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Is sab ke zimmedaar! aap hain!!!!






děkuji ti





σε ευχαριστώ




terima kasih







ddiolch 'ch

and like i said... ye sab aapki wajah se hua hai :)


सुंदरकाण्ड – हनुमान्‌जी की सुरसा से भेंट

चौपाई :

जात पवनसुत देवन्ह देखा। जानैं कहुँ बल बुद्धि बिसेषा॥
सुरसा नाम अहिन्ह कै माता। पठइन्हि आइ कही तेहिं बाता॥
आजु सुरन्ह मोहि दीन्ह अहारा। सुनत बचन कह पवनकुमारा॥
राम काजु करि फिरि मैं आवौं। सीता कइ सुधि प्रभुहि सुनावौं॥

देवताओं ने पवनपुत्र हनुमान्‌जी को जाते हुए देखा। उनकी विशेष बल-बुद्धि को जानने के लिए उन्होंने सुरसा नामक सर्पों की माता को भेजा, उसने आकर हनुमान्‌जी से यह बात कही, आज देवताओं ने मुझे भोजन दिया है। यह वचन सुनकर पवनकुमार हनुमान्‌जी ने कहा- श्री रामजी का कार्य करके मैं लौट आऊँ और सीताजी की खबर प्रभु को सुना दूँ

तब तव बदन पैठिहउँ आई। सत्य कहउँ मोहि जान दे माई॥
कवनेहुँ जतन देइ नहिं जाना। ग्रससि न मोहि कहेउ हनुमाना॥
जोजन भरि तेहिं बदनु पसारा। कपि तनु कीन्ह दुगुन बिस्तारा॥
सोरह जोजन मुख तेहिं ठयऊ। तुरत पवनसुत बत्तिस भयऊ॥

तब मैं आकर तुम्हारे मुँह में घुस जाऊँगा और तुम मुझे खा लेना । हे माता! मैं सत्य कहता हूँ, अभी मुझे जाने दे। जब किसी भी उपाय से उसने जाने नहीं दिया, तब हनुमान्‌जी ने कहा- तो फिर मुझे खा न ले उसने योजनभर मुँह फैलाया। तब हनुमान्‌जी ने अपने शरीर को उससे दूना बढ़ा लिया। उसने सोलह योजन का मुख किया। हनुमान्‌जी तुरंत ही बत्तीस योजन के हो गए

जस जस सुरसा बदनु बढ़ावा। तासु दून कपि रूप देखावा॥
सत जोजन तेहिं आनन कीन्हा। अति लघु रूप पवनसुत लीन्हा॥
बदन पइठि पुनि बाहेर आवा। मागा बिदा ताहि सिरु नावा॥
मोहि सुरन्ह जेहि लागि पठावा। बुधि बल मरमु तोर मैं पावा॥

जैसे-जैसे सुरसा मुख का विस्तार बढ़ाती थी, हनुमान्‌जी उसका दूना रूप दिखलाते थे। उसने सौ योजन मुख किया। तब हनुमान्‌जी ने बहुत ही छोटा रूप धारण कर लिया और उसके मुख में घुसकर तुरंत बाहर निकल आए और उसे सिर नवाकर विदा माँगने लगे। उसने कहा मैंने तुम्हारे बुद्धि-बल का भेद पा लिया, जिसके लिए देवताओं ने मुझे भेजा था

दोहा :

राम काजु सबु करिहहु तुम्ह बल बुद्धि निधान। आसिष देइ गई सो हरषि चलेउ हनुमान॥

तुम श्री रामचंद्रजी का सब कार्य करोगे, क्योंकि तुम बल-बुद्धि के भंडार हो। यह आशीर्वाद देकर वह चली गई, तब हनुमान्‌जी हर्षित होकर चले


There IS something in the name!

Shakespear said, "What's in a name?"

I said there is a lot!!! Would you enter a store which is called Resham, to buy cotton kurtas...or would you go to a cafe called BanarsiDas Tambuwale to have coffee? I guess not!!!! Name does help make a connection... add some jazz to things, shops, brands and so on and so forth!!!

A friend of mine, is planning a stint with enterprunership and needs some help from Chai Ki Dukaan readers... So what is needed from you is to suggest a name that captures the essence of the Indian handicrafts industry...colours, crafts, unexplored talent in rural India. For all you know, the name that you suggest might be a popular brand a few years down the line, and you get some amazing discounts on the stores which keep that brand!

So go ahead... suggest!!!



Yesterday, me and Radha complete 65000 kms of our togetherness after a fantastic drive to and in the hills!!! Will write about the trip sometime later though!

She has been like an angel looking after me all these years we have been together!!! Thank you Radha and thank you uncle God for these wonderful times!!!

Like I like to say, Life is great!


sale sale Single Ladka!!! Sale Sale!!!

One of my very very dear friends J, is SINGLE, and is looking for a valentine's day date! He mentioned that to me in the morning today and I vouched to put this issue up somewhere... my best somewhere happens to be Chai ki Dukaan!

The guy is very smart, good looking, soft spoken, a brilliant photographer and an entrepreneur with a smile worth millions and a heart of Gold! and Single! and available!

If you know someone in Bangalore, who would like to go out on a blind date, please do leave a note here! I hope my friend is reading the post and the comments!


Good ways to spend an evening - 1

1. Leave office on time (ok, a li'il late works too)
2. Get a tank full of gas (short for gasoline, and referred to as petrol and diesel in India) [abe firangi]
3. Find a direction to drive in...
4. Set a countdown timer (e.g. I will drive for 90 minutes, and look for the first nice place to have tea)
6. Stop...
7. Eat and have Chai
8. Come back!

I managed to do a 100km drive last night with a couple of friends and went till Dharampur... about 40 kms before Solan and 13 kms before Kasauli!!!! the hills are suddenly a lot closer than they were for the last 18 months!

I love it! Life is uber cool!


Sheikh, Apni Apni Dekh

8 days since I published last!!! not fair! there has been so much happening that a lot of things, I had time for when I out of the country, have taken a back seat!

I guess its just a phase...though the last two weekends and the week has been very very good! in ways more than one! along with some sidey not so good things too!!!

Got to know a few nice people in Chandigarh, making the stay here a lot better than I had expected... driving to work and back does not take more than 15 minutes and its a pleasure to drive... the chill in the mornings and the breeze in the evenings is a pleasure to experience!

Ashu flew off to Mauritius for his project yesterday... which is another good news! I am proud of him!

Radha is doing great, and I am enjoying my long drives with her! we have driven about 2000kms already after I came back! I think in all I must have driven close to about 100,000 kms in the last 6 years! I like it!

I saw Ishqiya! and it turned out to be a bummer! Naseer wasted, Arshad and Vidhya underutilized, weak plot, slow pace... not sure if there was much about the movie that I liked except a couple of songs and some stills from the lighting point of view... my favorite being the opening sequence of the movie! and it just went downhill from there!!! My favorite line from the movie being. "Sheikh, Apni Apni Dekh".

There is a whole lot happening other than the regular movie, home, work business, and I am very excited and at the same time a bit nervous about it... but I kind of believe that things are going to turn out just right!

Have a wonderful week everyone!