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Felt like a friday

Been a very strange week this one!

Since Monday, every day felt like Friday! not because it was festive, but something inside me really wished that the next day is a Saturday (read a holiday), and now that its Friday finally, it does not feel like one at all!

I, however, am still waiting for the saturday :)

I think I need to go dancing!!!

Ye !


  1. I enjoyed my weekend yesterday at my bros bday outing.
    The coming weekend would be dull for me.

    Hope your friends/family make you stir with oncoming diwali preparations, else try something on same note.

    Do visit my blog:

    been active lately, but dearth of comments demotivate.

  2. It happens... when u wait for something long enough [read the long hours of the 5 days! :P] & when u getit, it kinda tends to unaffect. Hope yr dancing helped!!:D Have a good weekend! :)