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Have a happy blog!!!!

A blog is the easiest place to vent out, and for a lot of reasons...

1. It does not judge you
2. It does not jump on to resolving your so called problems
3. It stays with you irrespective of how much of sadness you have in your life. As a matter of fact, the sadder you are, the closer a blog seems to be
4. It does not differentiate between emotional bursts, or sadness, or mood swings, or stupidity or enlightenment
5. It will agree to everything that you say... and make you feel better about saying it!

All of it is, however coming at a cost which a lot of us do not probably realise...

1. We get to read a lot of sad stuff, on our blog, or someone elses
2. Blog hopping could end up being a pretty depressing activity if sadness continues to be pumped to the virtual world at this rate
3. And blah and blah!!!!!

So my personal take on it...

keep it happy keep it simple

Inside out!!!

Let me end with a beautiful track from my all time favorite "Everything is Illuminated" with the same title...


  1. Its a beautiful movie too!

    MP3 is easily available on the torrents! google kar lo!

  2. so true Prashant ! r u back in India ?

  3. @ Anjuli

    @ Reetika

    yes I have been in India for about 4 months now!

  4. I like that. :)

    Thanks for the reminder, Prashant.

  5. premium music this is.hahaa..love it....so uplifting...

    i must make a ridig search to find such russian music :):)...

    it is so lovely...my father had brought some music from russia my mom used to play the records when we were kids..reminds me of that....

    sammy davis jr. jr... :):)

  6. waise apne blog mein ..hum kuch bhi likhe....kyun...

  7. @ Kanan
    you are welcome!

    @ Joy
    you bet! premium music!!!! :)

    It is an amazing movie!

    @ J
    Bilkul... Zaroor likho!

    Tabhi main bola ke mera personal take hai... another personal take hai to avoid reading anything which is remotely depressing or negative!

  8. i meant 'rigid' search..

    haan woh idea achha hai....not to read ...dr j's prescription too...:)