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Felt like a friday

Been a very strange week this one!

Since Monday, every day felt like Friday! not because it was festive, but something inside me really wished that the next day is a Saturday (read a holiday), and now that its Friday finally, it does not feel like one at all!

I, however, am still waiting for the saturday :)

I think I need to go dancing!!!

Ye !


Champ of the month!

Getting an award when you cannot substantiate why you "should" get it is more of an embarrassment than a matter of pride!

Maybe I am being overcritical of myself, but I am not really sure why I should have been awarded at work as yet! Am far from what I need to achieve!



There are certain times when resisting the need of having a hot cup of tea is almost impossible!!!

Some of them are

1. When it rains


2. When you have been driving for a while, and want to take a quick break
3. When you want to talk at length with a friend
4. When someone has a packet of Parle-G Glucose biscuits
5. When its really cold outside and you are sitting in a balcony enjoying the chill
6. When you just want to sit on the top of a hill watching the valley in front


7. When you don't want do much and relax in the morning


8. When you want to stop thinking for a while
9. When you want to think about something important
10. When there is a lot of work to do


11. When there is nothing to do
12. When you want to crib about things at work
13. When its a long weekend (thanks CP for the idea)

am leaving some points for the readers to fill in! When do you like to have tea?

All photographs from a recent trip to the hills (Ranikhet, Dist. Almora, Uttarakhand)

Thanks to the visitors of CKD, here is another long list :)
* When I miss home a lot - V
* When you have a headache - Saguna
* When I enjoy looking at the hedges across the road, from my balcony - Mepretentious
* Anytime and everytime... its theraupatic... i can never say no to tea unless too sweet - Raina
* When you are writing a blog (post) - Raina
* Samose ke saath - Raina
* When you're sitting on a swing... the three-seater kind that is in the backyard or frontyard or indoors. :) - Kanan
* Chai anytime anywhere & everywhere!! - Purnima
* When you have to wake up.. - Komal-Niksha
* When you can't think or do anymore..a cup of chai almost always seems to re-enrgise you.. - Komal-Niksha
* When you want to pen some beautiful lines.. - Komal-Niksha
* When you want to go back in time.. - Komal-Niksha


Getting better!

I used to like the amazing photograph, lovely pictures, what a shot sorts of comments on my flickr page a lot! And to be honest, I really like them today as well! But I struggle to improve in absense of the comments which tell me what can I do better!

There is a huge number of extremely talented photographers who showcase their work online on websites such a flickr, and a favorite, or a small comment from them does help continue with the effort!!!

And there are people who keep you going by coming back to you work, and encourage you! Its amazing how such people keep you going, if not help you improve!

However that is not enough all the time!

Here is what I did in the recent past to work on my photography...

1. Distinguish between what I am clicking just to document that "I was there", and the photographs which show a different side to the usual

2. Reduce the number of photographs that I click! Though this is in disagreement with a lot of experts, I feel that I want to see more than I click! hence a little more time spent behind the camera, or looking at pictures, or reading about them! and reduced time clicking! Not really sure if that has helped, as I am yet to reach a significant difference in my work

3. I follow the people who my contacts follow as their favorites! So let's say I really like how Tushar clicks, I would go to his favorites page, and see what does he follow! There are chances, that what he follows is a couple of steps ahead of him... and if I like his photography, the chances that I would like what he "really likes" a lot more! so I follow both! Over a period of time, I look at images that inspire me the most!

4. Stop following groups which are just a dumping ground for digital junk! I have spent a lot of time trying to find good pictures, from large groups! And did not end up learning! Instead I spent more time doing what I mentioned in step 3 and have gained a lot of "where could I get better" knowledge! How I get better is another chapter totally!

5. Stop getting emotional about my own work! Just because its me who has clicked a picture, does not mean its a nice picture! Reviewing every picture as an independent viewer has helped me break a lot of bonds with my images, and delete them from my collection (After a backup ofcourse; you never know when you need to go back to your originals)

And that's not it! I am nowhere close to what I can be!

But I am getting there!


T-tips from Chai ki Dukaan!

When you make tea, make sure that you are smiling!!!


It helps the TEA Taste Better!!!

Photograph from a T-Shop at Jageshwar(Distt. Almora), Uttarakhand, India!



Take two things away from Delhi Roads and this city would never be the same again!!!

The Horn!


The Horny!!


Pieces of Peace

Pieces of Peace

You find your peace in pieces all over!!! Make sure to collect all of them!

Photograph from Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis Downtown, Minnesota!


Games people play!

We all get pulled between options...

CWG 2010 are about to come to an end, tomorrow being the last day! I have been looking forward and hoping that the games go well, and there are no major issues while the games are on in Delhi!

So far so Good!

The traffic has been alright! Infact, I have made it on time every single day I was travelling to work in the morning! Evenings have been a bit tight, however that is a usual scenario! An addition of about 20 minutes to a 150 minutes long drive does not really bother me anymore! Plus I am not driving myself, so that leaves some sanity intact by the time I reach home every evening, and I do not mind getting behind the wheels over weekends!

What I really like about games such as CWG and Olympics and other sports activities, is that they have a start date, and an end date! However there are games which just don't seem to end!

How I wish, from an endless list, the two below, have an end date

~ Political games at Office!
~ Office games in Politics!

I promise to participate in the closing ceremony!!!

Title courtesy : Games people play by Inner Circle


Lie to Me

"A real surprise lasts for less than a second. If they act surprised for more than a few seconds, they are faking it!"
Lie to Me (Season 1)
Started watching one of my favorite TV shows today!



Been a not so good week so far!!! muscle pulls, sprains, pain and just feeling dull!


commonwealth games के नारे!

कुछ चोर कुछ भिखारी
भ्रष्टाचार का नया नाम - सुरेश कलमाड़ी ||

Happy to see Indian team winning many Golds on day 2 of CWG2010 @ New Delhi! Keep an eye on the medals tally here.