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30on30 Again!!!!

However this time around, its Paromita who is celebrating her birthday by trying to do something for the society!

Her initiative Deepdana is aimed at raising Rs. 30000 in 30 days, by selling some of her selected photography work!

Paromita is a photographer of immense talent, and this intent of giving something back to the not so privileged, definitely warrants for a lot of support! Please do visit the initiative website, please do spread the word, please do connect back with her to contribute!

Everything helps!!!

I am personally very happy that even though I was not able to do anything special for my birthday this year, 30on30 had an impact which is more than just the collection of Rs. 79000. Paromita is doing a 30on30 this year, and who knows there would be 10 more people who do more 30th year celebrations by trying to do something for the world! Makes all the effort absolutely worth it!!! Thank you and congratulations Paromita for keeping 30on30 alive!


  1. @ Kshitiz..
    Bhai, I think its the entire concept of being able to do something for someone that rocks!!!

    Cheers to the efforts!

  2. You never fail to inspire, Omzi.

    Happy to see Paro take the 30on30 torch forward.

    Best wishes to Paro and her team :)

  3. Paromita Deb ArengThu Apr 29, 01:59:00 PM IST


    Thank u PB...u did inspire...

    @Kshitiz & Swats : hugs .. thank u 2 for ur support

  4. I am loving you guys sincere effort!
    And it made me to do something in 20 only. Planning to do something similar for my birthday too!

    Om the OMnipresent inspiration :)


  5. Best wishes. Love this initiative of yours Prashant.

    And some great pictures Paromita.

  6. @ Paromita
    I am glad!

    thanks again!

    @ Paavani
    :) arre wah!!! please do keep me posted on what you are doing.. would love to participate!

    @ Ceedy

    This is totally Paromita's idea! I am just trying to promote it with her!