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Chuck it!!!! I do not want to think about the fact that getting about 6-7 hours of sleep these days is a luxury, thanks to the bucketloads of things that are happening in my life currently!!! I however feel very sad that Jas was here in India and I was not able to give her anytime. I am really sorry Jas!

Pa, on my request, found the weights that have not been used for the last 3 years... Loads of dust, coupled with rust makes them look sad, but they still weigh the same :) and a bit of cleaning and oiling the bolts would make them work just right! the first step to some light weights happened today in the morning! good!

Am trying to figure out how to make time for some photography or related work... I have not been able to edit a single photo in about 2 months! There is no mention o a quick Jaipur trip on my blog or my flickr page! and there are atleast 30 odd photographs that I still need to transfer to my laptop! Am thinking of giving photography a break for a while and restart afreash sometime in future! Knowing myself, I would not be able to stay away from it for long!

Am also doing very exciting things at work! Very new to me and probably a unique role otherwise too, and there are times when I struggle because till the time I do not know which side the shore is, I do not really like to swim! And this time around, its wide open spaces all around for now! Lets see how things shape up with time!

The Beat is running very fine!!! Its still extremely silent after 2000kms on the dash! I love the way this car moves around in slow traffic, quick response time, decent airconditioning, sharp turning radius and comfortable sitting, make this a good city car! and I am realising that driving a sedan in city traffic is not really worth it! so hatchbacks its going to be for me in the city!!!

Here is a song that I have been listening to and enjoying since my college days, and I am still very very fond of it, me being able to sing it decently being one of the few reasons for it as well!


  1. Indeed..so many thing on your plate ;)

  2. @ Swati...

    @ FJ
    this is just a percentage of what I am dealing with these days :)

    thanks! will do!

  3. Iam sure u love this song..coming for the second time on the blog!!
    and hope u get a quick nice break soon!!