephone numbers in an year! one business telephone and another one a home phone! Made life a lot easier!

Now the huge irritant with these dialler phones was the fact that any number having digits like 8, or 9 or 0 were a big task to dial, and if it ends being a wrong number or a busy phone at the other end.. you would have do the entire excercise all over again! bummer!!! So you had be very careful while dialling a number, and keep praying that the person you are trying to talk to is home, and is not talking to anyone else! When mobile phones arrived, my faith in God suddenly increased because I used to pray very hard before I dial a mobile number! numbers starting with 9, numbers which were 10 digits long! oh God!!!!

It took us a while before we got a tone dial phone at my home! They were not free, and pa was never keen on making an investment in an instrument which could not be replaced free of cost by the telecommunications department!

A little later, everything changed!

- you could not make a blank call without the other person knowing who called!
- dialing a phone number sounded like beep beep bopp bopp beep bopp!
- phones stopped sounding like tringgggggggg tringggggggg.. but more like treeeeeeeppppp treeeeeeeeep!
- ringtones, mobile number, caller tune, friends and family, handphone, were the new in-words!

And today, while I spend over 9 hours of my day sitting in the Corporate IT department of a new Telco Company, I evaluate new offerings that can go to Voice and Data Customers! Its a long way from where it all started!

Incidently! my favorite ringtone still happens to be the old phone sound! and it does not look like something I will change given a choice!

30on30 Again!!!!

However this time around, its Paromita who is celebrating her birthday by trying to do something for the society!

Her initiative Deepdana is aimed at raising Rs. 30000 in 30 days, by selling some of her selected photography work!

Paromita is a photographer of immense talent, and this intent of giving something back to the not so privileged, definitely warrants for a lot of support! Please do visit the initiative website, please do spread the word, please do connect back with her to contribute!

Everything helps!!!

I am personally very happy that even though I was not able to do anything special for my birthday this year, 30on30 had an impact which is more than just the collection of Rs. 79000. Paromita is doing a 30on30 this year, and who knows there would be 10 more people who do more 30th year celebrations by trying to do something for the world! Makes all the effort absolutely worth it!!! Thank you and congratulations Paromita for keeping 30on30 alive!




Chuck it!!!! I do not want to think about the fact that getting about 6-7 hours of sleep these days is a luxury, thanks to the bucketloads of things that are happening in my life currently!!! I however feel very sad that Jas was here in India and I was not able to give her anytime. I am really sorry Jas!

Pa, on my request, found the weights that have not been used for the last 3 years... Loads of dust, coupled with rust makes them look sad, but they still weigh the same :) and a bit of cleaning and oiling the bolts would make them work just right! the first step to some light weights happened today in the morning! good!

Am trying to figure out how to make time for some photography or related work... I have not been able to edit a single photo in about 2 months! There is no mention o a quick Jaipur trip on my blog or my flickr page! and there are atleast 30 odd photographs that I still need to transfer to my laptop! Am thinking of giving photography a break for a while and restart afreash sometime in future! Knowing myself, I would not be able to stay away from it for long!

Am also doing very exciting things at work! Very new to me and probably a unique role otherwise too, and there are times when I struggle because till the time I do not know which side the shore is, I do not really like to swim! And this time around, its wide open spaces all around for now! Lets see how things shape up with time!

The Beat is running very fine!!! Its still extremely silent after 2000kms on the dash! I love the way this car moves around in slow traffic, quick response time, decent airconditioning, sharp turning radius and comfortable sitting, make this a good city car! and I am realising that driving a sedan in city traffic is not really worth it! so hatchbacks its going to be for me in the city!!!

Here is a song that I have been listening to and enjoying since my college days, and I am still very very fond of it, me being able to sing it decently being one of the few reasons for it as well!


