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sale sale Single Ladka!!! Sale Sale!!!

One of my very very dear friends J, is SINGLE, and is looking for a valentine's day date! He mentioned that to me in the morning today and I vouched to put this issue up somewhere... my best somewhere happens to be Chai ki Dukaan!

The guy is very smart, good looking, soft spoken, a brilliant photographer and an entrepreneur with a smile worth millions and a heart of Gold! and Single! and available!

If you know someone in Bangalore, who would like to go out on a blind date, please do leave a note here! I hope my friend is reading the post and the comments!


  1. lol!

    @K: pst pst...I would love to fix a date for you with PC :P..she would have made an awesome date :) but she is currently out of Bangalore :-/

    But don't you worry...khoj jaari hai ;)

  2. the most interesting thing read here of late... ;-)..btw not too far from Blore...he he he..just kidding..

  3. : D.. public service thru CKD..? sahi hai...

  4. Oh teri ! Yaar tum bade ishmart ho ! kya platform choose kiya hai ! Lets see what comes out of this exercise !


  5. @ Reetika

    how far are you from bangalore? :)

    @ Chandan
    Di... doston ke liye itna to karna hi padega :)

  6. #J

    bhai mere!!! tune kaha ke kuch karo, and I did a part of what i could :) abhi FB access nahin hai, nahin to pakka tu khali nahin baith-ta VDay par!!!

  7. Does J mind travelling overnight for the date? :)

  8. In 1979 (aka Golmaal days in case you're wondering why this particular year), it was called jet-age. What is this age called?

    I am just thinking about what possibilities the future might bring...

    Best wishes to J & his to-be-date! :D

  9. He he he he he..............

    Sahi hai hero. Are you sure you are not asking about yourself :)

  10. @ Anony

    @ Richa
    i doubt... "bangalore" is has to be..

    @ Kanan
    interesting question... These days age changes every 2-3 years :) rather the generation points of view... not sure what we could call it..

    @ Deepak
    Bhai, a couple of things... I am not in Bangalore and if I wanted one for myself, I would put it in as many words :P you should know this much about me :)

    @ Isha

  11. @ Reetika.. Yes indeed.. Big fan of CKD anyday :) This post puts it up

    @ Arbee, Yes.. I am afraid it has to be Bangalore. Too short a notice for me to travel anywhere else :)

    @ Kanan .. thanks for the wishes :) We live on those only ! and smile more ! :)

    @ Deepak .. hehe.. good question .. U never know .. at times people tend to put things in a cryptic manner so that not to make it pretty obvious ...

    @ Isha ..LOL indeed. I love CKD :)

  12. Hey

    'J' , you are lucky to have a friend like 'Om'.



    Aur koi kaam nahi hai kya, ab dating ka business bhi 'Chai ki Dukaan' se hoga kya?


  13. @OM: Bhai just kidding. Taang kheench raha tha teri. I know that u re still in Noida.

  14. sahi..all the best J. abhi tak kuch hua kya?

  15. How is it going J? :) Its V-day morning, any progress!!

  16. @ Pankhudi
    Aur bhi bahut kaam hai... par doston ki setting karana kuch kaamon se important hai :)

    and dating is pretty serious business too!!! :)

    @ Deepak
    arre bhai :)

    @ Aks
    Mujhe to lag nahin raha :)

  17. @ Pahkhudi ..
    Yes indeed.. I am very fortunate :)

    @ AKS, Jas,
    Arre nahi yaaron.. unfortunately CKD was not much of a help here too :) none so far :)

    This is interesssshhting :P

  18. Nice Idea..Do u know anyone in and around Delhi,whose interested in a similar date too ?? ;-)

  19. lol :) kuch nahi hua !

    The good thing is that I ended up getting a lot of work done :)

  20. o thts not too gr8 to hear that J ended up with loads of work after all this effort..
    @ Om - overnight distance from Blore.. so its Hyd now..

  21. btw I am in Blore coming weekend catching up with some friends.;-)

  22. @ Reetika ..

    Unfortunately I am out of Bangalore till last week of March .. :(

    Traveling all over the country.

  23. I envy people who get an opportunity to travel all across... I miss this aspect in my current role... I wanna wear those shoes again..:-)