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Panipat to Jalandhar (NH1)

If you are planning to take a roadtrip which involves NH1, and the stretch after Panipat, plan it with some buffer time on your hands... 6 laning of the highway between Panipat and Jalandhar is on full swing, and the good news is that once its complete you would be crossing over a 100 flyovers on this stretch with state of the art roads gently massaging your cars tires throughout!

The bad news, however, is that most of the time you would be driving in service lanes (which are at times 2 lanes wide, but mostly just about 1.5) along with the local traffic and highway traffic! The situation is bad while going towards Jalandhar though, its a little better while coming back!

I drove to Kurukshetra this weekend, and what takes just about 1.25 hours from Panipat, took me well over 2 hours! And the worst part being that I missed a beautiful sunflower field on the way for some reason! I really would have loved to take a few pictures there!


New Delhi And Pictures (Lodhi Garden, T3 Terminal)

Some stills from New Delhi...

From the mosque next to Bada Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi...

Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden-2

Lodhi Garden-3

Trollies stacked together at the T3 Terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
T3 Terminal, New Delhi India



My ICICI debit card went kaput, and I had to request for a new one! There are two ways to do it...

1. You could walk into a branch and take a duplicate card, which is generic and does not have your name on it... its just a start-up kit(I assume)and they associate the card to your bank account.

2. You request for a new card either online or through the branch. In this case you get a card within 7 days after 4 days of you placing the request! and you get the pin in a separate mailer!

In both cases you are charged a fee!

Everything is great so far!

What caught my attention is that the new card that I got is valid till 2021... 10 years from now! There is no way this card can be used for the next 10 years if one is an active debit card user, and thus ICICI is all set to earn a fee from cards which become unusable after a few years!


On the other hand, my credit card, which is from Citibank comes with a 3 year validity. (I am sure there is a logic and business reasoning behind the validity of these cards, which I am not aware of and would love to know and understand) I am not a debit card user, and at most I use it for an ATM transaction once or twice (tops) in a month. My maximum use of the debit card is for online transfers, and I might actually keep this card active, alive, and intact!

Do you know if other banks also play the same game? What is the default validity of their debit cards?


Places - London

Two girls walk past a municipal building next to London's famous Tower Bridge (more popularly known as the London Bridge)

The last passenger @ London Tube's Bow Road Station

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A few stories untold

A few stories untold

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One of the most tiring, both physically and mentally, weeks is finally coming to an end! a good one at that!!!

Thank you uncle God!