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Time for a Sankalp...

So here I am... back to Sankalp and posting the much awaited paintings that won at the Painting Competition in Sankalp, Moradabad...

There were multiple things that I wanted to achieve from this entire set of activities:
  1. Go out and do some fun activities for the kids in Sankalp
  2. Not just donate something, but have some use of it
  3. Bring back the paintings and do some fund raising for Sankalp

1 done
2 done
Click HERE for details of the day...
3 is what this post is about!!!

The aim is to collect at least Rs. 6000 which is the amount that is required for non-formal education of one kid in Sankalp. Non-formal education includes the education expenses, recreational opportunities, nutritional expenses and healthcare.

Here is the plan... You can select one of the 12 paintings below (click on the photo to see large) and write to me at prashantbhardwaj@gmail.com in case you are interested in the painting. The minimum that you should be willing to give is Rs. 500 and I shall leave it to you in case you'd like to give more. I am going to collect the entire money and hand over to ASK.

In case you' like to follow a different route of helping to the cause, please visit the ASK India website directly @ ASKIndia.org and browse around to find an opportunity.

Made by Sayma Sharif (Class VI). This one won because of the positive message in the painting, and the girl trying her hands on Water Colors for the first time. We had give three topics - Child Rights, - Child Labour and - Rains... Sayma wonderfully clubbed two of them to come up with this ! (Painting not available anymore; Arobindo has offered to take this one)

Made by Sana Afreen (Class VII). Lovely use of color... Very soothing to the eyes. The category she chose was Barish (Rains); (Painting not available anymore; Monika has offered to take this one)

Made by Irfan (Class (VII). A Very nice representation of Child Rights...(Painting not available anymore; Binnu :) has offered to take this one)

Made by Ishtiyak (Class VI). Lovely use of Color... Treat to the eyes... (Painting not available anymore; Aseem has offered to take this one)

Made by Saira (Class VII). Brilliant representation of Child Rights. Very nice use of color.(Painting not available anymore; Binnu :) has offered to take this one)

Made by Nazma (Class VI). Nazma was one of the winners because of a different thought she put into this. She made a canvas and then painted inside the Canvas... Nice thinking...(Painting not available anymore; Pankaj Trivedi has offered to take this one)

Made by Umar Farid (Class VI). Umar painted a question that stares at the face of many of us who are involved with the initiative... We have an answer, and we are working towards getting the answer being put in reality... (Painting not available anymore; Reeta Skeeter has offered to take this one)

Made by Shabeena Khan (Class VIII). Shabeena used the colors very nicely and the glitter too... It was a cloudy and rainy day in Moradabad and it took a while before this work dried... This is an absolute visual delight... (Painting not available anymore; Geet has offered to take this one)

Made by Shiri (Class V). Shiri's message in this work is simple, straightforward, and very clear. Lovely portrayal of the thoughts...(Painting not available anymore; Mayuri has offered to take this one)

Made by Rani Sartaj (Class VI). Very nice use of colors. Visually very soothing...(Painting not available anymore; Gaurav Agrawal has offered to take this one)

Made by Sadim (Class III). Sadim did not paint for any of the themes, but he made the Indian Flag and wrote the National Anthem for us... We could not have ignored this one...(Painting not available anymore; Subbu has offered to take this one)

Made by Salman (Class VI). Brilliant use of color, and a visually appealing representation of Rains...(Painting not available anymore; Kavita has offered to take this one)

Like I said before too, please contact me at prashantbhardwaj@gmail.com and let me know in case you interested in one of the above paintings/sketches. The minimum I am expecting from you is Rs. 500.

God Bless !!!


  1. I love the paintings. It is my pleasure to pledge for this cause. Will finalize the details with you.

  2. ah but there were two other, these paintings were competing for the worst of the lot category,
    one by Pete and the other one by Ashu,
    Ashu's one just made it to the line it was definitely the worst one, however pete ran him real close...

    Put that up, I might just buy ... fix a price..if you can cause both of them are priceless

    Also I am buying the first one....

  3. # Subbu...

    Sure bro !!! thanks for your support... I would still suggest pick one of the lot and we can talk :)

    # Aro..
    My painting is priceless anyway :) I did post it in the previous writeup of the trip bro !!!

    I am not selling that one :) it gets framed and goes on my wall :)

    First one? oki :)

  4. i take the 8th painting. am going to donate more than u hv asked. will drop an email

  5. It's sad that you have only three comments on this post so far.


  6. # Geet...
    thanks... I got your email... Have responded to it...

    # R..
    It was posted on Saturday, maybe thats why !!

  7. Made by Ishtiyak (Class VI).

    I will take this one... really nice paintings and another friend of mine

    Kavita Bhargava will take

    Made by Salman (Class VI). Brilliant use of color, and a visually appealing representation of Rains...

  8. Thanks Aseem...

    Appreciate it..

    Many thanks to Kavita as well for her kind gesture !!

  9. apun ko Rani Sartaj (Class VI) ki painting khareedne ka hai ..

  10. # Gaurav...
    thanks bro...

    Please email me your address so that I can courier the painting to you.

  11. bro! i buying 2 of the paintings. one by Saira and other one by Irfan. no need to courier. :)
    i wl collect from ur home. will get to meet you as well. its been loooooooong! :)

  12. # Navin...
    thanks a ton bro :)

    I am happy that this will make us meet again :)

  13. Nice paintings.. and a good cause..

  14. # Pallavi...
    thank you very much :)

  15. Nice initiative Om...
    can I take the one by Umar Farid please?
    Thanks :)
    Reety Skeety

  16. nice paintings :) I still need to decide which one I want.
    can u mail internationally? if not, i guess i can have it sent to a friend. and how do i pay?

  17. # Reeta...

    # Kashmira...
    :) Most of these are already taken, I am going to put up another set of paintings soon :)

    I would be more than happy to send it internationally... An online transfer is the best way to pay :)

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