देखो एक बेचारा

सुबह सवेरे उठकर, बॉस फाइल अभी लाया चिल्ला रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

सपने में भी मीटिंग्स schedule और reschedule करा रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

रोज़ सुबह रोज़ शाम
ट्राफ्फिक में फसा हुआ
इधर से उधर और उधर से इधर जाते लोगों को देख
बिना सोचे समझे होर्न बजा रहा है
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

रविवार की सुबह से ही सोमवार की सुबह का ग़म उसे तडपा रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

शाम होने तक न उससे कुछ समझ आता, न वो कुछ समझा पा रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

इश्क मोहब्बत प्यार इज़हार
ऐसे लफ़्ज़ों का future उससे सिर्फ अन्धकार में नज़र आ रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

जो करना नहीं चाहता वो ही किये जा रहा रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!

जो करने का दिल करता है, बस वही नहीं कर पा रहा है!
देखो एक बेचारा काम पर जा रहा है!


Have a happy blog!!!!

A blog is the easiest place to vent out, and for a lot of reasons...

1. It does not judge you
2. It does not jump on to resolving your so called problems
3. It stays with you irrespective of how much of sadness you have in your life. As a matter of fact, the sadder you are, the closer a blog seems to be
4. It does not differentiate between emotional bursts, or sadness, or mood swings, or stupidity or enlightenment
5. It will agree to everything that you say... and make you feel better about saying it!

All of it is, however coming at a cost which a lot of us do not probably realise...

1. We get to read a lot of sad stuff, on our blog, or someone elses
2. Blog hopping could end up being a pretty depressing activity if sadness continues to be pumped to the virtual world at this rate
3. And blah and blah!!!!!

So my personal take on it...

keep it happy keep it simple

Inside out!!!

Let me end with a beautiful track from my all time favorite "Everything is Illuminated" with the same title...


Tea Talk

There are really only three kinds of tea

1. Robust Black Teas, made from leaves that have been allowed to ferment

2. Delicate green teas, which are steamed instead of fermented; and

3. In-between oolong teas, which are only partially fermented!

Source : My tea calendar


Nothing to do!

So used to being caught up in something or the other, a day to relax does not seem to fit into the larger schema of things!

I should go find something to do!

Only after
I take Meera for her first service
I finish my meeting in the afternoon
and I complete the checklist of things that papa has given!


Cold Calling!

Saar Good maarning!
I yum khalling fraam Standard Chartered Bank! and I want to talk to you about our credit card! I do not need one ma'am!
But saar! why naat? This is a very benefitable credit card!

I really did not have time to discuss, otherwise I would have talked about the benefits of the benefitable credit card for sure!!!

I also got another call from someone representing CRY asking me to donate money! I find it surprising that some organizations have so much money that they hire agencies to ask for more! While a different chain of thought validates the need of such an exercise, something inside me strongly feels that there is a better use of this money than having a 2X2 inch ad running on news websites, or big hoardings, or cold calling and so on!

Coming back to the credit cards, I personally feel that a credit card with an intelligent consumer is a very very smart thing for the consumer.. and with someone who is careless would be something like!!! umm... बन्दर के हाथ मे तलवार!(Bandar ke haath mein talvar...)

Your thoughts?


2009 in Pictures - August

Been away from CKD for a very long time... and irrespective of how much I want to, I just have not been able to get time to get online!!!

The EDGE on the iPhone does not help either!

But here I am... with a post that has been waiting to be published for almost about a month now! Enjoy the pictures of last August...

It was a beautiful month in Milwaukee.. I also went to Minneapolis and had a great weekend there...

Saw movies on a home projection system back to back!!!

Went with office friends to a cabin some 2.5 hours away from Milwaukee up north, and led my team to a victory in the games we played over two days, the highlights being me eating bitter gourd, and finished about 24 golgappas in just below 3 minutes!!!

Life has been great lately! I struggle at times with the new profile that I am in now with MTS, and at the same time I thoroughly enjoy the learning that I get almost everyday! I finish my day promising myself that I will do better the next day!

Its very new for me.. the whole TELCO thing, and how a company totally working in India, works!!! but that's an interesting topic for the next post (whenever that comes)

For now let's be silent in honor of the long silence on Chai ki Dukaan, and just enjoy how the month of August in 2009 was!!!