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CWG 2010 are about to come to an end, tomorrow being the last day! I have been looking forward and hoping that the games go well, and there are no major issues while the games are on in Delhi!

So far so Good!

The traffic has been alright! Infact, I have made it on time every single day I was travelling to work in the morning! Evenings have been a bit tight, however that is a usual scenario! An addition of about 20 minutes to a 150 minutes long drive does not really bother me anymore! Plus I am not driving myself, so that leaves some sanity intact by the time I reach home every evening, and I do not mind getting behind the wheels over weekends!

What I really like about games such as CWG and Olympics and other sports activities, is that they have a start date, and an end date! However there are games which just don't seem to end!

How I wish, from an endless list, the two below, have an end date

~ Political games at Office!
~ Office games in Politics!

I promise to participate in the closing ceremony!!!

Title courtesy : Games people play by Inner Circle


  1. Why you not driving to work on your own...

    Touche'... I wish it too

  2. Coz I was getting insane driving myself!!!

    Driving about 90 kms every day was taking away the happiness from driving!!!

  3. and how much is the pillion costing you... I dont think i ll ever be in your shoes for the love of driving and too much of a price at stake for independence / privacy.
    though it must have its advantages too... besides zero fatigue... a lot of side viewing..
    btw i dont see a lot of comments happening on your blog...

  4. Not riding pillion!

    I have a driver, and I hate sitting on the back seat! so I usually relax on the front left!

    No privacy invasion actually! I try to work when I am going back home, or just try to relax!

    Yea, not too many comments! Saves me a lot of time "not" replying to any :)

  5. -Political games at Office!
    - Office games in Politics!

    Liked it :)
    Well said.