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There IS something in the name!

Shakespear said, "What's in a name?"

I said there is a lot!!! Would you enter a store which is called Resham, to buy cotton kurtas...or would you go to a cafe called BanarsiDas Tambuwale to have coffee? I guess not!!!! Name does help make a connection... add some jazz to things, shops, brands and so on and so forth!!!

A friend of mine, is planning a stint with enterprunership and needs some help from Chai Ki Dukaan readers... So what is needed from you is to suggest a name that captures the essence of the Indian handicrafts industry...colours, crafts, unexplored talent in rural India. For all you know, the name that you suggest might be a popular brand a few years down the line, and you get some amazing discounts on the stores which keep that brand!

So go ahead... suggest!!!


  1. Hastkala or;
    saanjhi chath ;
    FISH (Fresh Ideas Sell Here)

  2. Haha ha...I am linking it to the comments by Anon on my post.... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Aro: Good work there!:D

    PB, can't think of an apt one at the moment...we'll see if I can work my brain to come up with one!

  4. hmmm.. a quick brain tickler suggests these:

    1. srijan - सृजन meaning creation;
    can be moulded as सृJAN (Jan = folks)

    2. lokakriti- लोकाकृति meaning creation of/ by the people (folks)

    3. pahal - पहल means initiation- as an attempt to bind people, folk art and craft together.


    wish good luck to your friend :-)

  5. my take s
    "CraftHouse"/ "CraftZone"

  6. Name is important, it adds to identity of a person and if its for a new venture..a lot goes. Where is your friend setting up his/her new venture (Which part of the country). Who are the target audience. Is it online or a real time one..
    this info would be helpful to suggest a name

  7. I like Pahal and Kala Kriti !

    Let me also think of some.

  8. Lovely names everyone!!! thanks a bunch!!!

    @ Aro... I did not realize what were you talking about till I read the comments :)

  9. #OM: Thank you so much for this post :)

    #Isha: Hastkala is quite nice. Thanks :)

    #Jas: Sonchiye, sonchiye :)

    #Mayuri:I quite like lokakriti & pahal. Thanks :)

    and Thank you for wishes. I really need them :D

    #WG: hmm..Kalakriti is nice. Thanks :)

    #Anony: I agree these details would help but I'm afraid I won't be able to share too many details right now :(. But like Om mentioned in the post 'a name that captures the essence of the Indian handicrafts industry' preferably a Hindi/Sanskrit name..
    Products will be be available both realtime and online.
    Thanks :)

    #Kshitiz: Jaldi sonchiye :)

    - Om's friend & an aspiring entrepreneur :)

  10. i would definitely buy cotton kurtas from a store called resham...cause i would expect....kurta's of very high quality of cotton...soft to touch like silk...and i like soft fabrics...

    i would go to a coffee shop called.....banarasidas tambuwals.....for sure...cause i would expect it to be something trendy and hip.....cause the owner....displays s sense of humour and some panache...in selecting the name...different from...cafe...jave....coffee tofeee....and all that dull conventional stuff...

    like an indian fashion designer who is very edgy...very hip... calls his range of clothes....'fish fry'..

    i saw a string of boutiques in paris selling indian handicrafts and garments called 'diwali'....now a popular global festival

    so if you want to sell traditional stuff in an urban market/ small town/rural....the names has to connect appropriately...

    all the best potential entrepreneur....

  11. @ Joy...
    that was expected of you :) no wonders!

  12. Maati (Mitti) referring to soil here!!

  13. #Joy: I second you on 'banarasidas tambuwala' cafe. I'd check out the place at least once :)

    Thank you for your wishes.

    #Vaishali: aanhaan! Great minds think alike :D
    'Maati' is one of the few names that I came up with.
    Thank you :)

    - aspiring entrepreneur :)

  14. Hehe..lol!!
    Thanks~~I just though of this name, while I was reading the post..didnt even think twice for any other name..it pretty fits well!!

  15. umm..how about 'Rang mein bhang'

    Is is Holi fever or have I lost it? :-/

  16. a regular surfer here.
    some suggestions :

    Meri/Hamari Haat - [rural market]

    gaav ki dukaan


  17. #Kishley: :) Thanks

    #mepretentious: Hmm..Shilpkaar sounds quite nice :) Thanks.

  18. Ha ha ha..I liked that name "Banarsidas Tambuwale.."
    Great ..LOL.. :)

  19. Thanks everyone for the lovely suggestions!!!! will post the final name once the decision is taken!

  20. There are so many things to consider when you are trying to open a business/store/company.
    1.Locality/area where the store will be.
    2.The clientele. Even though mostly women..typically what agegroup you will be catering to..and even though you may want each and everyone to visit your store what background will they mostly be from.

    People who will be coming from abroad will have a different eye (this is not a debate about good vs.bad)for ethnic stuff than those people who have been living there and are familiar with these crafts on a regular basis.

    My two cents..

    1.Rustic Charm
    2.Urban Gypsy
    3.Shabby chic
    4.Modern traditions
    5.Village Goods
    6.Back to Basics

    There is a craft store in US with the name Micheal's..thats it.. just the first name..like Mcdonald's
    All the best for your store
    So it can be Om's or whatever the name may be.

  21. hi prashant..i liked vinita's suggestion - 'rustic charm'...

    a couple more ~



    3)Desi Tadka

    4)Rustic Rain