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Good ways to spend an evening - 1

1. Leave office on time (ok, a li'il late works too)
2. Get a tank full of gas (short for gasoline, and referred to as petrol and diesel in India) [abe firangi]
3. Find a direction to drive in...
4. Set a countdown timer (e.g. I will drive for 90 minutes, and look for the first nice place to have tea)
6. Stop...
7. Eat and have Chai
8. Come back!

I managed to do a 100km drive last night with a couple of friends and went till Dharampur... about 40 kms before Solan and 13 kms before Kasauli!!!! the hills are suddenly a lot closer than they were for the last 18 months!

I love it! Life is uber cool!


  1. lovely..did it with frnds once and is totally worth it!!!


  2. '40 kms before Solan and 13 kms before Kasauli!!!!'
    Tum aagay jaane ki jaghan, U-turn lekar wapas kaise aagaye? :D

    You are 'so close' to the mountains.
    Kitney lucky ho tum :)
    Happy for you.

  3. Wednesday Morning:

    1) A friend called. he wanted to get out of the office.
    2) Left Office at 10:30
    3)Drove towards a mall
    4)11:00AM: Mind changed
    5) Car on Ring Road and then on NH1
    6) Drove till Karnal
    7) Had lunch at Haveli
    8) Drove back.
    9) @home by 7

    :) :) :)

  4. You have to read the post where Netra and me went to Krishnagiri .. :) Similar situation .. 200 kms biking... had chai .. and then back :)

    Love these kind of experiences!

  5. Awesome way to spend evening

  6. Idea is fantastic! But it would be the day when I drive in India... *daydreams* (:

  7. @ vagabond
    lovely :)

    @ Swati
    Because I knew I am coming back again!!!! and I did yesterday... went all the way to Kasauli..

    @ Aseem
    Remember the time you were in Chandigarh just like that :) I know you can so do things like this!

    @ Mayuri

    @ Kshitiz
    I read that bhai :)

    @ Kanan
    :) good luck with that!!!

  8. Anyday such random trips/visits are always better and more enojyable than a planned drive to some distant place..glad you had fun!!