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damn! i am back!

  • 1 weekend
  • 3 days
  • 1 car
  • 2 people
  • 650 kms
  • 2 states
  • All weathers... hot, cold, rain, sun, hail storm, almost snowfall
  • All terrain... road, no road! hills, plains, village, town, city, national highway, state highway, no highway!

  • 1 feeling!

When am I doing it again! :)


I am afraid!

of death!

Not mine! no!

but of people who I think I will be death without!

I get tears in my eyes every time I think of it!

Mark Sloan and his intern

In Grey's Anatomy, almost every intern who is assigned to Mark Sloan, the awesomest plastic surgeon, has to fetch coffee for him in addition to doing a lot of tasks which are not related to surgery!

I do not want to be that intern, and I do not want to be working with a Mark Sloan ever, even though he is the best that one can get!

good ideas

Jim Corbett plan postponed! no issues! good idea infact!

Looking forward to a training and another certification! good idea again!

Spending the weekend at home, not doing much except watching a movie! good idea!

Getting the tires aligned and balanced! very important idea!

Preparing an additional spare tire for long drives! good idea!


Google Apps for AndPictures

For the ones who did not know, if you have your own domain, you can use Google Apps (Gmail, Calender, Docs, Chat, and some more) for free, in case your users are less than 50.

It takes a bit of effort to configure everything, and I have been trying to get Google Apps up and running for my photography portfolio website : www.andpictures.net

All settings have been done, configurations completed, and all I need to do is to wait for the back-end sync to complete and I should be good to go! Being google, it should also work nicely on my Android, which makes it nice!



Some photographs from a recent shoot in Singapore!!! Was staying with Aseem and got an opportunity to take some photographs of Seona, Aseem and Mala's daughter who turned 1 on the 19th of January this year!!!

Seona looking at Mala

Seona with Pooh



ज्ञानचंद दोहेवाले

साधू संत सब कह गए, दिल को रखिये साफ़ |
जो करेगा सो भरेगा, आप कीजिये सबको माफ़ ||

Prashant Bhardwaj, Feb'2011


Don't say TATA to TATA!

Why So Serious!!! This is the tagline of Honda that I did not like, because they have picked it up straight from Knight Rider! Now apparantly after someone buys a Honda, they would not be serious anymore! And rightly so, Honda cars are a pleasure to drive! smooth, silent, efficient, and so on!

On my way back home, last friday, I saw just the opposite... a gentlemen in his mid 30s, extremely serious while his driver was at the steering wheel of the brand new red Jazz! his discomfort and total lack of confidence was oozing out of all the windows of that otherwise comfortable car! I really wanted to ask him "Why so Serious?" , record it and send it to Honda!

All of that was beside the point though! The point here was that I was driving a 12000 kms old Indica Quadrajet! and was I pleasently surprised or was I?

The Quadrajet is a FIAT engine, and is expected to run extremely well, however that engine in the TATA body is making that car feel like a different animal on the road for sure! As soon as you rev up the engine beyond 2000 rpm, the car really transforms into a different avatar! The build quality is quite alright of the Indica, much better that the previous versions, though it still looks and feels very plastic as compared to cars in the similar category! AC is alright! Space is NICE, and the legroom at rear is very comfortable for 3 adults!

I was driving the fully loaded version which comes with a CD player and integrated bluetooth telephony system! it basically sucks though! I can do without it!

The ABS would come handy as the car seems to have a more than adequate amount of Body roll!

There is very little engine noise, thanks to the refined FIAT engine, and the throttle response is more than pleasing!

Let's come to a few thoughts keeping in perspective, the closest competition for this car! A fully loaded Swift VDI!

None of the two have a set of Alloys with the fully loaded version... Swift VDI has better build quality for sure, however that comes with a premium of about Rs. 70000 as compared to the Indica Quadrajet. Is it worth it? Not really sure till I drive a Swift VDI, but for now, the Indica Quadrajet seems to be a good value for money!

I also feel that things like
- Tachometer
- Digital Clock
- High mounted rear lamp
- Follow me home headlamps
- Delayed cabin lights
- Headlight on warning

and a few more! Don't see why these have to be included as "features" anymore in car brochures!


9 2 11 (नौ दो ग्यारह )

Have been trying to find the origin of 9-2-11 since morning... have asked a few colleagues at work as well!

but no go!

Anyone knows when and how did the phrase 9-2-11(नौ दो ग्यारह ) originate?

Why this post today? Well! today is 9-2-11! that's why!